Xbox Multiplatform Poll
Image: Push Square

While we use the word 'rumours' in the headline of this article, the reality of the situation is that it really does look like Xbox is making significant changes to its business strategy. Speculation is absolutely rampant at the time of writing, with numerous reports all coming to the same conclusion: Microsoft wants to start putting its biggest Xbox games on PlayStation platforms. That includes the recent releases like Starfield and Hi-Fi Rush, and may well extend to properties that put Xbox on the map, such as Halo and Gears of War.

A previously unthinkable scenario, but the evidence is starting to mount, and Xbox boss Phil Spencer has confirmed that the company will soon share its plans for the brand's future. The simple fact that Microsoft is yet to outright deny any of the rumours is perhaps all the proof that we need in thinking there's truth behind the noise.

But before things are potentially made official, we want to know what you think about a future where Xbox is essentially a multiplatform publisher — a future where Xbox as a hardware platform doesn't exist in the way that it does right now.

So vote in our polls, and then try to gather your thoughts in the comments section below.

How would you feel about Xbox going multiplatform in general? (4,629 votes)

  1. Great, more people get to play more games56%
  2. I'm not sure, it would be weird9%
  3. Concerned, it would shift the industry as we know it22%
  4. I honestly don't care13%

Would you play Xbox games on PlayStation platforms? (4,434 votes)

  1. Yes, there are plenty of Xbox exclusives I'd play34%
  2. Yeah, it'd be nice to have them20%
  3. Eh, it depends on the game25%
  4. Nah probably not, there's a reason I don't have an Xbox6%
  5. Nope, I have an Xbox for that11%
  6. No, I couldn't care less about Xbox games3%