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Talking Point: Has Microsoft's E3 2013 Showing Lessened Your Interest in the PS4?

Posted by Sammy Barker

Xbox One steps out of the shadows

It was imperative that the Xbox One had a strong showing at E3 2013. Last month, the backlash to the platform’s initial unveiling was undeniably negative, with a whopping 84 per cent of you noting that the system had done nothing to quell your anticipation for the PlayStation 4. But today’s press conference was a lot stronger, and Microsoft definitely delivered on its promise of big exclusive games. But has the showing lessened your interest in Sony’s next generation console, or are you just as hyped as ever?

Content aside, the one thing that the Redmond-based manufacturer did incredibly well today is pace its press conference properly. It’s a point that we’ve emphasised in the run up to this week’s big event in Los Angeles, and we hope that the PlayStation maker was taking notes. Aside from a couple of audio hiccups – which the developers at DICE dealt with incredibly well – the company cut chatter to an absolute minimum, and let the games do the talking for them. After years of pleading, we sincerely hope that Sony follows suit when it hits the stage later tonight.

On the subject of content, Microsoft kicked off with Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, which looked absolutely spectacular. The actual emphasis on third-party titles was quite small, with Battlefield 4 and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt being the most noteworthy. It’s clear that the company’s beefed up its first-party output, though it’s still partnering with second-parties rather than cultivating its own studios. Insomniac Games’ surprise appearance served up an open-world shooter in a whimsical universe, while Capcom Vancouver announced a darker take on Dead Rising that’s, well, not being published by Capcom.

The wealth of content was good, though, and while there were very few gigantic surprises, the Xbox One is clearly developing a decent roster of games. Forza 5 will be a key launch title for the platform, and while Ryse looks rather mundane from a gameplay perspective, it at least has the graphical pizzazz that’s needed from a launch title. The promise of a new Halo in approximately 18 months was also important, while Quantum Break continues to look interesting, even though we’re not entirely sure what the new title from Remedy is all about.

Microsoft also showed off some interesting features for the hardware itself, most notably a partnership with Twitch for game streaming and live video uploads. This is obviously fascinating from a PlayStation perspective, because it mimics what’s possible on the PS4. That the Redmond-based firm’s managed to swipe away one of the console’s biggest selling points may come as a blow to Sony – especially seeing as the company has made a big deal out of the DualShock 4’s all-important ‘Share’ input.

While the PS4 is packing some pretty impressive hardware, it seems feasible that Sony can undercut the Xbox One's price, which may be imperative moving forward

Having said that, despite a compelling offering of content, the DRM issues are still lingering over the Xbox One, and the company did nothing to address those during its press conference. Furthermore, while the addition of a couple of new giveaways to the Xbox Live Gold subscription will prove a nice extra for existing members, the company’s paid tier still pales in comparison to PlayStation Plus.

And then we come to the price: $499.99. We were expecting the system to retail for a robust sum, but that seems like an especially huge figure – particularly when you consider that the console’s £429.99 price tag in the UK is actually more than the PlayStation 3’s infamous £424.99 sticker at launch. While the PS4 is packing some pretty impressive hardware, it seems feasible that Sony can undercut that price, which may be imperative moving forward.

But the big question is: how has your excitement for the PS4 fluctuated now that you’ve seen Microsoft’s full hand? Are you still disappointed with the Xbox One, or has it started to twist your arm a little bit? And, finally, what does Sony need to do to better the Redmond-based manufacturer’s press conference? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Has Microsoft’s press conference affected your anticipation for the PS4? (51 votes)

Honestly, I’m now reconsidering my pre-order for Sony’s system


A bit, I’m waiting for the PlayStation briefing before I make up my mind


It hasn’t, nothing that Microsoft showed tempted me in the slightest


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AceSpadeS said:

I personally was disappointed in the One reveal. I felt that Gold copying PS+ was a good idea, but the choice of two ancient games was a terrible one, there have been 2 sequels to each of the games. Some of the games looked interesting, but the biggest ones were the ones that are also coming to PC, Titan Fall, Witcher 3, and Battlefield 4. Rare deciding to Killer Instinct was severely disappointing, as I was hoping to see Banjo Kazooie or Conker be showing up, but KI is a rather dead, and not even all that successful in its time, franchise.

