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Sat 16th February, 2013

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sackninja commented on Is Everybody's Gone to the Rapture the PS4's B...:

@voodoo341 It's a Chinese room game. It won't have any gameplay :P Just look at dear ester and to a lesser extent the second amnesia. In all seriousness they have said there will be puzzles and things (Actual gameplay 0_0) but I don't think there are any videos.
This is a download title right?



sackninja commented on The Helghast Hammer Down the Price of Killzone...:

@mikey85 Shadow fall was my first killzone and I'd rate it a 7 out of ten. It's decent. I'd give infamous an 8. Maybe buy the infamous pack and get killzone for cheap. It's worth playing. It has some good chapters and some not so good chapters. It's online is decent as well, and while it's not super active, it shouldn't be too hard to find games. :)



sackninja commented on Reaction: Poor Pacing Disrupts Otherwise Excel...:

I loved it. But lbp2 was my favorite game of all time so... Besides, lets not forget sony bend, gorilla games, media molecule, sony santa monica, Team ico, Giant sparrow, Quantic Dream and more all have games to show. And Gamescom is next. (Gorilla, media molecule and evolution are from europe)



sackninja commented on Review: Daylight (PlayStation 4):

And blacklight is so good... Seriously I'm really enjoying it. Shame I had high hopes for this. The concept would be sound if they had enough time and money to produce over a hundred scare rooms and connected them with varied corridors. So you wouldn't see them all in a rn and the game would actually be scary.



sackninja commented on Review: LEGO The Hobbit (PlayStation 4):

The base game formula has stayed similar however I'd say each game has added something. (Don't knw about lotr or the hobbit games). It's been slowly morphing. Some of the changes stick (combo system, voice acting etc) some don't (Indiana Jones' borderline broken focus of puzzles the ai can't handle). They've always made the right call on what to keep imo.



sackninja commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This... Ch...:

I'm on chapter 8 of killzone shadow fall so I'll be finishing that off. I also finally have time for far cry 3 on ps3 and am currently addicted. I also need to get into rayman legends, Am of course playing some hearthstone and will probably start something on vita. 3ds will get no love for now. Games are just too expensive....



sackninja commented on Feature: Uncharted PS4 - Raising the Anchor on...:

@RaymanFan2 Crazy idea: Nate is going to be marries to Elane at the end of 3 right. And she wants him to give up the treasure hunting thing. But one of the other characters (Chloe or cuttter) comes to him with one last mystery. And when an old nemesis of Nate's sees his chance to get revenge he gets involved. Someone who Nate betrayed. He doesn't go for the treasure. He just uses it s a way to tear Nate's life apart, killing his friends one by one throughout the game (This gets pretty dark doesn't it)exposing his lies. And in the end Nate saves the world from some mysterious enchanted evil, and is left with the lives of his friends on his conscious. Bam end of uncharted.

Meanwhile in the gameplay side of things I think that the touchpad could be used for a more indept hand to hand system loosely based off of batman arkham games. I would also love some kind of underwater temple scene ala atlantis but it's water tight. And you have to fight your way out while you and the enemy use rocket launchers to fight filling the place with holes. And water is pouring in from every angle of course dynamic so it's not set where will be blown up.