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Male, 26, Mexico

Fri 6th April, 2012

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Hetsumani commented on You Can Buy These PlayStation Games for Less T...:

This is just a pitiful attempt from Sony to get people away from Steam's Goat Simulator. :P
Seriously though, I just grabbed the Back to the Future, Gex, Jurassic Park, Everyday Shooter, Tokyo Jungle and Blast Factor. Yay, more backlog!



Hetsumani commented on GamesCom 2013: Sony Slashes Vita's Price to $1...:

I think I'll buy a Vita this year and a PS4 next year. Not that I don't want a PS4 but I want to give it time to accumulate games on the "instant game collection", just like I did with the Vita. I been a constant PS+ member since the "hack apology's" 1 month trial.



Hetsumani commented on Quench Your Car Cravings with Three Minutes of...:

Hopefully this one will come with a collision engine. I'm not even asking for Motorstrom-like collision cams, I just think it's silly that in a simulator you can collide into a wall at 300k/h with a Ferrari and just backup a little an keep on racing.