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Talking Point: When Will the PlayStation 4 Release?

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Sony has few battles left to win in the build-up to the PlayStation 4’s launch. It’s already outmanoeuvred Microsoft on price and policies, and it’s reaping the rewards in pre-order numbers as a result. However, while the platform holder is riding high on a chorus of consumer goodwill at the moment, it must maintain its momentum in several key skirmishes prior to the console’s release. And among those small scuffles lingers the minor matter of a date. But when will the next generation console deploy, and will the Japanese giant be able to catch its competitor off guard with yet another crushing blow?

Microsoft has certainly left itself wide-open for a hardware haymaker by confirming that the Xbox One will ship in November. While there’s nothing stopping the company from changing its mind – it’s the master of reversals, after all – the confirmation gives Sony a little more intelligence to work with. And given its current penchant for outwitting its adversary at every opportunity, we suspect that the firm will slip in front of the wriggling Redmond-based outfit, and commit its platform to a late October launch.

It actually makes sense when you think about it, too. While we still don’t have a date for Gran Turismo 6, fellow PlayStation 3 swansong Beyond: Two Souls is set to send the industry on a spiritual excursion on 8th October. That gives the company a few weeks to properly market the adult adventure before fully switching its attention to the PS4, which we suspect will crash onto store shelves on 29th October in North America.

The aforementioned date is a solid selection for an assortment of reasons, and not just because it could give Sony the jump on the Xbox One. For starters, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Battlefield 4 are set to race into retailers on that day, and both of which are set to secure next generation ports. Assuming that Sony does indeed beat Microsoft’s machine into the shops, the move would likely provide it the defacto exclusive on the enhanced editions of the hotly anticipated titles, augmenting the system with yet another sneaky advantage. Furthermore, it would ensure that the system is in the wild prior to 2013’s other big blockbusters: Watch Dogs and Call of Duty: Ghosts.

There are other benefits associated with launching in late October, though. While the furore surrounding the system may have faded by the time that the Thanksgiving holidays roll around, that will provide the PlayStation maker with ample opportunity to restore its inventory. The system will almost certainly sell-out at launch, but the manufacturer will want to ensure that stock is readily available come Black Friday. Holding the hardware back until mid-November will make that difficult to achieve.

Of course, there are a few disadvantages, too. For example, the sooner that the system reaches cash registers, the less time developers will have to spend on the console’s launch games. While that may not be a problem for the likes of Guerrilla Games – as we mentioned in a recent hands-on preview, Killzone: Shadow Fall already looks the part – titles such as DriveClub could suffer as a consequence. According to Evolution Studios, the social racer is only 35 per cent complete at the moment. A late October release would give the company just three months to finish off the game, which doesn’t seem particularly feasible, does it?

Still, the platform holder will have a much better understanding of its internal situation, and will know if its software and manufacturing teams can meet the late October deadline. Assuming that they can, the only major negative on 29th October’s side is its distinct lack of marketing appeal. A date such as 12th November (formatted ‘11/12/13’ in North America) has a much more memorable hook to it, and would look great on billboards and in magazines. Is it worth being late for three of the biggest launches of the year, though?

Realistically, Sony will not have too many problems prompting people to take notice of its platform whenever it deploys. However, it can strengthen its position by shipping the system at the right time, and we happen to think that that falls in late October. But while we’ve outlined the advantages (and disadvantages) of that over the previous paragraphs, we’re fast approaching a point where the company will be forced to make up its mind. With both GamesCom and the Tokyo Game Show rapidly approaching – the most likely venues for a release date reveal – we just hope that the firm’s circled the right day on its internal calendar.

When do you think that you’ll be able to get your grubby paws on the PS4? How do you intend to keep yourself occupied while you wait? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Punished_Boss_84 said:

I vote for November:
A. Because thats when the majority of the big hitters launch: COD, Battlefield, Watch Dogs, AC etc etc. For some of these titles its around the same pall-park.

B. That is the rumoured date 13 November 2013.



rjejr said:

I like 11/12/13. Black Friday is really late this year - 11/29 - so that still gives them 2 weeks to replenish stock.

BTW Chanukah AKA the Jewish Christmas starts Wed 27, the 1st time EVER before Thanksgiving. Good cocktail party chatter.

I think the spellcheck is broke for outmanouverd and furore.



sajoey said:

If they did release it on October 29th, that would be a very big day for the number 4.



