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Sat 12th Jan 2013

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Sonicfan11589 commented on Review: Fallout 4 (PS4):

Hi I just looked at the score only, is there any frame rate issues? I heard many people saying there were some, i looked at a video someone posted and (to me) it looked fine or tolerable.



Sonicfan11589 commented on Rumour: BioShock Collection Steps into PS4's B...:

I love this series, i remember how when the first game was coming out on Xbox 360, i downloaded the demo to see what all the fuss was about, i was hooked. There was some time ago a picture of how Bioshock 1 would appear on PS4. Looked good. I don't care if they don't' add anything new besides updated graphics and frame rate. I'll take what I can get and give my older brother my PS3 copies since he just got a PS3.



Sonicfan11589 commented on Don't Rule Out Dead Space for the PS4 Just Yet:

I got into this series very late, I had bought the Ultimate Editions of Dead Space 1 and 2 via a PSN sale, and bought DS3 a bit later on. Wow, such a good series, As I have heard, it's like Resident Evil 4 in Space. Still have to beat the 3rd one. Hope to see a new game for the new systems.



Sonicfan11589 commented on Will Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Be a Knockout...:

@2 I would love it if Last Round came to Vita. I still and will continue to keep playing DOA5 Plus on my Vita. I am so glad this is coming to PS4. I bought MOST of the DLC. I am also glad it has Virtua Fighter characters in it including my favorite, Sarah.



Sonicfan11589 commented on Rumour: Rebecca Chambers Will Return in Reside...:

It would be a good idea to do so. Why not both? Both REmake and RE0 were only released on Gamecube and Wii. If RE4 and the RE Chronicles games (which contains RE1 and RE0 stories) can be ported to PS3, why not the REmake and RE0. Makes a good way to make some money and make some fans happy and introduce to some newer fans.



Sonicfan11589 commented on Feature: Did PlayStation Plus Represent Value ...:

Here's a tip for people planning on buying a PS system they don't have but want the Free games while they are available.
-Use the PSN store via the internet, and just add the games to your download list.

-And even if you end your subscription, you should still get your games back after re-subscribing.