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Fri 9th Mar 2012

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Kayoss commented on PlayStation Now Subscriptions Shrunk Down to P...:

The problem is that playing ps3 game using the vitas controls is a pain. It would have been nice if the vitas controls were the same as the dualshock with all the bylttons and the L3 and R3. It would have been a perfect portable console for ps4 or ps3 games.



Kayoss commented on Japanese Sales Charts: PlayStation's Road to N...:

I dont know about you but looking at the numbers and comparing those numbers to all other consoles sold in japn, i think its doing pretty good. if the 3DS were selling at 50k-65K and the PS4 only sold 15k. I would say it was pathetic. But the 3DS sold over 21K and the PS4 sold 15k. Thats not bad to be in second place.



Kayoss commented on Transformers: Devastation:

I totally agree with you, Crazy thing is that Optimus is in the forground and devastator is in the background. If we were to move them next each other, Optimus would be a lot smaller.



Kayoss commented on Rumour: Destiny: The Taken King Will Give You ...:

I love this game but it is flawed. However, I can't stop playing it. Lol. you mentioned that you have to rank to three in the iron banner to buy etheric light? How long did it take you? I've never played iron banner before because I really really suck at PvP. I just wish someone would just rank up for me. Lol



Kayoss commented on Review: Destiny: House of Wolves (PlayStation 4):

You think level 32 is hard? Me and my friends spent 4 hours trying to beat level 34 and we got rocked at the last mission. We finally gave up. Im going to try it again later today. However, here's a tip for you on the 4th wave at lever 32, if you have gjallies, kill the wizards first before defusing. What me and my friend did, we split up to where the wizards would spawn. As soon as they showed up, we rocked them with rocket launchers. If you get rid of the Wizards early on, 4th wave is probably the easier one. If you're using a hunter, go invisible to defuse the bomb.
I'm actually liking the HOW DLC, however i felt bungie got really lazy with their character design. A lot of the new boss's are characters are redesign of existing characters. The "New" areas are just backward version of existing areas.



Kayoss commented on Canadian Kid Goes Crazy Over Confiscated PS4:

You know whats funny? The parents were afraid of the kid. I would have dropped kicked him so hard. I remember doing that to my cousin, he called his mom a B*@$h, i punched him so hard that he got knocked out and lost two teeth. I told his dad about the incident, his dad kicked the living crap out of him.



Kayoss commented on Holy Money Spinner, Batman! Arkham Knight Seas...:

I mean we all complain about these kind of practice, but yet we support it.
Its like me complaining about how fat society have become but im sitting on my couch with a plate of bacon.
I truly miss the days of doing certain things in the game to unlock goodies.



Kayoss commented on Destiny's House of Wolves Won't Come with a Ne...:

Actually Raids bring something different to the game. Its more of a puzzle and take some strategies and team work to complete. This is why a lot of Destiny players like doing Raid. It take team work which we all know lacks in most if not all FPS games.



Kayoss commented on So, This Dude's Way Better at Bloodborne Than ...:

Actually, I did a lot better than he did on my fourth run against the Blood-Starved Beast. I figured out his attacks and i was able to kill him a bit faster and i was only struck once. But of course it just all me talking and no videos to prove it. but impressive nonetheless.



Kayoss commented on PS4 Will Launch in China on 11th January for 2...:

I've been to china a few times and i have to say. With these prices, the PS4 will fly off the shelves. However, one thing that i'm concern is that China is a Mecca for counterfeit items. I wonder how long will it be when we see a "Suny Funstation 4" or "Xstation 4"???



Kayoss commented on Street Fighter V Punches Its Way onto PS4, PC ...:

I understand the frustration. As a PS4 owner myself i can see the lack of first party games so far. However, i believe Sony have a plan.
1. Build a great relationship with Indie developers
2. Outsell the competitor
3. Establish exclusives or timed exclusives that can provide an advantage over the competitor. As we all know, DLC exclusive was big for the xbox for call of duty and other 3rd party games.
4. Sony first party studio work on new IPs but at the same time release popular franchises onto the ps4 (god of war, uncharted, etc...)
This will equal to consumers being satisfy. If history told us anything, is that Sony never had issue supporting their system. During the first year PS3, we saw the same trend. But as the year gone by, we saw great exclusives and new ips released for the PS3. I dont see why this will be different for the PS4 because the PS3 became the second best selling console last gen.



Kayoss commented on Street Fighter V Punches Its Way onto PS4, PC ...:

I remember when capcom was asked, why Dead rising 2 was exclusive to X1. They did say that for this new generation, they will do some exclusive games for both X1 and PS4. I wasnt surprised by this because they did forshadow it earlier. However, i was dissappointed that this was announced before the PS experience. Unless capcom have something bigger to announce at the event. coughMonsterhuntercough. I just hope this is the the tip of the iceberg.



Kayoss commented on Guide: How to Change Your PS4's Theme:

I love this new update. I hope that Sony will one day release an app that allow users to create and share their own themes for both the ps4 and Ps Vita similar to the Little big planet "create and share" levels. This would be awesome.



Kayoss commented on Round Up: Freedom Wars Vita Reviews Fight for ...:

Hey Sammy, So how does the Review process workflow go? I've always been curious about how it works. You guys receive the game but do you play through the whole entire game once only and write the review or do you guys play through just part of the game?
From what you posted, its seems like a short period of time from when you guys receive the game to writing the review. Does the game reviewer dedicate the whole entire day playing that one game?




