Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Review Score Poll

The second game in Square Enix's new Final Fantasy 7 trilogy, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has been out for just over a week on PS5 — and we want to know what you make of this highly praised sequel. At the time of writing, Rebirth is one of the highest rated Final Fantasy titles ever released (according to critics), so we're super interested in seeing how it ranks in our own games database.

We awarded the RPG a 'great' 8/10 in our Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth PS5 review (the same score we gave Final Fantasy 7 Remake, for the record). "If you can push through the tedium of its open world busywork and padded storytelling, there's a great sequel at the heart of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth," we wrote. "If you enjoyed Remake and you have fond memories of the PS1 original, you'll likely love every minute of Rebirth's memorable, character-focused adventure."

So, what review score would you give Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth? As always, vote in our poll, and then explain yourself in the comments section below.

What score would you give Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (PS5)?

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