PlayStation Showcase 2023 Poll
Image: Push Square

Yep, it's that time of year, when the speculation flows and Geoff Keighley refuses to move away from the spotlight. And as per usual, we're sat here waiting on Sony to do something, anything. It's no secret that the Japanese giant holds its cards incredibly close to its chest these days, but now that the PS5's release schedule — in terms of exclusives — has completely opened up, fans can't help but wonder about what's next.

That's when you usually hear talk of an all-important PlayStation Showcase. This one's been rumoured for months, but we're yet to hear an official peep on the matter. There's been plenty of talk this week about an imminent announcement, and things seemed to blow up yesterday when some fans convinced themselves that confirmation of an event was incoming — but as evidenced by the fact that we're writing this article, it never happened.

Simply put, we're in a bit of a limbo, so we thought it'd be interesting to see how the Push Square readership is holding up. For starters, do you think a showcase is actually heading our way? And if so, when's it dropping? Vote in our polls, and then be brutally honest with your feelings in the comments section below.

Do you believe Sony will host a traditional PlayStation Showcase this year? (1,541 votes)

  1. Yes, absolutely47%
  2. Honestly, at this point, I don't know40%
  3. No, it's not happening13%

When will the rumoured PlayStation Showcase actually be announced? (1,380 votes)

  1. You fools, it's happening today6%
  2. Within the next week or so46%
  3. It'll be a Summer Game Fest thing16%
  4. After Summer Game Fest, in the late summer12%
  5. In the autumn / fall7%
  6. I think it'll happen in the winter  0.9%
  7. I just said, I don't think there'll be one11%