PS Plus March 2024 Poll
Image: Push Square

The third month of 2024 is upon, and the PS Plus Essential games for March have been confirmed. There are technically four titles up for grabs from Tuesday next week, and as is usually the case, there's a lot of variety on display. But are you happy with this latest offering?

To recap, subscribers can look forward to excellent action-brawler Sifu, solid racing sim F1 23, and unsettling adventure Hello Neighbor 2. The fourth title, Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, is actually an expansion for Bungie's ongoing shooter. We wonder if it'll be enough draw any new players in.

So, how do you feel about March's PS Plus Essential lineup? Vote in our polls, and then give us an honest opinion in the comments section below.

Are you happy with your PS Plus Essential games for March 2024? (6,015 votes)

  1. Yes, very happy14%
  2. Yeah, mostly happy23%
  3. Meh, they're okay20%
  4. Nah, they could be better18%
  5. No, it's a crap selection23%
  6. I don't have PS Plus1%

Which March 2024 PS Plus Essential game are you most looking forward to? (5,043 votes)

  1. Destiny 2: The Witch Queen4%
  2. F1 2316%
  3. Hello Neighbor 24%
  4. Sifu43%
  5. None of them, to be honest32%
  6. I don't have PS Plus1%