And really... World of Tanks and Minecraft?



get2sammyb said:

I thought that was a very well produced press conference with absolutely fantastic pacing. However, in terms of content, I've got to be honest (and I know I'm biased) none of the games really appealed to me at all. Insomniac's effort seemed pretty cool, and I liked the look of Capy's game. Other than that, TitanFall, Quantum Break, the LBP-esque game... None of them really did anything for me.

I thought Metal Gear Solid and The Witcher were the best games personally, though that Halo trailer was very well done. The price seems really high, too. I think Sony can undercut them — even if it's just $50.



ZeD said:

It is so expensive for what it actually is. Look at the spec - you could prob build a PC for a lot less. Lets hope sony come out and say £250! We can hope



Batman said:

It's fun to heap on the scorn, but I honestly can't fault Microsoft for their conference. There were some issues, but it was pretty damn solid. Your move, Sony.



Sanquine said:

I was dissapointed... 500 Euro and ofcourse the Americans pay 500 dollars makes sense * NOT* . Im glad im not living in UK ( 429 pounds)



8vpiper said:

Good show I will give them that! But would you take any of those games over playing Last Of Us?? I would not and that is this gen.



ZeD said:

@Confused_Dude I agree it was a very solid Conference. Nice pace to it & plenty of trailers. I did not like the cloned games (Ryse & Project Spark) and the fact that Minecraft is coming to Xbone! I was hoping it would come to Sony after the 1 year deal.



Epic said:

The word cloud-this country internet sucks- in the Xbox conference killed my interest even though I'm going to regret missing Deadrising 3 and Titanfall.

Now I see why they didn't show any games at the reveal they were saving up everything for the games.Sony needs to share the spotlight with PS4 unnanaunced details, Vita and PS3 and then reveal games for PS4 so its going to be hard for Sony to bomb like these. They need more time.



Kal-87 said:

A decent conference. Some great games shown. But nothing worth making a 499 investment on



ViciousDS said:

man they really must have had to pay a lot for cable rights and that NFL network to justify a $499 pricetag especially since the specs are FAR inferior to the PS4............alright didn't get my attention lets see what you got!!!



ZeD said:

@Confused_Dude Especially when Mojang said they would love to bring it to the Sony platform. It would be PERFECT for Vita! PERFECT!



ViciousDS said:

BTW I'm hoping and seriously hoping for a Legend of Dragoon reboot.....or far my favorite RPG of all time.



Savino said:

I dont know about minecraft on vita! The world on the Ipad version is awfull small!



Sanquine said:

@8vpiper I got it early Just played it today:D Its awesome ( I got a friend working at a gameshop he already had some copies) ^^



JavierYHL said:

hmm its really a strong xbone reveal...i dun think sony can top that metal gear 5 for xbone really is a blow to sony..dead rising 3 and panzer dragoon 2 omg i love those two games...but too bad naughty dog games i cant sleep without it,so its still ps4 for me



ZeD said:

@get2sammyb That is true but Minecraft Xbox 360 had a year deal. I cannot think that they would let it go so easy? But.... we can always hope



MaxaMod said:

i kinda saw mgs5 coming so no surprise there ... the only game i wish ps4 has it is DR4

i know sony has alot of ps3 on the plat ''tLou gt6 ..etc" and psvita as well i hope the gve those two like 15 mints thn switch to ps4



get2sammyb said:

I'm surprised at the hype for Dead Rising. I thought that looked dull as dishwater. Stripped of all of its charm, and let's be honest, the original games weren't exactly classics.



Jaz007 said:

I'm never going to accept MS online and used Ames policy's. How tested have most of those developers too? Sony's dev have a history to back up hype that MS's devs don't from what I know.



