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GamesCom 2013: Sony Slashes Vita's Price to $199/€199

Posted by Sammy Barker

Memory cards also getting more affordable

Sony has lopped a significant amount of cash off the PlayStation Vita’s recommended retail price, bringing the system down to $199.99 in North America and €199.99 in Europe. Even more exciting, SCEE president Jim Ryan confirmed that it will be offering “significant reductions on the price of Vita memory cards in both regions”. At last, huh?

The company’s GamesCom press conference brought plenty of big news for the struggling handheld, including the confirmation that Borderlands 2 is on its way to the machine. A slew of indie titles are also coming to the handheld, many of which will be making their debut on the console. But do you think that this is too little, too late? Let us know in the comments section below.

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ztpayne7 said:

Couldn't watch the conference. Did they say how significant the price slash for the memory cards would be? That will be part of whether or not I can get one soon.



Sanquine said:

I dont think it is to late for the handheld to become something like it is in japan. Selling about 15k a week.



rjejr said:

I think its been $199 since Sunday at Target, Best Buy and Amazon. (I said it foretold a price drop b/c it was a sale and not a gift card.) Also, the $199 12GB PS3 went on sale on Sunday. Maybe Sony thought this presentation was scheduled for last Tue?

Anyway, we all know Vita needed the price drop and memory costs were nuts.

And I've decided the $199 12GB PS3 looks bad compared to a normal PS3, BUT it makes a $399 PS4 look that much better.



moomoo said:

I really hope their definition of "significant" and mine are the same. If 32 GB is $50, then that'd do it.
@Sanquine If those are the prices, then I guess Sony and I wouldn't see eye to eye on "significant". $78 is still crazy for 32 GB.

This is a good start, but the lack of exclusives is really hurting the machine. I honestly don't know if a price drop will be enough for the machine after the initial slew of consumers go for it. If there isn't much exclusive to the thing a year out from now, I don't think the price drop will matter.

@Sanquine 15k a week in a region isn't exactly that successful...



Sanquine said:

@moomoo It's a good start. And if it dies.... Well it got some awesome games and i can say im glad i bought the handheld



rjejr said:

@Sanquine - Minecraft on PS3 will make my kids very happy, it keeps freezing their old PC. As did the EA conference, so I missed Sonys.

Why is Vita $199/€199 but PS4 $399/€349?
Shouldnt Vita be €175?



InsertNameHere said:

With big titles like Killzone: Mercenary and Tearaway on the horizon, this price cut couldn't have come at a better time - cheaper memory cards just sweeten the deal.

They've finally given us a look at the new and improved remote play, which looked fairly fluid even with my phone constantly buffering the feed. The fully realized remote play could become a huge selling point now that the Vita is more affordable.



Sanquine said:

@rjejr I wish that was the same thing! Americans pay a lot less in comparison to their european brothers and sisters. UK is crazy with the pound sterling ..

If vita was 175 i think it should sell something...

And rjejr glad that your kids can enjoy gaming.. Wish i could have kids by now. But im not the boss * girlfriend is*



Sanquine said:

@Lelouch i disagree... The vita must be a standalone thing. Not a companion. Remote play is awesome but it has to be just a feature not a major selling point. Sony needs to look at the 3ds more often.



AaronYeager said:

If nothing else from Sony's conference I walked away impressed with the Vita. It was nice to see the remote play in action for a change rather than just talking about the potential. Now that people have witnessed it, it's easier to believe. Some people may not like it, but the Vita does seem like a natural home for Indies and it's a more ideal fit than on mobile. That alone may still not be enough to justify the $200 price tag, but if nothing else I think anyone who buys a PS4 may eventually want to buy a Vita. I think in terms of sales with the Vita we are going to see a slow, steady, and gradual improvement over time.



IAmNotWill said:

This is excellent news.


I'm still missing my Triple A retail games. After Killzone and Tearaway, there aren't any big first party software on the horizon besides Freedom Wars.

But this is still good news for me. $200 is a fantastic price point for the Vita and should definitely get it off the shelves and into the hands of people for a bit. I mean, Pokemon is coming out soon, it was only a matter of time before this thing got buried.



InsertNameHere said:

@Sanquine I know, in fact, I said it last week. The Vita has enough software (exclusive & multiplat) to be recognized as an independent gaming system, but not everyone will feel the same way; most people will take this remote play push as Sony trying to pass the Vita off as a companion device.

Even if people see it that way and buy a Vita, they'll only be helping by boosting sales, which will then attract 3rd parties. More 3rd party support means more games for the Vita owners who use it as a gaming device rather than a controller - everybody wins.



