Summer Game Fest PS5 Predictions
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We're mere days away from Summer Game Fest — an event that now strives to fill the rather large hole that E3 left behind. Geoff Keighley's big summer bash may not have the grandeur of those legendary stage shows, but it's still prominent enough to attract announcements and updates from publishers all over the world.

We've taken this opportunity to gather the usual editorial team suspects and ask for their Summer Game Fest predictions — but there's a bit of a twist to this particular Talking Point. Each of our writers have been asked to provide both an educated prediction and a 'dream' prediction — the latter being something that seems highly unlikely to happen, but would make them incredibly happy if it did.

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Aaron Bayne, Video Producer

Arc Raiders

Prediction: After shadow dropping The Finals back in December last year, I think we stand a good chance of seeing Arc Raiders again from Embark Studios, with a potential launch date. This free-to-play third-person PvPvE extraction shooter (and breathe), was originally set to launch before The Finals in 2022, before numerous delays. Originally announced at The Game Awards in 2021, it would be a full circle moment to see it’s launch announcement at another of Keighley’s shows.

Dream: It’s been three years since Project 007 was announced, and I’m dying to hear anything new about it. I was fully aboard the IO Interactive bandwagon after the brilliant Hitman 3, and a 007 game seems like the perfect fit for the studio. I’d suspect if we saw anything it would just be a cinematic, but I’d sacrifice Geoff himself for a morsel of gameplay and a 2024 release window.

Khayl Adam, Staff Writer


Prediction: BioShock 4 is re-revealed and will be out in late 2024. That might sound bullish, but 2K confirmed the game in a Tweet in 2019, along with the founding of developer Cloud Chamber. Back then, the publisher said the title would be in development for "the next several years', and I think that time is fast approaching. Judas is out in March 2025, and I think that's enough wiggle room to allow both to breathe. Either that, or we don't see it until late 2025.

Dream: I must have 2K on the brain, but my pie-in-the-sky dream is that the new game from one of its "biggest and most beloved franchises" is not, in fact, the fourth game in either the BioShock or Borderlands franchises but is instead XCOM 3. Firaxis' revolutionary take on the series was extremely influential in terms of game design, and while never coming close to GTA numbers, 2K was pleasantly surprised by the response to the 2016 title. Designer Jake Solomon has since left to start his own outfit, but there's still plenty of talent at the studio, and it's past time for another mainline game.

Liam Croft, Assistant Editor


Prediction: Over the course of this week, at least three Xbox exclusive games will be announced for PS5. I believe one of them will be the new DOOM game that's been rumoured, confirmed as a multiplatform release during the Xbox Games Showcase. The other two will be revealed during Microsoft's yearly business update, which takes place just before the show — generally a day prior. It makes too much sense for Microsoft not to combine the upcoming Starfield expansion with a PS5 version, so I think the latest Bethesda RPG will be one of them. The third I'm not quite so sure of, but based on the fact Microsoft was using Sea of Thieves as a "key test" for its multiplatform efforts, I think it'll want to lean into that further with a port of a co-op/multiplayer game. Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PS5, PS4 would really make a splash.

Dream: I don't really like to get my hopes up for showcases anymore; I generally go into proceedings with a blank slate. Capcom has teased it'll have multiple announcements during the SGF live show, so I'd love to see any one of the recent Resident Evil rumours come to fruition. Resident Evil 9 seems extremely unlikely as Sony seems to have those reveals on lock, but I guess that's exactly why this is my dream prediction! The speculated remakes of Resident Evil Zero and Code Veronica seem slightly more realistic, so I'll throw those two out there also.

Robert Ramsey, Assistant Editor

Dragon's Dogma 2

Prediction: I like to think that Capcom will hit us with some kind of Dragon's Dogma 2 news. The open world RPG is probably my favourite game of 2024 so far, and I'd be over the moon with a DLC announcement — or even just an update roadmap. The game featured heavily in the Summer Game Fest promo trailer, and Geoff's on record saying that the showcase will mostly focus on existing titles. Put those two things together and this seems like a solid prediction, but I'll go one step further and say that an expansion will be dated for early 2025.

Dream: I can't see this happening since it's such a Japan-centric franchise and the timing doesn't quite line up with a Japanese audience, but my dream Summer Game Fest reveal is Dragon Quest 12. The game was announced years ago and we've seen nothing outside of a logo. To be honest, I just want to know what this thing looks like, what the tone is, and whether we can expect it to release before 2030.

Sammy Barker, Editor

Project Mugen

Prediction: There’s clearly something cooking with LEGO Horizon, but it’s currently unclear whether it’s a physical set of the famous Danish bricks or a blocky video game adaptation of Aloy’s world. While it may seem strange for Sony to eschew this announcement during its own State of Play last week, the manufacturer moves in mysterious ways, and it’s always been willing to give Geoff Keighley the time of day. Don’t be shocked if this rocks up during Summer Game Fest, whatever it turns out to be.

Dream: A dream announcement? Wow, there are so many possibilities: a new Sly Cooper, perhaps? Ape Escape? How about the excellent Gravity Rush series making its long-awaited topsy-turvy return? For me, I’d love to see more of Project Mugen, the outrageously ambitious open world gacha from Chinese developer Naked Rain. I’ve interviewed one of the creative directors and watched the trailer a billion times, but to be honest, I’m still not 100 per cent convinced this game actually exists. Prove me wrong, NetEase!

Stephen Tailby, Assistant Editor

Astro Bot

Prediction: I think we'll see Astro Bot do a victory lap. I feel like Sony will have given Geoff a little extra trailer for the upcoming PS5 platformer, perhaps showing off a new gameplay gimmick or two, or maybe zooming in on a couple of those PlayStation cameos teased in the game's debut. Pre-orders are due to begin on 7th June, which just so happens to be the day of Summer Game Fest's live show; it lines up in my head that Sony will want to remind viewers about Astro Bot, and tell them they can pre-order it now. It's perhaps a fairly safe prediction, but I'm certainly not gonna complain if we see that gleeful little guy again.

Dream: This won't happen, of course, but the announcement that would bring me the most joy would be the return of Burnout. And not only that, this new Burnout is amazing. It's structured like the PS2 entries, it plays just like Burnout 3: Takedown, and the visuals are absolutely mind-bogglingly good. Crash mode, online multiplayer, DJ Atomika, a butt rock soundtrack. It's a brand new game with all original tracks and stages, but you can unlock classic tracks and stages too. It's current-gen only and outrageously fast. The mood is vibrant, fun-loving, and unabashedly arcadey. There's a splashy intro cinematic I don't ever skip and absolutely zero story. I can't tell you how much I want this.

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Which of our predictions do you most want to see come true? (1,014 votes)

  1. Arc Raiders returns1%
  2. Astro Bot, again4%
  3. BioShock 4 returns12%
  4. Dragon Quest 12 revealed7%
  5. Dragon's Dogma 2 expansion announced3%
  6. LEGO Horizon announced8%
  7. New Burnout announced9%
  8. Project 007 revealed15%
  9. Project Mugen returns  0.5%
  10. Resident Evil announcements16%
  11. Three Xbox games announced for PS520%
  12. XCOM 3 announced5%