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The concept of a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita bundle has existed since the beginning of time, but rumour has it that Sony is actually planning to officially introduce the chunky combo later this year. A “well-placed anonymous” source has told Machinima that the platform holder will deploy the starter pack this Christmas in North America for a measly $500. But would you be tempted splurge on the hypothetical bundle, or do you think that it’s a bad proposition?

As already mentioned, the idea of a PlayStation console package has existed for a while, but has always been dismissed on the basis of price. Pre-orders for the PS4 currently cost around $400, while the Vita retails for about $250, excluding promotions. That’s a combined total of $650 – a sum that even Kaz Hirai would chortle at. But if today’s rumour is accurate, it’s possible that Sony may be hoping to use its next generation console as a Trojan horse to get its handheld into homes.

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A $500 bundle would certainly be palatable. While it’s undeniably expensive, it’s the same figure that Microsoft’s currently flogging the Xbox One for. As such, it wouldn’t look entirely out of place on store shelves, and may even succeed in making Sony’s system look even more attractive. When you can get two top-of-the-range gaming consoles for the same price as Microsoft’s machine, why would you even plump up for the latter?

It makes sense, too. The Japanese giant has insisted that all third-party developers must support Remote Play on the PS4, allowing you to play your entire library – minus motion controlled titles – on the Vita. It’s a great selling point, but it’s only appealing if you already own the handheld device. By bundling the platforms together, though, Sony would provide tempted consumers with an easy option to access the full experience with a single purchase.

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Furthermore, the platform holder has admitted that it needs to work on ways to increase its portable’s install base. While the console is generally quite popular among the few that own it, the organisation has struggled to make it an appealing option outside of the brand’s core fanbase. Bundling the portable with the PS4 would certainly be an easy way of significantly increasing the system’s following – especially if it achieved it for an attractive price.

But how feasible is the proposed package at the aforementioned figure? It certainly flirts with the phrase ‘too good to be true’ – but everyone expected the PS4 itself to retail for a sum much greater than $400. That certainly doesn’t make this rumour any more likely, but considering the aggressive nature of the platform holder at the present, it’s not out of the realm of possibility. The question is: would you be tempted by the $500 bargain bundle if it did turn out to be true?

How much would you pay for a PS4 and Vita bundle? Do you think that Sony would be smart to sell the systems together? Let us know in the comments section and poll below.

Would you buy a $500 PS4 and Vita bundle? (89 votes)

  1. Yes, I’d sleep outside the store if I had to36%
  2. I would, but I actually already own a Vita52%
  3. I’m not sure, I’d have to give it more thought7%
  4. No, I don’t see the appeal of a package like that6%

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