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Male, 25, Mexico

Fri 6th April, 2012

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Hetsumani commented on You Can Buy These PlayStation Games for Less T...:

This is just a pitiful attempt from Sony to get people away from Steam's Goat Simulator. :P
Seriously though, I just grabbed the Back to the Future, Gex, Jurassic Park, Everyday Shooter, Tokyo Jungle and Blast Factor. Yay, more backlog!



Hetsumani commented on GamesCom 2013: Sony Slashes Vita's Price to $1...:

I think I'll buy a Vita this year and a PS4 next year. Not that I don't want a PS4 but I want to give it time to accumulate games on the "instant game collection", just like I did with the Vita. I been a constant PS+ member since the "hack apology's" 1 month trial.



Hetsumani commented on Quench Your Car Cravings with Three Minutes of...:

Hopefully this one will come with a collision engine. I'm not even asking for Motorstrom-like collision cams, I just think it's silly that in a simulator you can collide into a wall at 300k/h with a Ferrari and just backup a little an keep on racing.



Hetsumani commented on Nvidia Isn't Particularly Impressed with the P...:

Yes, we know consoles are not as powerful as gaming PCs, but the Wii has sold over 99 million units, the PS3 77 million, te XBOX360 76 million, thats adds up to 252 million gaming consoles this generation alone. I really doubt there are this many gaming PCs out there.