FullbringIchigo said:

no because i know the PS4 can do everything the xbox one can do and if it doesn't have mandatory 24 hour checks and allows used games then sony will have already won



rjejr said:

I thought it as a really good show, even w/ the sound going out every other video. Guess I just had really low expectations, I wasn't expecting the X1 to have any games besides Halo and Madden. Starting w/ MGS was a great idea - wonder what audience they were going after with that one and they kept the slideshows and statistics to a minimum, it really was all about the games.

The $499 price tag is bad, but they put it out there w/ the Nov. date. Sony probably wasn't planning on releasing a price or date until summer's end so now they might need to rethink that.

Project Spark was my favorite game. WiiU really needs a "create" game (yes I know this is the Sony site). TitanFall had a cool feel too it though I think they should have just called it MechWarriorOne.

Now here's something I thought I'ld l never say - some of those graphics were too real. It was like the "Soap opera" effect for movies. People who hated The Hobbit in HFR 48fps know what I mean.



rjejr said:

@get2sammyb - Dead Rising 3 and Ryse made me realize why I like superhero games so much. Dead Rising looked a lot like inFamous (while he was standing on the rooftops) and Ryse was GoW but w/ the chain blades. I need a little more speed and action in my games than anything resembling real people is going to give me. But then again I like kart games a lot more than simulations so maybe it's just me. Too bad most superhero games are junk. Batman excluded.



artemisthemp said:

There is a missing vote option: Microsoft show a lot of good stuff, but I stay with Sony.

€499 for Xbox One
€59.99 for renting the game
Then I have to pay for Gold and well... There is ain't enough good things to make up for the bad, so unless Sony show some real crap... Well I stick with Sony.



IIaprghwrughapiw said:

Nothing that microsoft showed tempted you? At all? Guys, really?

Those were fine games shown in the press conference, but none of those tempted 87% an itty-bit?

Not even Killer Instinct?

They even focused just on the games, but still, the Xbox One is bad and forever will be bad.



Sanquine said:

@HeatBombastic Naah! That creator game was awesome and titanfall but that was it. Killer instict was a meh for me. An old love that has come back after all these years.. But she is not as pretty as you remembered here.



hYdeks said:

What, that joke of a console? PLEASE, all Sony has to do is say "Where not pulling a Microsoft" than say "it'll be the same price in NA as the Xbox One, except in EUR and UK it will be cheaper" and they'll have all the Xbox/PS gamers wanting the system. Don't even need to show the system, just say those things, and PS4 has it made.

Personally, I'm still buying a Wii U, but I have confidence in PS4 being a big contender. I expect Microsoft to leave the console business after this generation.

@HeatBombastic Nope, nothing, Killer Instinct isn't that big of a deal to most. If they showed Battletoads, I would say yes, but they didn't.



Sanquine said:

@HeatBombastic Why dont leave then? You're coming to a sony only site and then talking about xbox one hate. Doesn't make sense to me ^^ I dont hate them but i m totally not intrested Are you interested in ps4? Or only playing on Wii U? Nintendo defense force are backing up Microsoft big time Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer:)



get2sammyb said:

@HeatBombastic I don't think anyone's really hating on the console. If people weren't impressed then that's their own opinion. I personally thought the Metal Gear and Witcher trailers were great.



Gamer83 said:

The only company with the ability to lessen my interest in PS4 is Sony, and it's done a fine job of that in recent weeks by saying literally nothing regarding a lot of rumors. If stuff isn't cleared up today, I'm going right back to Nintendo, garbage third party support be damned.



3Above said:

MS made me more excited for PS4 , im waiting to see some games I will actually be interested in.



rjejr said:

@Sanquine - "You make me laugh all the time:D"

That's funny, b/c you make me laugh all the time. Before I even hit Enter I know that whatever I write you'll be complaining about it. Did you see where I wrote -(yes I know this is a Sony site)? I only added that b/c of you.

Guess that makes us even



IIaprghwrughapiw said:

@Sanquine Newsflash buddy, I use the same sites as you. That's why I'm not leaving. I don't understand how complaining about Xbox One hate on a Sony thread (about the Xbox One), on a Sony site, where many (not all) users are being unreasonable on the topic of Xbox One is a reason to make me leave.

