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Sony Discussing the Possibility of a PS4 and Vita Bundle

Posted by Sammy Barker

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While the PlayStation Vita has struggled to make much commercial headway on its own steam, the portable looks set to be refreshed by the PlayStation 4. You’ll need one of the handhelds to get the most out of Sony’s next generation system, with features such as Remote Play vying for your attention. As such, some kind of bundle strikes us as the most natural thing in the world – and SCEE gaffer Jim Ryan has admitted that it’s something that the platform holder is thinking about.

“Sure, I mean it’s the sort of thing that we’re discussing,” he told EDGE magazine. “Now I’m not saying that we’re going to do it, but one of the things that I was pleased about [at GamesCom was] that we had the chance to really properly explain and demonstrate Remote Play. It was touched upon at the New York event and it was touched upon at E3, but there was so much other stuff going on that it didn’t really get the time that I think that it warranted.”

Earlier in the year, a slew of rumours suggested that the platform holder is actually planning to introduce a hardware bundle featuring both systems for $500, but Ryan wouldn’t confirm the speculation. “Clearly, finding ways for consumers to access both devices is a logical thing to do,” he conceded. “Whether you put them together in a bundle, that’s one way of doing it – you might get a bit of a problem with the price, but there are a variety of ways and means to do that and it’s definitely something that we’re talking about.”

We asked whether you’d want a PS4 and Vita bundle in a Talking Point published last month, and over 88 per cent of you said that you were interested in the idea. We think that price is still the big hurdle, though. If the manufacturer could hit $500, then this would be huge – but any more and we reckon that it would be a difficult sell.


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Jaz007 said:

If they released a $500 bundle I don't know how MS would compete. It would be hard to fight against two systems for the price of One. A very good value propisiton for sure.



InsertNameHere said:

I'd definitely buy a PS4/Vita bundle, I don't care if it was priced at $600. I'm hoping the PS4 & Vita will get some major game announcements at TGS, because Eastern support for both systems is virtually nonexistent.

I'd really like to see a few RPG's and Adventure games announced for both, cross buy or system exclusive, it doesn't matter.



charlesnarles said:

Yeah, even at $550 or $600, it would be way better value than what you get with xbox. They should have a master pack with everything (ps4, ds4s, ps eye, vita, ps plus, 32gb vita card, vertical stand, etc. for all the richies. And the normies or anyone with a vita already like me, can just get the bare bones console. I really think Sony should thank early Vita adopters by doing something for our now-extra $50 we spent when its OS was an infant and stank!



DirectAim said:

Sony should of announced the bundles at Gamescom.

I've just bought a Vita and will be pissed off if they now decide to announce a bundle.

Sony really need to be on the ball with things like this, not "discussing it" they should of announced a Vita bundle a while back.



PMasterTy9 said:

@DirectAim Yeah that would have been nice but I understand why they didn't announce a PS4/Vita bundle. We still have TGS coming up and they have mentioned that there will be bundles coming out. The PS4/Vita bundle has been a rumor for a while and they could be waiting to see what the demand would be and/or they are waiting for the right time to make the announcement. Keep in mind that these are all rumors and normally there are not a lot of bundles at launch. I am waiting to see if PS4/Vita bundle actually comes out before I buy my Vita.



moomoo said:

$500 is absurd. The amount of money Sony would loose would be crazy. I doubt the PS4 isn't selling at a loss, as with the Vita. To drop $100 off the combined minimum price of both models would mean it would take a while to make the money back. As in years. And with system cycles lasting around 8 years, I doubt getting the Vita into the hands of consumers by cutting the price that much would be worth the risk.



get2sammyb said:

@moomoo Sure, but it depends on a number of other factors. How much money do they think they could make back in software sales? How many bundles would they actually produce?

If it happens, I don't think we'll see it this year anyway.



hamispink said:

In the long run it could be a great idea to bundle them. Someone who owns both is almost guaranteed to be a PS plus subscriber, and a quick jump-start for the vita is necessary for meaningful third party support to come any time soon. If it was successful, it would position Sony as the market leader and justify the initial losses.



divinelite said:

Well I have vita already,but welcome for this bundle. More vita owner will be better environment for

I'll go ps4 when it go bundled next year. Maybe, infamous bundle?



rjejr said:

Pricing is a problem. $500 is probably too cheap, and $550 sounds weird. $600 is the PS3 launch price so there is a precedent, but then there isn't any savings over buying each separately. Maybe $600 w/ 1 yr. of PS+ ($50 value) plus 16GB Vita memory card ~ about $40 savings. And maybe 1 game that works well via Remote play though I don't know what PS4 game that would be. PSASBR would have been good on the PS3 and Vita bundle as an example.

I was going to suggest adding in an Eye for $600 but there's no connection w/ the Vita, so that's something only Nintendo would do (like bundling Wiimote PLUS w/ NSMB which didn't require Plus).



Madd_Hatter401 said:

$549.99 I own both consoles but I'd buy this for my son for chritmas without hesitation. I believe $500 could be done because software sales would do better on the vita and Sony needs to save the vita it's a awesome handheld, plus it would attract more people looking to go the xb1 route.



Gemuarto said:

Maybe they need to make 600$ bundle with Killzones included. That can be cool. Shdowfall and Mercenary in one bundle with PS4 and Vita.



Gamer83 said:

This seems like it's inevitable, might as well just announce it now. I really think the future for the Vita is as an expensive accessory for PS4 so lets just get started with that right away.



Sutorcen said:

@Lelouch My dear friend if you buy a PS4 and a PS Vita it will cost you 600 as it is now. The point is to offer a bundle with an attractive price under 600$.

As for the rest who say that a price lower than 600$ is not achievable, consider this.

PS4 RRP is 399$
PS Vita RRP is 199$

Total RRP is 598. At that price Sony can sell a PS4+PS Vita bundle and make profit. But...

The Killzone Shadow Fall bundle costs 499$. If you buy everything separately they will cost you around 580$. That's 80$ off.

So in that sense a RRP of 499$ for a PS4+PS Vita bundle is not out of Sony's possibilities. That would mean 100$ off and Sony Is no stranger to selling consoles at a loss. They did it with the PS3 during its first years. Besides, the bill of materials for the Vita are even lower now. The question is how far is Sony willing to go.

I don't believe that the price point is the real problem. The "One account per Vita" is a more serious obstacle than the combined price of both products. Just imagine the hurdle in a family with multiple PSN accounts. Another thing to consider is a possible hardware upgrade to the PS Vita. If Sony plans to introduce a redesigned/upgraded PS Vita in one or two years, which I'm guessing they will since the mobile graphics will have advanced way past the PS Vita's capabilities, selling a PS4+PS Vita bundle now wouldn't be very... "honest" on their part.

I for one would love to see a PS4+PS Vita bundle. It would mean beyond a doubt that Sony is 100% committed to support the PS Vita.



Subie98 said:

If its out about ten months after its release id probably pick up a vita bundle.



Superconsole said:

If firm news of this came about I'd definitely hold off getting a PS4 for the bundle. But I can understand how spending $500+ in one go can be daunting.



flummerfelt said:

Priced at $500, this would be a bundle I'd consider. I'd still want to see some more RPGs on the Vita before getting it though.
Either way, looking forward to picking up a PS4 sometime in 2014.



NAZA187 said:

The vita an the ps4 controll should work together please Sony make that shiz happen

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