Stellar Blade Review Poll

Stellar Blade has been out for a week now, and so we're wondering what you think of this latest PS5 exclusive. South Korean developer Shift Up's first attempt at a console release, the blade-based action game was met with many a positive review score — and it seems to have pleased a lot of players, too.

"Stellar Blade is a slick console debut from a developer clearly on the rise," is what we wrote in our Stellar Blade PS5 review. "With an ever-evolving counter-attacking combat system, some superb art direction, and a sensational soundtrack, this is the kind of back-to-basics PS5 outing that fans have been pleading for," we concluded, awarding Eve's bombastic slash-'em-up a 'great' 8/10.

But what review score would you give Stellar Blade? Rate it for yourself in our poll, and then explain your stance in the comments section below.

What score would you give Stellar Blade (PS5)?

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