Am I interested in the PS4? Ha, I'd like all games and consoles if possible, but unfortunately I can't afford them. I would love to get an Xbox One and PS4, but I can only afford to stick with my Wii U if I want a dedicated library.



Sanquine said:

@rjejr Dude, your a Nintendo fanboy always complaining about everything or critisim on SONY. Always backing up Nintendo with their innovative way of thinking.

PS i dont hate Nintendo but i think this guy always talks everything down. You dont see me at NL talking everything down



Sanquine said:

@HeatBombastic I did not complain I just said that im not interested. You were the one complaining because not a lot of people did reconsider their playstation 4 choice Go stick to your wii U I already have one and i know i can buy all of them ^^ Get a job or study a lot



IIaprghwrughapiw said:

@Sanquine I never said you were complaining, I said I was complaining -_-

Not all of us are as privileged as you to spend so much of their work money on video games, or even get a job in the first place!



IIaprghwrughapiw said:

The reason I said there was hate here, was not because people said there weren't interested in the console or any games shown for it, but rather toward the people who said the Xbox One is already bad, or the Xbox One will be bad, and the conference can't change that.

The console hasn't even released yet XP



hamispink said:

@HeatBombastic I'm with you that some of the games shown were interesting. For me, Sunset Overdrive is the game that I'll be wishing I could play (or at least see more of), but it wasn't enough for me to want an X1. Overall, it was a good conference, marred by poor business choices by the Microsoft.



rastamadeus said:

The whole show was boring and I can see Sony's being exactly the same, sadly. I think Sony's will show better games and, more importantly for me, games I will want. But I'm expecting it won't just be the time (2am) that will be making me tired. Their last few shows have been like watching paint dry, and the PS4 reveal was so long and slow I almost smashed my face into the wall to wake myself up.

@get2sammyb The Witcher just looked like a poor Skyrim. Like how Doctor Who would look like if it was on Channel Five rather than the BBC.

@HeatBombastic Killer Instinct looked like a dreadful version of the originals and I personally thought it was the worst game shown. Crimson Dragon looked sensational but, that apart, nothing Microsoft showed made me want to even play on the machine, let alone buy one.



Gamer83 said:


Great post, I especially agree with the last sentence. It really isn't the games, in fact, there's a number of games I know I'll want to play but the damn idiots in suits at MS just couldn't help themselves, they had to go all in with EA, who is the real driving force behind a lot of this crap that Sony will likely also be doing. And Sony better clear all that up tonight, good or bad doesn't matter at this point because what's decided has been decided, just make it very clear what side the company stands with, the consumers or the scummy pieces of trash at EA.



JayArr said:

The fact they went "games, games, games, GAMES!" was exactly what they needed to do after their system premier disaster. So props for that.

Games looked alright. The only thing that tickled my pickle was Killer Instinct but that's far from a system seller.

I think that price point is going to hurt hard (like it did Sony for PS3). A lot of parents are going to take pause at dropping $500 for their Xbot teens.



Gamer83 said:


$500 should be a hard sell in general with the Wii U being much cheaper and having some big first party games on the way this fall. If Sony has the same price point, it'll also suffer the same consequences. On top of that you add some terrible decision making and Nintendo may yet pull out a 'win' this gen despite the early blunders with the Wii U.



GraveLordXD said:

Yes xbox1 actually makes me not want to look forward to the future of the gaming industry very dark days ahead



rastamadeus said:

@Gamer83 I've said that a few times now. The high price and pre-owned mess could yet somehow result in Nintendo "stealing" this generation.



Gamer83 said:


There's those issues but also, at least in the case of Xbox One, I genuinely would not be comfortable with one of those in my home considering how the Kinect is being used. I know others feel differently, and that's fine, there's enough other garbage besides just that that makes the console a tough sell. Hell $500 alone in this economy doesn't exactly scream for people to rush out and buy one even if it was the most consumer-friendly product ever created.



