State of Play Game Poll
Image: Push Square

Okay, let's just push the negativity aside for a minute and actually consider the things that we enjoyed in the latest State of Play broadcast. After all, packing 14 different games into a 30-minute event isn't especially easy, and there was an impressive amount of variety on offer. Surely there was something that you liked the look of.

And so here we are, with a fresh poll that asks for your favourite showing. While we do have a gut feeling that a certain... astronomic robot could run away with the vast majority of votes, we're still interested in seeing which games you lot are excited about.

As always, cast your vote in our poll, and then try to defend your choice in the comments section below.

What was your favourite game from the latest State of Play? (2,330 votes)

  1. Alien: Rogue Incursion2%
  2. Astro Bot72%
  3. Ballad of Antara1%
  4. Behemoth2%
  5. Concord1%
  6. Dynasty Warriors: Origins2%
  7. God of War Ragnarok (PC)  0.7%
  8. Infinity Nikki1%
  9. Marvel Rivals  0.6%
  10. Monster Hunter Wilds6%
  11. Path of Exile 22%
  12. Silent Hill 27%
  13. Until Dawn (PS5)  0.8%
  14. Where Winds Meet2%