InsertNameHere said:

@IAmNotWill There's no doubt that X and Y will be huge, but they won't bury the Vita. People were saying the same thing when Diamond and Pearl was near release and yet the PSP is still around to this day. Sure the PSP was doing better than the Vita, but my point remains valid.



belmont said:

I am sort of sure that I paid 85 euros for the 32gb card and most local retailers sell the Vita for about 210 euros anyway. Either way it is better to be official.

The best is what happens with Wii U. Basic is 329 euros and premium is 379 as far as official prices go while you can find the first for 200 euros and the second for 280!



Hetsumani said:

I think I'll buy a Vita this year and a PS4 next year. Not that I don't want a PS4 but I want to give it time to accumulate games on the "instant game collection", just like I did with the Vita. I been a constant PS+ member since the "hack apology's" 1 month trial.



Ginkgo said:

It is absolutely not too late for the Vita.

Great games and low price are always the two big factors in the success of a console, but it is always a chicken/egg scenario. Games developers won’t invest if there are not enough sales to warrant payback on their investment. Gamers won’t buy if it costs too much or there aren’t enough games that interest them. The system has to sell enough to get economies of scale, and then 3rd parties will jump on board. The Vita has not hit that magic sales number yet, but personally I believe it is poised to turn it around (like the 3DS did).

Why? I think it has been demonstrated for a long time that people are very interested in the Vita, but have just not taken the plunge, with price being a big factor. The games catalogue is now quite vast, although I think there still needs to be more games that make good use of the twin sticks, 3D worlds etc. Killzone and Borderlands2 will be great additions, though I am not just talking about shooters.

So a price cut including memory cards and more AAA games (the indie community is already on fire) is just what it needs to break the cycle and regenerate some new interest. This new pricing is perfect and I think we will see a lot of people who have been holding off jump in. Then with the cross/remote play with PS4 in Nov and then Christmas in Dec, it is well placed to have a good end to 2013 with a sharp spike in sales.

Once the system starts selling again, especially in the US (say 15,000 per week like Japan) then the big developers will come. More great games = more sales, and the positive cycle begins.
No guarantees, but it is in with every chance. If, by the end of the year sales haven’t turned in Us and Europe, then it will start getting tough for the Vita.



rjejr said:

@Sanquine - Gotta put a ring on it first. You'll still never be the boss though

@Ginkgo - Well stated. Theres still hope for the Vita at $199, $249 was always too much. $199 is a phone or Android tablet or 3DS XL. I know its only $50 but consumers can't help themselves. It still needs a must have game though and I don't know what that game is. Maybe Last Guardian. (Only b/c Sammy hasnt mentioned it yet today.)

It also needs to survive until summer, Christmas is for home consoles. Even at $199 the $349 Wii U will still outsell it this holiday.



AVahne said:

Unfortunately, the memory cards are still ridiculously overpriced. I'm hoping for a $250 32 GB bundle for the white or blue. $50 is still way too much for 32 GB (speed isn't great either), but it's still better than paying $100 or $80. Plus I want more color options.



NathanUC said:

I really like that memory cards are getting cheaper... but what about getting LARGER? I've not bought a PSN game since WRC3 on my Vita because I simply have no space and don't wish to delete anything on my 32gb stick. Switching cards would be an ok option if they'd store icon/folder preferences on the system and not the memory card...
EDIT: I should also mention I paid $75 for my 32gb stick in May...



hYdeks said:

holds up his shiny new white Vita the price was right, a White Vita with Assassin's Creed and a 4GB memory card for $199!! I really wanted a new Vita since my black one broke on me It had a very hard life...



Scorpio73 said:

I have had a Vita on the wishlist for quite some time now. I just couldn't justify the price for the amount of time I'd actually use it (toilet gaming, quick game sneakily at work, etc.) However, with the announced remote gameplay with PS4, and the price drop, I'll be trying to get one of these ASAP.



IAmNotWill said:

@Lelouch It won't anymore, which was what my comment was getting at. That thing remaining at $250 wasn't helping anyone.



Zombie_Barioth said:

I think this should really help, its the over-all cost thats important to most people. Spending a few dollars here or there on your mobile device is one thing, but with consoles the costs start adding up really quick. Being able to get a Vita, a game, and an 8gb stick all for slightly more than the Vita's original price is a huge step in the right direction.

Its certainly making my decision to get a Vita over another PSP that much easier, I know that much at least.



Epic said:

Isn't it a bit too late?
With games like Monster Hunter on Japan and Pokemon X/Y global release coming in few months this move might increase only the their for limited time so in the end, they will still need to hide behind PSP sales on next quarter.



XyVoX said:

If its $80 for a 32gb card then THAT does not represent a significant reduction and is STILL way overpriced for my wallet, already bought a 32gb when i got my vita time ago (had know choice with PS+) but i refuse to buy anymore unless its gonna be realistic, where are the 64gb cards aswell. More Heel dragging nonsense again i see Mmmmmm

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