AaronYeager said:

I actually thought they did pretty good but in my opinion it was very pedestrian. Overall out of Microsofts entire event I only walked away caring for Metal Gear which also can be had on PS4. What they really needed was some hard hitting exclusive 1st party games. With the exception of Metal Gear ( which will also be on PS4 ) they didn't have a single game that could hold a candle to Kill Zone or Infamous, both of which are launch tiles.

I'm not even going to get started on the price, but we may as well throw that in the pile with all the other Xbox One problems such as always on, DRM policies, Monitoring Kinect, used game fees, Xbox Live fees etc.



Aj_Dono said:

NOPE. PS4 all the way. M$'s last nail was the silence when the £429 price tag was announced. which when converted to $ is $667. if PS4 is priced better we will be welcoming droves xbox fans. prepare yourself SONY and GOOD LUCK.



Holyfire said:

A copy and paste response of mine in regards to the price

" This is hilarious. I've ranted for months on end that Xbone and PS4 will cost a bomb. Everyone kept arguing otherwise. What were ppl thinking to believe ignorant analysts about the price. Processing tech costs! Period! Nothing is for free, basic logic.
PS4 runs more expensive memory, faster CPU, "Share" video encoder chip, faster GPU, the controller to ship will include capacitive touch, built in "move", LEDs and Sony as a company are less wealthy and can afford to absorb less cost that M'soft. A Sony exec even went on record stating "they hope not to sell for 600 again"
I can't believe this journo is still holding out hope PS4 will price modestly. Bets on its more than 499US. Then just wait for the games, extra brand new controllers, eyetoy.
PS4 will suffer hardest for pricing
I got my WiiU. Future of my console gaming looks pretty good right now"

And my brain is cringing that ppl are still out there thinking PS4 can go cheap. Why do u think Sony avoided the subject for so long? They know the news will painfully hurt their fanbase.
Get past it. If PS4 announces at sub 500US, fine, believe that, but until that happens, follow reality. PS4 is price disadvantaged to XBOX One in every way (except kinect 2 inclusion)



InsertNameHere said:

@Holyfire Seeing as analyst's (Pachter included) were dead-on about the XBO's price, I wouldn't be surprised if/when Sony confirms that the PS4 will be priced modestly.



InsertNameHere said:

@Holyfire Seeing as analyst's (Pachter included) were dead-on about the XBO's price, I wouldn't be surprised if/when Sony confirms that the PS4 will be priced modestly.



InsertNameHere said:

I tuned in just as they were having technical difficulties with Battlefield. After that, it was nothing but shooters, which didn't surprise me.

I love shooters, but Microsoft is just trying to shove them down people's throats. So I'm now even less interested in the XBO than I was before.



Holyfire said:


"Will the PS4 and Xbox One really launch with $350 and $400 price points?"
Very recent article title

"By now you might have heard that Michael Pachter has expressed his belief that Microsoft’s Xbox One will be available later this year with an MSRP of $400, while the PlayStation 4 is seen as likely launching for $350. Jeff Grubb wrote about it at this very site."
First paragraph in said artice

You ppl are nuts.....


Just let me know how many more extracts you want me to pull on ppls general predictions of XBOX One and PS4 launch prices



Sanquine said:

@Holyfire Nintendoprosite: The guy who posts this video Sorry Just G*T*O
On the video it's good video But i dont like you calling us nuts



GraveLordXD said:

Lets just hope the ps4 doesn't have drm like xbox1 if it does im pretty sure the wii u will be my last console I ever buy



Holyfire said:

Well, is any of it wrong?, Go find the facts and post 'em here.
It's not a good defense to call someone a troll and then avoid the subject. That doesn't make you win the argument.
I just did a legitimate post to an article with a public response system. Don't bash me for that.
I'm not being aggressive, I'm quite fine here, and not hating anyone. But it is just a little baffling.
Forget it, unless you can find some kind of evidence to suggest your beloved PS4 isn't out to rip your wallet to shreds. Just suck up the pride, and be prepared for some unexpected news and save yourself that mild grain of disappointment



Sanquine said:

@Holyfire I have no evidence, but your intentions are not to make your point. You see we are nuts because we believe in something. I can tear my wallet to pieces I have a good job ^^ but my fanboyischm have never died since ps1 ( way before i was big N all over)



rjejr said:

@JayArr - Judging from the tv viewing NFL fantasy unveil and all the FPS games today I'ld say MS is expecting to sell more of these to 30 year old men for them to use it themselves than for parents to buy one for their kids.

