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Tue 14th Feb 2012

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craigun commented on Review: Rayman Legends (PlayStation 4):

Are the graphics on the PS4 version that much better then last gen systems? Is it as difficult as I've heard?

I have Rayman Origins, Rayman 2 (PS1 & Dreamcast) and Rayman 3 HD (PS3). Love them all!



craigun commented on Xbox One's Heinous Launch Parity Clause Still ...:

If it were my development company, I'd cancel all future Xbox development, it's not like their new system is selling that well anyway. Why should I be bullied into being forced to release an inferior version of my product for a machine that can't keep up technically?

For that reason alone, I'd need the extra development time to make sure my game for the X1 could come close to the PS4 version. MS should be thankful to anyone willing to put anything out for their machine at this point.

I really don't hate the X1, just the company behind it.



craigun commented on Accidentally Received a Free PS Vita? Don't Sm...:

If someone sends you something, in the states at least, it's yours to keep. Now I would have returned mine, until I got that second notice. Then I would have told them were to go and kept my new Vita! LOL, power to the people!



craigun commented on Talking Point: Is Grand Theft Auto V Living Up...:

I love flying in the game, but I guess I should have purchased the BluRay, because the downloaded version I have does have things popping up often! Other then that, I love the game!! Hopefully they can fix the issue with a patch.



craigun commented on Take a Tour of Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto ...:

A new living, breathing world to immerse myself in. It's going to cut into my PS4 budget, but hey, it looks like a PS4 game!

Now that GTA5 is finished, I hope Rockstar announces Red Dead Redemption 2 for the PS4 is well underway.

Maybe dreaming here, but is there ANY word on a new Wipeout? I know Sony shut down the studio that developed the game, but I'm still holding out hope for it..



craigun commented on Talking Point: Would You Buy a $500 PS4 and Vi...:

Same price as an Xbone? Even MS fanboys would have a hard time picking up their beloved machine if this bundle was sitting next to it.

Lets see, a Vita or Kinect 2.0? Two game machines in one package or one overhyped DVR that does NOT focus on games...

If Sony did this, MS wouldn't stand a chance!



craigun commented on E3 2013: This Trailer Should Get You Hyped for...:

It concerns me that Electronic Arts so readily dropped the online pass feature. Did they strike a deal with Microsoft and Sony prohibiting play of both used and rented games? It just feels like they know something and it smells rotten.

I know MS could care less about what gamers want, but I'm still holding out hope that Sony does the right thing here.

Before all of this anti consumer talk, I would NEVER have considered a WiiU, but I just don't know anymore. Maybe thats the real reason EA decided to pull all support for the WiiU; because Nintendo wouldn't play ball with used/rented game lock outs.

What does everyone else think? Is this a deal breaker for anyone?



craigun commented on Feature: Five PS4 Announcements That Could Ste...:

All Sony has to do is convince Square to re release Final Fantasy VI - XI in completely revamped knock your socks off next gen graphics. If that could happen, the next gen war would be over before it begins!



craigun commented on No, Your PlayStation 4 Won't Play Audio CDs:

Well, it's just another reason, other then backwards compatibility, to hang on to the PS3. Like most others, I've rarely played a music CD in any console.

But I wonder could you burn MP3's to. A BluRay and play music from that?