Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Demo Poll

Released earlier this week, the highly anticipated demo for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth gives us a glimpse of the game's opening chapter, in which Cloud recalls the time he and Sephiroth were sent to investigate the Nibelheim mako reactor. We happen to think it's a pretty strong start to what should be a great sequel, bit as always, it's your opinion that we're looking for in an article like this.

Of course, we've already seen plenty of takes online. For some, the demo seems to have pushed their hype into overdrive. For others, the demo hasn't hit quite as hard as they would have liked. But hey, you get to play as Sephiroth — and that surely has to count for something!

So, what do you think of the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo? Have your say in our poll, and then gives us your honest opinion in the comments section below.

What do you think of the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo? (2,379 votes)

  1. It's fantastic48%
  2. It's good19%
  3. It's okay6%
  4. It's disappointing3%
  5. It's rubbish1%
  6. I haven't played it23%

Are you sold on Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth? (2,210 votes)

  1. Yes, it's a day one buy70%
  2. Yeah, I'll buy it at some point12%
  3. Yep, but I'll wait for a sale / PS Plus drop7%
  4. I'm not sure yet4%
  5. Nah, I probably won't be buying it4%
  6. No, I have zero interest3%