Persona 3 Reload Review Poll

A rather stunning remake of a classic PS2 RPG, Persona 3 Reload graced PS5 and PS4 earlier this month. Almost immediately, it became developer Atlus' fastest selling title ever — thanks to strong reviews and a huge marketing campaign. Of course, it also helps that Persona as a brand is more popular than ever these days — still riding the momentum of Persona 5.

"In terms of gameplay, it's easily the best incarnation of a classic RPG, boasting countless quality of life and mechanical adjustments that place it alongside the outstanding Persona 5 Royal," is what we wrote in our Persona 3 Reload PS5 review. We concluded: "Reload is borderline essential if you're yet to experience Persona 3, while also providing a near perfect way for existing fans to relive a seminal release."

But as always, we want to know how highly you rate this recent release. So give Persona 3 Reload a score of your own in our poll, and then explain your reasoning in the comments section below.

What score would you give Persona 3 Reload (PS5)?

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