Summer Game Fest 2024 Rating Poll
Image: Push Square

And just like that, another summer of gaming news and announcements is over. Summer Game Fest has been a big deal for a number of years now — basically since E3 fell off a cliff — but has 2024's offering lived up to expectations? How would you actually rate this year's events as a whole? It's time to find out.

For the purposes of this poll, we're going to be looking at Summer Game Fest and all of its surrounding shows as one collective thing. To be clear, that includes the State of Play that happened just prior to Geoff Keighley's shindig, Ubisoft Forward 2024, and the Xbox Games Showcase 2024. All of these events were relevant to PlayStation, and so they all matter in the grand scheme of things.

How would you rate this summer's gaming extravaganza, then? Vote in our polls, and then explain yourself in the comments section below.

How would you rate Summer Game Fest and its surrounding shows as a whole? (1,292 votes)

  1. Great, I really enjoyed it4%
  2. Good, it was solid overall26%
  3. Okay, nothing more, nothing less40%
  4. Poor, the whole thing was disappointing20%
  5. Terrible, what a waste of time10%

Did this year's summer of gaming measure up to the E3s of old? (1,230 votes)

  1. Yes, it was even better2%
  2. Yeah, it was about as good13%
  3. Nah, it fell short41%
  4. No, it wasn't even close44%