Tetsuya Nomura has been working on Final Fantasy XV for an eternity. The high-ranking Square Enix employee started production on the sequel on the PlayStation 3, where it was known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII. It’s since re-emerged as a next-gen title for Sony’s latest console, with a new name. Despite this, the director is already starting to worry about getting it done in time.

Speaking with Weekly Famitsu, the developer admitted that the manufacturer may have “gone too far” with the new machine. “I wish that they would just let us off the hook,” he moaned. “For the player, having a game that’s ‘thoroughly made’ makes them excited with anticipation, but for a developer, it’s a hurdle that we have to overcome.”

The well groomed luminary was clearly referring to the amount of visual bells and whistles that people expect from modern releases – and he pointed out that the company’s already considering ways in which it can save time on the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III. “The number of things that we have to do keeps increasing, and if we keep trying to expand we’ll never be finished,” he said.

Despite this, Nomura considers the challenge a positive thing. “There have been a lot of different consoles in the past, but I feel that this one is the biggest mountain that we’ve had to climb yet, in a good way," he concluded. We hope that you weren’t expecting to play any of the abovementioned titles soon, because we think that the developer's just added a couple of years to their production schedule.

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