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United Kingdom

Thu 18th Oct 2012

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devperson commented on This is the Only Assassin's Creed IV: Black Fl...:

Mmm, not sure about this one. Looks like they have put too much focus on what I consider to be the worst part of Assassin's Creed III: naval combat. I also fear that the world will once again be too vast to actually gain any real familiarity with your surroundings which would be a shame as they do look fantastic! Not going to be a day one purchase for me ...



devperson commented on Grand Theft Auto 5's Recent Trailer Was Runnin...:

I cannot comprehend how this has been achieved on such old hardware. I really hope this is representative of how smoothly it will run in reality and intrigued to know what res it is rendering at before being upscaled. I can only conclude that Rockstar are magicians.



devperson commented on Review: Tomb Raider (PlayStation 3):

I'm thoroughly enjoying this and would recommend it to anyone. The story is solid, great game mechanics and combat, and very entertaining. My only wish is that the hunting aspect had more to it than just gaining XP - it would have been interesting if it was essential for survival. I totally agree with your thoughts on the bow. It's a great weapon and very satisfying to use (especially for headshots). This is also one of the best looking games that I've played on the PS3, it's gorgeous.



devperson commented on There's Another PlayStation Vita Firmware Upda...:

Personally it doesn't bother me. I'd rather they actively release fixes (which are optional after all) than just leave bugs unresolved for months on end. It could be argued that they shouldn't be releasing firmware with bugs and should instead do proper QA and testing, but that's something else altogether.