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Fri 23rd Jan 2009

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naut commented on Review: DOOM (PS4):

Excellent review! Definitely the best shooter I've played in a looong time.



naut commented on You Definitely, Definitely Don't Want to Cheat...:

@LordRedwood24 Yeah I'd say the PC is a superior multiplayer gaming platform in essentially every other imaginable aspect but yeah — Hacking is a problem for sure. A lot of companies have it under control pretty well, though, it seems. Valve, Blizzard, Riot, etc.



naut commented on Interview: Insomniac Games Discusses the Past,...:

Good stuff! Glad to see the canon issue answered clearly--Sad to see they're still dodging the "family friendly" issue. Anyone can see that they've gone soft in their writing over the years. Probably at the whim of Sony wanting the series to sell to more "families."



naut commented on Naughty Dog's Ditching Doughnut Drake in Uncha...:

@get2sammyb Nothing wrong with what he said. The SJW movement is a real thing and it's detriment to the industry is just as real. This is a super minor thing, but it wouldn't be surprising if the reason it was cut was because they were terrified of possible outrage over a simple joke.

Again, not saying the cut actually matters, just saying it sucks that devs feel like they can't have any fun without the risk of being shredded to pieces by SJWs.



naut commented on You Won't Be Reading Any The Division Reviews ...:

There's been extensive coverage of this game and two betas. I think anyone who's interested in the game should know at this point whether it's for them or not. If you really need the numerical stamp of approval from a critic at this point to make your decision, I feel like that's pretty sheep-y.



naut commented on Talking Point: Do You Fast Travel in Open Worl...:

It's a balance. In RPGs, especially, if you just fast travel everywhere sometimes you can become under-leveled because you've just skipped all the potential EXP. But if you ask me, games typically go a pretty good job of making fast-travel points a matter of convenience and not a way to miss content.

I hate Xenoblade Chronicles X (seriously, go play the original) but I have to admit that fast travel is done pretty nicely in there. You have to actually travel on foot to set up the probes that allow you to fast travel, and once you do that you also get information on what secret areas or extra missions might be around the area. Because of that, you always kind of know what there is to do around and area, and thus fast traveling hither and yon doesn't really feel like too big a risk.

I noticed too, in the beta for The Division, that yes--You can fast travel from point to point, or even to a player. But that map also shows all the events and side-quests taking place around the area. So generally, you can see before you fast travel whether walking to a point would be a profitable experience or a general waste of time.

Different games have different answers to the question, I feel.



naut commented on Crisis Averted, Final Fantasy VII Remake 'Epis...:

@ShogunRok As I recall, they never once used the term "episodic." They said "multiple entries" which is a perfectly normal thing to say when speaking of sequels. >_< Episodic was a term coined by the gaming press--Particularly Kotaku from what I saw.



naut commented on Soapbox: Why Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Colle...:

Agreed. I like a good open-world romp every once in a while--But more often then not, I just like a good, solid sense of progression. With backlogs as big as they are these days, it's hard to shred through piles of enormous, open-world titles.



naut commented on Review: Bedlam: The Game (PS4):

Instead of making a parody of 90s-era shooters, I wish someone would make a really nice, high-quality 90s-era-style shooter.



naut commented on Review: Dishonored: Definitive Edition (PS4):

Shame the port is lazy, but I'd rather play the game on PS4 just for the sake of convenience. By the time I get around to this game, I'm sure it'll be cheaper on PS4 than it is now anyway.



naut commented on Destiny's Game-Changing 2.0 Patch Is Out Now:

Don't really have the time to invest in the game, in general, unfortunately. Kind of one of those titles that, in order to get the most out of it, you have to dedicate all your playtime to. And there's just other stuff I'd rather play.



naut commented on Is This Redesigned PS4 User Interface an Impro...:

No idea what you're talking about--The PS4 has the worst UI of any major console in history. Lining up every icon in a straight line is the stupidest design choice I've ever seen. In any case, Sony needs to hire this guy and release an update.



naut commented on Japanese Game Sales Hit a Whole New Low Last Week:

@EyeDeeNO76 It's not games like that that are the popular ones. It's one built ground-up for the everyday smartphone-game consumer. I'm currently living in Japan, and I can tell you that the Japanese eat smartphone games up. One of the biggest ones right now is "School Idol Project," the LoveLive! game. It's a rhythm game, so all you need is some earbuds and a pair of thumbs--Perfect for the train or the bus, right?

You get these cards that allow you to add better girls to your group, but you can pay to up your chances of getting them, etc. etc. — A friend of mine told me he knows people who have spent hundreds on that game, just to get rare cards.

It sucks. It sucks to see people settling for that kind of stuff when there's phenomenal portable platforms available like the 3DS and Vita — I strut my stuff out and about wherever I go with both. All hope isn't lost, though. Basically everyone here has a 3DS, despite smartphone fever--Just yesterday I played Smash Bros. on 3DS with three other guys on a train.

Traditional gaming still lives. The mobile gaming market is just a tumor that needs to die.



naut commented on Talking Point: Are You Spending More Money Tha...:

I'm a stickler for physical copies, but I do buy tons of digital stuff due to discounts. I mean, heck. If you're going to give me a 70% discount on a title, of course I'm going to snap it up--Digital or not.



naut commented on You Won't Be Playing Final Fantasy XV for Its ...:

It's awful. The big dude sounds like Donkey Kong and the why in the heck would you give the others normal western dialect and then give the guy with the glasses an (terribad) English accent.

Just...Please. No. The issue is, no past FF game has had dual audio so I don't have high hopes that we'll get it. Even though, of course, there's no excuse to leave it out.



naut commented on Push Scare: Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Is an Und...:

@Godsire- I did some research, and you are right in the sense that 2&3 were never "remastered." The GCN release of the first game is full remake, and 2&3 are direct ports. But all I was trying to imply, as I said in comment #17, was that all three games were released for the GCN--Which they were. Instead of being a snarky jerk and saying I "wasn't even close to correct," you might have just educated me and said that "Only the first game is a remake, the other two are ports."

Actually, you were incorrect as well since you stated that "The other two RE games on GC were RE Zero & RE4." Even though 2&3 are ports, they are still games released on GCN, and are part of the library--In addition to Zero and RE4.



naut commented on Bungie Rolls a Boulder in Front of Destiny's L...:

@ToOGoodOfAPlaya Yeah I honestly don't get the whole deal about the Queen's Gear either, and I'm fine with them reworking engrams. On the other hand, I think them getting rid of the loot cave is fine. You certainly could say, "Just let people do what they want," but I can see how Bungie wasn't happy with people shooting into a cave for hours.

@Munkyknuts I mean... The reason anyone plays an MMO is to reach the level cap, "for the sake of doing it." If you're not having fun, I can see why you'd quit but no video game has ever given an incentive to beat it other than the satisfaction of beating it.



naut commented on Bungie Rolls a Boulder in Front of Destiny's L...:

The hilarious thing is that people are saying that they have to exploit to get good gear, but that's absolute BS. If you earn Marks, you can buy all sorts of legendary gear from vendors. For exotic gear, Xur sells it on weekends for strange coins. The loot drops in this game are bonuses, and it's cool when you get something good, but the primary way to get good stuff is earning Marks and strange coins.