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Microsoft Takes a Shot at Sony's PlayStation 4 Reveal

Posted by Sammy Barker

Arrogant or nervous?

Sony may cut a more humble figure following the catastrophic mistakes of the PlayStation 3, but it looks like Microsoft’s ready to step into the platform holder’s old shoes. Tweeting shortly after last night’s PlayStation Meeting press event, Xbox talking head Larry Hryb couldn’t resist chiming in on the announcements – or the lack thereof.

“Announce a console without actually showing a console? That's one approach,” he said, prompting a barrage of retweets and guffawing amongst the community manager’s fans. The employee was, of course, referring to the omission of a hardware reveal last night, a move which has prompted plenty of criticism in the mainstream press.

You know what, Larry, we reckon Sony will take that one on the chin. After all, announcing a rushed console with a borderline illegal failure rate is another approach entirely.


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Snorky said:

So I need to pay to be able to use the internet, even though I already pay my isp. THANKS MICROSOFT. Jerks.



3Above said:

He just mad because Kaz psyched them out and thye really though Sony would wait and let them go first. Now they are scrabling to counter PS4 and they dont know all the details yet, which no doubt is why sony didnt show everything.



Azikira said:

Lol, finally people are seeing Microsoft for what they truly are! I hope the new Xbox ends up killing their console division so they can stay on PC where they belong!



hYdeks said:

ohh I love your last lil comment there sammy

as to Major Nelson (which is a STUPID tag name, btw) and his comments, I say this: where's the next xbox? Playstation and such showed games which where alone impressive, Microsoft is still trying to push the ever crappy, and incredibly outdated xbox 360. Anyone with a brain can see that the PS3 is a much better value than the 360, especially with the exclusives they get, and the fact that online is free (yay, you money grabbing sons of...). Also, am I the only one that owned a 360, and when I put in some game discs, it sounds like the system and disc drive can barely handle reading the disc without it almost lifting off? Hell it would shake so much it would start making a noise, and I would have to hit the system to stop it! Yes, this was with a brand new xbox 360 slim -_-



turtlelink said:

If the thing your worrying about is not showing the console itself, than Sony must have done a good job last time.



shingi_70 said:

Couldn't you say the same thing about the adverts Sony put up leading up to the PlayStation meeting. I mean how is this even considered news?

Dude is the programing and PR director for Xbox so how does that make him a corporate slut?


Major nelson is derived from the name of the main character of I dream of Jeannie.



Ginkgo said:

I mean really. Microsoft is the king of announcing vaporware. Who are they to criticize.

At least Sony showed actual games working on an actual system with an actual controller. Would have loved to see the box though...



rjejr said:

Whether it's the real reason or not, I think holding off on unveiling the console gives them something to advertise for E3 but lets all the publishers talk about their games like Knack and KZ4. Gotta hold something back.

You can read all the specs here, who cares what the case looks like, I'm just happy it has an optical out and an Ethernet port - 2 things the Wii U excluded (and my wifi sucks and my surround sound system doesn't have HDMI).



Trikeboy said:

Maybe the PS4 isn't ready to be shown yet. Better to have it finished than rush it out and have it break down a thousand times.



naut said:

Microsoft is scared out of their wits after this conference believe you me.



Valky said:

Yeah, what a stupid way to go Microsoft. I respect Nintendo mainly because they have the dignity to shut up and keep silent about competitors doing. And consequentially they are respected once it's their turn to announce something big.



Alpha said:

Nice one xD love your last sentance, made my day xD
sad thing is tho, that is really true, id rather not see a console than get one that breaks about a year in its cycle.



HiroshiYamauchi said:

@Sony_70 I agree with you, i don't like how this article responds to the Microsoft employee's comment, which isn't necessarily Microsoft's opinion. Nothing against you Sammy, but try to keep it classy...



hYdeks said:

@Sony_70 never seen it, that stuff too old for my liking, so I didn't know that, still stupid. And ya, Microsoft didn't really say it, BUT Larry Hyrb is basicly the voice of Xbox Not the greatest person to give a voice, but there you have it. Least Nintendo has stayed classy.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Yes, cause everyone knows we all pay hundreds of dollars for the box.
Its not the little plastic chassis thats important, its the hardware inside and what it does. As long as the games are fun and it doesn't burst into flames it could look like a Foreman grill for all I care.

When you work for a business your actions represent the company as a whole, especially if your one of the higher ups. Fooling around or making an arse of yourself makes the company look bad



Gamer83 said:

People like Don Mattrick and Larry Hyrb make it real easy to hate MS, unfortunately Xbox is the only place to play Halo.



Gamer83 said:


To be fair, it could be better, we have to let MS have its chance to announce the next Xbox before writing anything good or bad about it.



BlueProxy said:

This is exactly the jerk-like mentality I can't stand about MS. This is the attitude time and time again. Tell lies, mislead consumers, talk trash... Sony is focused on improving their system and features for a better gaming experience. MS should try making more reliable hardware for a change.



Kage_88 said:

Ooohhh snap, Sammy!

Of all three major consoles, I find myself least excited for Durango. Indeed, I wasn't too fond of the Xbox 360; it was a horribly designed console with very few meaningful exclusives and a rip-off subscription service. Plus, Microsoft ruined Rare. Boo!



shingi_70 said:


Yet the article conviently missed his next tweets about the creativity of the industry and his actual thoughts would be on this weeks podcast.

Also how is naming your gamer handle after something that was considered culturally relevant during his childhood stupid. You must hate all those guys with Nintendo or anime related usernames.



shingi_70 said:


Yes ruined rare by having them put out their most successful game in the past ten years that got really good word of mouth. That was after them work on nothing but commercial failures with great critical reception. What bizzaro world do people live in where Kameo, Viva Pinata, Perfect Dark Zero, Kinect sports, and banjo nuts n bolts are bad games.



ThreadShadow said:

Yeah, I too feel this article is a bit too harsh a response for a relatively benign tweet.

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