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Mon 28th Jun 2010

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AceSpadeS commented on Review: Tower of Guns (PlayStation 4):

I put probably 50 hours into the PC version of this back when it came out. I'd say it's superior to Ziggurat (15 hours) in every way, as long as you enjoy the style of gameplay.



AceSpadeS commented on Will PS4 Power Watch Dogs at 60FPS? Ubisoft Se...:

I've never understood the whole "Will look best on platform X" kind of thing. Because unless the PS4 became much more powerful overnight, a high-end gaming PC running this on max will look better than any of the consoles can... Just by the sheer money factor.



AceSpadeS commented on Will PlayStation Expand to Non-Gaming Devices?...:

I think this is an excellent idea, and if they are able to get everything working smoothly, Gaikai had a few issues but for the most part worked very well, they could eliminate the need for a Playstation home box entirely. Think about it for a minute. The biggest thing holding console gaming back at any given time is the hardware, since developers are limited to working with X amount of power for the entire life of the system. If Sony is able to get Gaikai working solidly, it will take the power component out of the system, which cannot be upgraded, and put it into Sony controlled servers, which can. Because of this, when game development would normally hit the console's ceiling, it won't need to wait on consumers to adopt an expensive box, and have the market and development fragmented, but can simply wait for the servers to be upgraded, added to, or otherwise altered. Effectively, this would let Sony make the Playstation platform as powerful as they needed it to be, lower the cost to consumers, and allow for a far larger audience to be reached.

The money is in the software, not in the hardware, so if Sony can implement a system to sell you software, and make profit, without needing to sell you hardware, which is expensive to develop and often sells at a loss, they will be making one of the smartest business decisions possible.

Edit: Also, for anybody who is saying that current gen streaming wouldn't be possible, I was playing Crysis, Trackmania, and other current release PC games through Gaikai's free PC services without issue. I was streaming a game from their servers at ~720p without enough lag to make a twitch heavy game a problem.

Edit 2: The issues I mentioned with Gaikai came mainly from the same issues any remote control PC application has, getting confused between which inputs influence which system. E.g. certain keystrokes I would do in game might affect my computer or cause me to lose focus on the game window.



AceSpadeS commented on TGS 2013: Gaikai Streams PS3 Titles to Numerou...:

@get2sammyb A PS4 version with remote play wouldn't surprise me at all, but I would be surprised to see all that many PS3 titles be set up to stream to the Vita. At least, not ones that aren't Sony developed.

...Though back before Gaikai was Sony owned, there were quite a few AAA titles for streaming-demo through their web sire.



AceSpadeS commented on Weirdness: Saints Row IV's Wad Wad Edition Cos...:

Actually I think this is a pretty good deal. As in, Deep Silver is eating a huge loss on this. The cost of the Lambo, the Virgin Galactic Space Flight, the surgery, and the rescue experience alone have to be pushing the million dollar range. I'm fairly certain the flight alone is worth more than that...

Edit: I was a bit off on the prices. I was considering the full plane price of the space flight as opposed to a single seat. The seat alone is $250,000. Toss in the Lambo and you've added somewhere betweem $100,000-$200,000 depending on what it is. ALSO! In random news. I've seen the plane they use for those flights in person, it's pretty impressive.



AceSpadeS commented on Tekken Revolution's New Fighter Couldn't Be Mo...:

Ignoring the lack of covering clothing on the character, the concept art does show some interesting things that would have been nice as an outfit for an already present character, such as the horns, detached sleeves, and rose accents. I could see some interesting specials based around weaponizing the roses, actually...



AceSpadeS commented on This Cloud Strife Costume Makes Lightning Even...:


Hmm, good point. I haven't honestly cared about a mainline FF release since XII, kind of, I'd say X was more of the breaking point. The whole Lightning Saga has looked really boring and un-FF. Oh how the series has fallen.

Also, shameless plug for classic FF music here: OCRemix just published their massive, and free, 5 disc remix of FF VI yesterday. Anyone who likes FF music should check it out.



AceSpadeS commented on Alien Anal Probe Ensures That Saints Row 4 Is ...:


The difference between "affecting us" and "causing actual violence" are the important thing to consider. Nobody should try and argue that games don't have an effect on the mind of the person playing them, just as books, music, movies, or art do. The argument @ObviouslyAdachi is making is that the games do not cause violence, a claim which can be backed up by the studies and tests that don't find a link between video games and violent behavior. Somebody who is prone to violence towards others isn't going to be made that way because of a video game; they are going to be that way because of their moral and ethical beliefs instilled in them by a combination of their upbringing, their society, or their life circumstances, not just a video game.



AceSpadeS commented on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Is Back with a Venge...:

I bought the season pass on Steam, so I'm excited about this.

Edit: Cove looks awesome, so I'm psyched for that one. Might be time for me to start Zombies some time...'

Edit2: Rush. I'm sold on Rush. Looks like Nuketown all over again.



AceSpadeS commented on Talking Point: Has Microsoft's E3 2013 Showing...:

I personally was disappointed in the One reveal. I felt that Gold copying PS+ was a good idea, but the choice of two ancient games was a terrible one, there have been 2 sequels to each of the games. Some of the games looked interesting, but the biggest ones were the ones that are also coming to PC, Titan Fall, Witcher 3, and Battlefield 4. Rare deciding to Killer Instinct was severely disappointing, as I was hoping to see Banjo Kazooie or Conker be showing up, but KI is a rather dead, and not even all that successful in its time, franchise.

And really... World of Tanks and Minecraft?



AceSpadeS commented on E3 2013: You Should Probably Anticipate a Litt...:

I wonder if Sony will make this a cross play title in some form, even just as enhanced interaction between LBPV and LBP3. Sure, the Vita already has an LBP, but throwing another one at it certainly couldn't hurt.



AceSpadeS commented on Talking Point: Will You Still Buy the PS4 If I...:

I would, but I would buy very few games for it. I'd limit myself to the must-have, long term investment, exclusive games of the Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy, or such nature, and digital indie games that weren't on the PC. Even then, my spending would be limited to those few titles I can play for years and still enjoy. The Smash Bros, or, fingers crossed, Destiny class games. Anything else I would purchase on PC if possible or do without if not. Even though my PC purchase may be fully locked to me, it's usually going to cost less and I don't feel I'm supporting anti-consumerism.



AceSpadeS commented on E3 2013: Blacklight: Retribution Reloads with ...:

ALSO played this one on PC, and it's not really that great, very pay to win. That being said, the fact that Sony is getting all these F2P PC games onto the PS4 makes me hopeful to see retail PC games make their way over with just as much ease.

Torchlight 2 anyone?



AceSpadeS commented on Sony Online Entertainment Deploys PlanetSide 2...:

Not a huge fan of Planetside 2 on the PC, but might give it a try on the 4. I find it to be amazing as an example of how far gaming has come, but too big for its own good. It's usually just mob/swarm mentality chaos.