ViciousDS said:

Crap I voted for october......i meant november, I see 11/12/13 the launch date however watch dogs is a confirmed launch title, would they really launch it with the console a week before the other consoles?



get2sammyb said:

@ViciousDS The console could always come out before Watch Dogs in my opinion. No publisher can accurately use the term "launch title" until we know the system's date.



Reverend_Skeeve said:

@get2sammyb Interesting read. And if I remember correctly, you called Oct. 29th as the release date some weeks ago. Curious to see which day it'll be. I voted for Nov. though, because of the rumor.



charlesnarles said:

October would be the best to release if they wanna get Black Friday shoppers excited (and prepared). We really need a "scary" game to play on Halloween night, if so.
Couldn't they just update any games' graphics with a simple and invisible update? I'd suffer through an unfinished free launch game that I knew was gonna look even better soon. Or just wait. Isn't it like the prologue that Plus people get anyhow?



InsertNameHere said:

October would be a great time to release, because it puts their console out ahead of Microsoft's and titles like Watch Dogs.



Jaz007 said:

I'm placing my bets on October 29th too. It would under cut the XBones release date for sure (provided they don't change their November plans), and it would launch with two big cross generation games and make sure it's ready for the rest of the holidays cross generation games. Releasing it first would also help Sony take some launch buzz away from MS by taking before they can get and holding to some of it while the Ones launches.



Tasuki said:

I am going to say November 12th as well. It gives them time to get a shipment or two out for the holiday season.



Squiggle55 said:

I vote for October. Unless Microsoft commits to a specific date in mid to late November and Sony could release in early November. I say this because I have no doubt that Sony intends on releasing first.



catcher82611 said:

As much as I would love to see an October launch, I'm expecting it to be out in November. Sony will probably still beat out the Xbox One launch, but I can't see it being any sooner than November.



Ps4all said:

I wish for October. However, I think after the latest bundled release would make more sense. People will be upset to per order a call of duty ghosts bundle, only to find out their system ships a week before their game and they have nothing to play. Due to the Microsoft call of duty deal I don't see ghosts releasing on ps4 before Xbox one.



Ginkgo said:

If they don't launch in Oct, they will have missed a big opportunity.



Lopezdm said:

If they released it on Black Friday restocking wouldn't be an issue. I don't really care if it's October or November. Ether way I will be sitting outside my local gamestop to pick up may per-ordered and already paid for PS4. Along with some games I haven't decided on yet.



Cowboysfan-22 said:

I think we won't see a release date until Microsoft announces theirs.. Sony doesn't want them beating them to the punch this time around, and I think Sony has multiple strategies so they can choose one to stay ahead of Microsoft. If Microsoft announces an early to mid November release, I see an October release for sony



shosbu said:

How about a Halloween launch? That would certainly cause a scare for Microsoft. Mwah Ha Ha ha ha!



RaymanFan2 said:

Well, I won't be buying until Infamous Second Son is very close to release, and before that I'll probs get a Wii U for Sonic Lost World.



Reverend_Skeeve said:

Just to be clear: I would love to see an Oct. launch, I just think it's gonna be Nov.

But concerning the "PS4 can't launch in Oct., because some games that are said to be launch games only launch in Nov." issue: I think if a game launches about 10 to 14 days after the console, it can still be considered a launch game, even if it's only available in the launch window and not on day 1 of the console launch. Or is my point of view to generous here?

@shuis Indeed!



rjejr said:

@get2sammyb - No, I'm kinda over the whole British spelling thing, I really thought you just made that word up as I assumed "out maneuvered" was 2 words. Though it does look like your is missing an E or 3 at the end. Completely my mistake though.

Now how the heck does anyone pronounce "furore"? Fur - or - E, like the car?



hYdeks said:

I think it will ship in November. Sony seems keen to continue butting heads with Microsoft and recapture the fans they lost in the west thanks to Microsoft



Ps4all said:

@Reverend_Skeeve I don't think there is an issue launching before the "launch window games" launch. Where I see an issue, is if a retailer such as amazon or GameStop is selling the system as a bundle for one price that includes a game that launches after the system. So you paid for something you only get one piece at a time. I think those retailers already no the release date, or they wouldn't have packaged them as such. You don't seea second son bundle because it w
won't ship together.



devperson said:

I vote for November as it is my birthday month. Terribly convenient excuse I must say.



castlehominid99 said:

I think theyre waiting for the exact xbox one release date and then will release a week or 2 earlier

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