Kayoss commented on Push Scare: How Final Fantasy VII's Not-So-Sca...:

Ok, I have to admit. The only reason why i played this game was because I was watching my cousin play it to see what the story was like (never a big RPG fan). After about 1 hour of him playing and him being incompetent about where to go and what to do. I went out, bought the damn game so that i could find out what the story about. Then after that, I got addicted to RPG.
The scariest part about this game, is when Cloud crossed dressed. Still gave me nightmares. If they do remake the game, please leave that scene out. I do not want to relive it.



Kayoss commented on Bungie Denies PS4 Favouritism as Xbox One Owne...:

wait... Xbox fans are crying and complaining that a developer is "ignoring" them. So Call of Duty DLC timed exclusivity last gen and buying exclusivity of TitanFall for the xbox one is fair game? Go cry me a river.



Kayoss commented on Who Would Win Wednesdays: Raiden vs. Sephiroth:

" As Aeris finishes praying, Sephiroth descends from the ceiling and impales her with the Masamune. "
You know who Jenova is right? Jenova is an alien from space. They use jenovas cells to make sephirith. When sephirioth found out he hated man kind and tried to destroy the planet.

Oops never mind I did not see that emoticon. Keep calm and chive on brother.



Kayoss commented on PS4 Exclusive RIME Almost Ended Up on the Xbox...:

Actually Sony have a very good track record of supporting games with unique concepts that most others will tend to stay away from. This what makes Sony stands out for me when i decided to move from the Xbox 360 to the PS3. I was tired of playing FPS, wanted something new and different and Sony PS3 was the one that can offer that kind of experience. Sure some of PS3 exclusive may not sell as well as xbox exclusives but knowing that i will experience of a new IP and new gameplay, im willing to support.



Kayoss commented on Who Would Win Wednesdays: Dante vs. Kratos:

Last i checked, Kratos was running around killing every single god that he encountered. He curb stomped Zeus himself. I dont know dude, but Dante might be in trouble. Maybe thats why for the new DMC game, he changed up his look so that Kratos wont find him.



Kayoss commented on Fly Free with Soul Sacrifice Delta's Newest Bl...:

b..b..but vita has no games!
I dont know about you guys, but im starting to get a back log of vita games waiting to be played. I just picked up Toukiden. Im still playing Killzone mercernary and Tearaway. Soon FFX and FFX-2 (counts as two games) are coming next month, I dont think i will have enough time to play these games. Now SS delta is coming out too.



Kayoss commented on God of War Still Looks Stunning on the PlaySta...:

I dont think they are saying that the game looks better. They're saying the game looks great on the Vita. The Vita small screen and Oled screen makes the game looks better when played on the Vita compared to the PS3. Of course the game looks the same, its a port. However for a ported game that is on a handheld it looks great.

As for why Ocrina of Time looks better on the 3DS then the original, is because that game was specifically remaster/remade/ Facelift for the 3DS. The GOW collection was given a HD treatment specifically for the PS3 and not for the PS Vita.



Kayoss commented on God of War Still Looks Stunning on the PlaySta...:

You do know this is a Port and not a remake right? These two games were originally from ps2 and was given a facelift for the ps3. Why would they do a facelift of a game that's already been given a facelift?
Orcrina of time was originally released on the Nintendo n64 of course they going to give the game it's first facelift when ported to the 3ds. Your name shouldn't be obviouslyAdachi, it should be obliviousAdachi.



Kayoss commented on New PS4 Stock Sneaks into Best Buy in North Am...:

Called in this morning to best buy and they say they have ps4 in stock. They would not put one on hold for me. Went online to order it but it say not available. Call back to best buy and they say online is not updated. The guy would not put one on hold for me. Went to best buy at 3 pm and guess what? It was freakin sold out.



Kayoss commented on This Toukiden: The Age of Demons Trailer Will ...:

Love the battle and combo system in the demo. Its definitely not a button masher. I like Soul Sacrifice but in all honesty, toukiden is a lot better than Soul Sacrifice. Also this is an excellent choice to filled in the void when Monster Hunter went to Nintendo.



Kayoss commented on Better Top Up Your Wallets - PSN Launches Anot...:

I dont know when i will have time to play all these games? I just bought KZ, Puppeteer, Tales of Xillia, and I also downloaded DMC and Bioshock. All of these will take me about 7-8 months to complete. Damn is it me that doing this to myself or is it Sony's fault?



Kayoss commented on Talking Point: What New Year's Resolutions Sho...:

Well I'm not suprised the the Wii U is doing very well for the holidays. If you think about it, during the holidays there are only two options for home console buyers. The Wii U or the xbox One, and since it is the home of the rising sun which one you think they would purchase for the holidays?
I would love to see the Wii U to continue it's success but I want to see what happens after the PS4 is launched.

I love the PS Vita but it seems that the Vita is following the same trend as the PSP. Its becoming a niche product. This is not a bad thing but it will never get recognition and sales numbers that it deserve.

Back to the subject of Sony's New Year Resolution.
Localize some of the Japan PS Vita exclusives. There are a lot of PS Vita games that are released for the Vita right now in Japan but unfortunately for those outside of Japan, we probably will never see 10% of them.



Kayoss commented on Still Not Convinced by PS4's Power? Watch This...:

Never played any of the killzone games on the ps3. Did play mercenary beta on the vita but that was it. After seeing this video my jaw dropped to the floor. I pre ordered the ps3 an drive lib but I might get this game too.