Poll: Which Xbox Franchises Would You Be Most Likely to Buy on PS5? 1
Image: Push Square

There’s strong speculation that some first-party Xbox franchises are being considered for release on the PS5. In some cases, the rumours are incredibly strong, like Hi-Fi Rush – which had a handful of in-game shirts datamined, clearly showing that a PlayStation port is on the way. In other instances, it doesn’t even sound like Microsoft has decided what it’s going to do, like with the Gears of War series, for example.

The Redmond firm has announced that it will communicate more in the coming days, but that hasn’t exactly helped quell the speculation. The organisation is going to need to be clear and transparent when it eventually reveals its new direction, as we feel the time for ambiguous “case by case” decisions has long passed. As we write this, though, the common sentiment seems to be that all bets are off, and any number of Xbox’s flagship first-party franchises could feasibly release on Sony’s system.

We figured, prior to the firm’s official announcement, it would be interesting to see which series you’d be most likely to buy on PS5. As a result, we’ve prepared a poll listing the vast majority of Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda franchises. We’ve excluded Activision Blizzard at this stage because it’s never really been clear since the acquisition closed whether its output will be exclusive or not. We suspect Microsoft will have more to communicate on that front next week.

Much like with our Game of the Year poll, this is weighted, which means we’re scoring the results. In other words, if you select Halo as the series you’d be most likely to purchase on PS5, then it’ll get five points; if you pick Killer Instinct in second place, it’ll get four points; and so on. You can rank up to five franchises in total, although we’re not running a scientific test here, so we’ll let you just pick one if you like. The scoring will still work the same, of course.

Also, we want to hear from you in the comments as well: which franchises did you select and why? Obviously, we appreciate this does come across as port begging, but given the unprecedented rumours recently, we thought it would prove an entertaining exercise. Hopefully we’ll know exactly what is and isn’t on the table when Microsoft conducts its business strategy meeting in the coming days.

Which Xbox franchises would you most like to buy on PS5? (13,474 votes)

  1. Age of Empires2%
  2. Avowed1%
  3. Banjo-Kazooie2%
  4. Battletoads  0%
  5. Blinx  0%
  6. Blue Dragon1%
  7. Clockwork Revolution  0%
  8. Conker1%
  9. Contraband  0%
  10. Crackdown  0%
  11. Deathloop  0%
  12. Dishonored1%
  13. DOOM3%
  14. Everwild  0%
  15. Fable6%
  16. Fallout5%
  17. Forza Horizon7%
  18. Forza Motorsport2%
  19. Gears of War11%
  20. Ghostwire Tokyo  0%
  21. Grounded  0%
  22. Halo10%
  23. Hellblade3%
  24. Hi-Fi Rush3%
  25. Indiana Jones7%
  26. Kameo  0%
  27. Killer Instinct1%
  28. Lost Odyssey2%
  29. Marvel’s Blade3%
  30. Microsoft Flight Simulator2%
  31. Pentiment  0%
  32. Perfect Dark1%
  33. Phantom Dust  0%
  34. Prey  0%
  35. Quake  0%
  36. Quantum Break1%
  37. RAGE  0%
  38. ReCore  0%
  39. Sea of Thieves1%
  40. South of Midnight  0%
  41. Starfield5%
  42. State of Decay1%
  43. Sunset Overdrive2%
  44. Tell Me Why  0%
  45. The Elder Scrolls8%
  46. The Evil Within1%
  47. The Outer Worlds1%
  48. Viva Pinata  0%
  49. Wolfenstein1%
  50. Zoo Tycoon  0%
  51. Other1%