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AVahne commented on XSEED: We Love the Vita and Will Continue to S...:

Except the 3DS FE games are pretty much trash when compared to previous games. They're still good games, just nowhere near as good as the older games, so not a good example to showcase 3DS's JRPG library considering Vita has many more JRPGs of far higher quality.



AVahne commented on Hyperdimension Neptunia U Clears a Path to PS ...:

It's a hack and slash, so not exactly appealing the everyone. If games like Dynasty Warriors, Senran Kagura, or, hell even Pokemon Rumble (I'm probably insulting this game by comparing it to Pokemon Rumble, but it's still somewhat of an example) don't appeal to you, this game probably won't as well.



AVahne commented on Hyperdimension Neptunia U Clears a Path to PS ...:

"If it wasn't for NepNep and friends, the PlayStation Vita probably wouldn't command a retail store presence at all."
Just curious about what you mean by this. Is it because IFI has been localizing these games and releasing them with only a few months at most between them?
Personally I'm still surprised to see these games on display at the Vita section when I walk into a Gamestop. Would've expected to see them only put the western titles in front and Nep Nep behind the counter (like when I went to pick up the original Neptunia all those years ago).



AVahne commented on Sony Hangs Up on Failed PlayStation Mobile Push:

There was a ton of crap on PS Mobile, but there were a few gems as well. Hopefully I really will be able to preserve all my purchases, so I'll be enjoy the few good and fun games on my Xperia Play for years to come.

EDIT: Does anyone know how to back up PS Mobile games from an Android device to PC? I want to change my ROM and kernel later, but don't want to lose my games forever.



AVahne commented on Talking Point: Are You Spending More Money Tha...:

Yup, buying more digitally than ever, except on Nintendo platforms.
The crappy account system wannabe that Nintendo has in place turns me off of buying my games digitally on 3DS and Wii U. I have some games downloaded, mostly indie-type games and only a small few retail, but I can't take the massive risk of spending too much on Nintendo consoles as there is no account system in place that I have any control over.
At least with every single other system, you can control what devices gets your downloads.



AVahne commented on PS4 and PS3 Console Exclusive Dragon's Dogma O...:

Would be cool if they could somehow shoehorn this onto Vita, but oh well. I'll be playing this on PC if this game comes stateside. Considering how Capcom is a better company than Sega of today, I think I can keep my hopes up.



AVahne commented on Feature: Black Friday 2014 Deals - Every PS4, ...:

If anyone's interested, Amazon has Japanese sellers selling 64 GB Vita memory card for about $87 after shipping. I ended up finally caving and ordering one since there are way too many digital-only JRPGs with huge file sizes (specifically those Atelier games).
Gonna see if I can sell my 32 GB to a friend.



AVahne commented on Gamescom 2014: PlayStation Vita Largely Ignore...:

So the only show where Vita had any chance of any kind of impact....and nothing? Sony arfed up.
Guess Sony really doesn't care for it anymore, which is a sad thing. Nintendo needs core competition in the handheld ring. With Sony bowing out, whose left? NVIDIA?



AVahne commented on Sony Pulls the Plug on Android Support for Pla...:

Really hope people will stop incorrectly using the term "next-gen" someday....
But anyway, I agree that the Vita is a great gaming platform. Has plenty of games, especially if you love Japanese stuff.
Just too bad that most Muricans and other westerners have the mentality that portables should only play small games and that big games should only be played on bigger screens with a full controller (or mouse/keyboard). Which is part of the reason why there's so much doom and gloom. There is far too much close-mindedness in the gaming community.



AVahne commented on BioShock's Swimming to a Smartphone Near You, ...:

I'm more furious at the fact that it's an iOS exclusive. Sure it'd be great for Vita as well, and shouldn't be too hard to port over to considering Vita could be considered a righteously glorified Android gaming device considering the specs, but I want an Android version as well. iOS needs to stop getting exclusives, especially considering their game controller situation is far behind Android's.