@Sanquine - "Dude, your a Nintendo fanboy"

Can you tell that to the people over at NL, they keep calling me "Retard". I don't mind being called fanboy by you b/c it's funny when you say it b/c you are all Sony all the time, defending them and the Vita to the death, but at least I don't recall you ever calling me a retard.



Holyfire said:


Well save for the fanboyism wars right here and now, As I'm still a Nintendo goer (and PC gamer). This wasn't ever intended as any attack against ppl awaiting for XBOX One or PS4, only just to state how right I have been, wrong everyone else has been, and just to clear the terrible beliefs of all these ppl.
The XBOX One 499 launch price has been one of the most obvious coming bits of information, the most predictable on the System. And I'm dumbfounded how anyone still believes otherwise. I'm not convinced PS4 will be any less. And wish ppl would stop believing it



Holyfire said:


Look, when I said ppl were nuts. That wasn't an insult to anyones persona, wasn't used as an adjective to anyone, it was used in the context of ppl being completely incorrect.
Which they very much were. So I figured that mild language word was justified. Obviously it stirs some ppl.



Ginkgo said:

I have to say this as a prediction.

XBox One $499 in US and $599 is AU. Which is a 20% markup. Haha.

That will be a challenge for Sony who usually put a 50% markup in AU, which means we very well have a PS4 that is cheaper in the US but more expensive in AU! Let's see what Sony comes up with. I am waiting to be pleasantly surprised!

Can't really comment on the XBox reveal yet, as I need more time to watch the game footage, and so much hinges on Sony's DRM policy.



Sanquine said:

@rjejr Because some people are.... Uuhm just like me but then nintendo. Scare or scar ... He defends the wii U for being more powerful than ps4



JayArr said:

@ rjejr - Fair enough but I don't see a lot of adults going out to drop $500 on a box to watch tv/football when they are currently set up to do so now without it. Is changing the channel with your voice really worth $500? Hell no.

That's not even mentioning the system will BRICK if your internet goes out for 24 hours.

I just can't see anyone who actually researches products buying this at all. That leaves casuals and kids asking for this and the price should spook them right out of it.



GraveLordXD said:

@rastamadeus lol I do see some similarity in the art style, I personally would like to see a darker tone but even so the gameplay and storytelling should be way different
Haven't played the first but I did enjoy the hell out of TW2



rjejr said:

@Holyfire - Did you reply to me on purpose? I don't recall mentioning you. Maybe you replied to me by accident amongst the 97 Sanguine comments?



magicizme said:

After watching Sony do its thing, it's not even close. Playstation continues to get all of my moneys



Holyfire said:

May have replied to wrong guy, seeing loads of "@ this person, @ that person"
Sometimes writing in a rush on phone etc..



InsertNameHere said:

@Holyfire I should have said that analysts were right about the XBO being the more expensive option, coming in at $500 - while the PS4 is priced a very modest and affordable $400. I'm not sure how much of a mark-up there will be in Australia, but in America $400 is nothing.



Holyfire said:

Traditionally in Australia, our prices are usually about a 50%+ markup on everything. Think PS3 launched at little short of $1000AU. So that surprises me. Xbone got a $100 markup and the cheaper PS4 got a $150 markup. Strange pricing structures
Mind u, costs are still being recouped everywhere. PS4 doesn't include its Kinect equivalent. Subcription charges for online (significant jump from free), and here for both Xbone and PS4, controllers are about $100 a piece. Launch game prices here for those systems are $115+

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