At the start of this generation, Sony worked closely with Nvidia to create the PlayStation 3’s graphics chip. However, for the PlayStation 4, the manufacturer has switched sides, placing its allegiance with AMD instead. The change appears to have peeved the Santa Clara-based technology company, who is going out of its way to make disparaging remarks about the next generation platform in the media.

"Compared to gaming PCs, the PS4 specs are in the neighbourhood of a low-end CPU, and a low to mid-range GPU side," said Nvidia's senior vice president of content and development Tony Tamasi in an interview with TechRadar. "If the PS4 ships in December as Sony indicated, it will only offer about half the performance of a GTX680 GPU, which launched [...] more than a year and a half ago."

Tamasi didn’t stop there, though. Later in the interview he went onto criticise consoles in general, pointing out that they don’t boast the same upgrade options as a PC. "What you get today in terms of performance is what you're stuck with five to ten years down the road,” he continued. “PCs don't have these problems.”

As a result, Tamasi believes that this will lead to a noticeable difference between PC and next generation console visuals down the line. "If history predicts the future, then these next generation consoles, while being more powerful than the current ones, will very quickly end up more than an order of magnitude behind the PC,” he said.

Earlier in the week, Tamasi insinuated that Nvidia had turned down development contracts with platform holders like Sony in order to pursue other areas of its business. "I'm sure there was a negotiation that went on," he told GameSpot. “We came to the conclusion that we didn't want to do the business at the price those guys were willing to pay."