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naut commented on Feature: Should You Buy the PS4 Pro?:

@get2sammyb As someone who only owns a standard HDTV and won't be having the cash to upgrade any time soon, is the Pro worth the investment for the overall performance hikes alone? I feel like, from what I've heard, the Pro will be the only way to play FFXV in any quality fashion.



naut commented on Video: The Playroom VR's Robots Rescue Deserve...:

Am I the only one who hated this? Don't really get how platformers are meant for VR at all. Looking around when your playing in third-person is just sort of a pain, and not being able to backtrack was a nuisance. Nothing about it clicked with me. Made me want to boot up the ol' Wii U and play some 3D World.



naut commented on Guide: How to Fix Blurry Images in PlayStation VR:

I've had a pretty easy time with the display. I have found the resolution to be a tad disappointing. Things up close like pretty slick, but after you gaze about 7 feet or farther from your initial position, things kind of turn into a muddy blur (see: Gotham cityscape, or the surroundings in The Getaway). Guess that's just the nature of the gen-1 hardware though.



naut commented on Review: PlayStation VR Worlds (PS4):

Shame it's on the weaker side but I'm already getting the bundle so eh. Thing I've heard about the London Heist that peeves me a bit is that the thugs use some strong language--A non-issue for me, but will make it un-playable at the next family get-to-together with mother dearest and all the younger kiddos who will inevitably gather around to watch/play.



naut commented on Hardware Review: PlayStation VR - The Future o...:

Awesome overview, Sammy. A bit disappointing that you can't properly turn all the way around, 360 degrees. That's something I find really cool and immersive about my cheapo Gear VR, so it's kind of awkward that the far superior headset is missing something that seemingly simple.



naut commented on Soapbox: Uncharted 4's Higher Difficulties Kil...:

Great article. If your difficulty scaling is basically just, "Now the enemies have more health and do more damage," you're doing it wrong. Difficulties should be made to compliment your mechanics--Which is why I've always said there shouldn't be multiple difficulties in games. If you want your game to be hard, create your mechanics around a brutal difficulty. If you want it to be cinematic and easier, design your mechanics around that.

Just my opinion, anyhow.



naut commented on Review: Gal*Gun: Double Peace (PS4):

Yeah, was afraid this would end up being a snore-fest. I'm still impressed we managed to get this game censor-free, though. I can certainly respect it for that aspect alone.



naut commented on Your Keyblade Will Unlock Kingdom Hearts III I...:

@rjejr Your overblowing it again lol. It's an "either/or" thing. You can play every game in the series with either:

1. A PS3 and a PS4 (two systems). Or--

2. A PS2, DS, PSP, and 3DS. All pretty dang common for most gamers except the PSP.

Also, as a huge Nintendo-fan I can tell you that the 3D is basically worthless. I have a New 3DS XL and I keep the 3D turned off constantly. It's cool sometimes but usually it just makes the game looks fuzzy and strains the eyes. If you were buying a N3DSXL you'd be buying it for the faster speeds and bigger screens — Not the 3D. Also, you're going to skip out on the whole entire 3DS library for the NX? Yokay lol. I'm starting to understand what kind of gamer I'm dealing with here.



naut commented on Your Keyblade Will Unlock Kingdom Hearts III I...:

@rjejr The current system in the lineup is the New 3DS XL which, yes, is $200 but has much better hardware than the original 3DS had. Like you just pointed out, you can get a 2DS for like $80 (w/ game!) so just go ahead and do that if you don't care about latest and greatest. Don't see what the issue is.

1.5 and 2.5 were both in development before the PS4 launched, and they released within like a year of the PS4's launch. Makes sense that they weren't in development for PS3. Plus, releasing them on PS3 made them very accessible since the PS3 has an incredibly large user-base at this point. The reason 2.8 is only on PS4 is because the new prequel episode I mentioned is running on the KH3 engine — So obviously there can't be a PS3 version. No one's smoking crack — again — you're just blowing it out of proportion because this series is slightly more complicated than your typical RPG series.



naut commented on Your Keyblade Will Unlock Kingdom Hearts III I...:

@rjejr 1.5 and 2.5 are PS3 only.

2.8 has:

1. An HD remake of the latest game in the series (Dream Drop Distance) — The only game missing from 1.5 and 2.5.

2. A small prequel game to KH3 called Birth By Sleep: A Fragmentary Passage.

3. An hour long movie called "Back Cover" which takes place hundreds of years before the original game.

Also, side note. 3DS is pretty darn inexpensive and has a wonderful library. No excuse there, really.



naut commented on Your Keyblade Will Unlock Kingdom Hearts III I...:

@rjejr "I didn't really like 2 as much as one, and I think the lead protagonist was one of the reasons why"

Not trying to sling accusations because maybe I'm misunderstanding you, but if you think Roxas is the lead protagonist of KH2 then you've only played KH2 for about 2 hours or less. The lead protagonist of KH2 is Sora — You only play as Roxas for the first couple hours.

Also the ".5's" and such are only confusing if you pretend they are lol. The games have been remade into HD releases, that's what I'm trying to tell you. The collections are called "1.5" and "2.5" respectively. All they are are HD collection packs. One has one half of the games, the other has the other half of the games. Very simple. So all you need to do is buy two disks and you instantly have every game in series thus far. Not complicated whatsoever.



naut commented on Your Keyblade Will Unlock Kingdom Hearts III I...:

@rjejr It's not as bad as you think. And they're good games so who cares. If you want to get the story the "quick way" you could just pick up 1.5 HD Remix and 2.5 HD Remix. Buying those two packages will net you KH1, KH2, Re:CoM, and BBS — With Days and Coded being relegated to cutscene collections. Then you pick up 2.8 this Winter and you're good to go. Most KH games are usually only a little over 30 hours — So playing four of them basically amounts to like one Persona game. So it's not really a big deal at all. Plus they're amazing.

While I do think Days is 100% worth playing, some people may not be able to stomach going back to a standard DS game, so I guess there isn't that much shame in doing the HD cutscenes in 1.5 — I just love Days lol.

Also in reference to @Riririn, I'd play through them in release order. So the only change I'd make to his list is swapping the position of KH2 and Days.



naut commented on Your Keyblade Will Unlock Kingdom Hearts III I...:

@Napples Lol the group of people like you who whine about the non-numerical releases are the casual fans that no one cares about. Every game in the KH series (save maybe Coded) is a high-quality title with amazing story and character development. People who refuse to bother with them and just scream, "I WANT MUH MICKEY AND MUH HEARTLESS KILLIN ON MUH CONSOLE AND I WANT IT NAO" probably don't even have a clue about the story or characters which is essentially the core of KH.

@rjejr Can't speak for you on which games you like/don't like, but KH3 is a wrap-up to the story. Nomura said he may possibly make other KH games in the future, but they'll be pretty dissociated with the "Sora & Co." story-line (aka The Xehanort Saga).



naut commented on Round Up: Overwatch PS4 Reviews Are Ridiculous...:

@ScreamAimFire99 Since when is having a single-player campaign a requirement in order to be good? The game isn't designed to be an SP experience. If they stuffed one in it would be clunky, makeshift, and dull. It'd be like saying League and Dota suck because they have no singe player, even though no one in their right mind would ever want to play against bots for 10 hours.



naut commented on Review: DOOM (PS4):

Excellent review! Definitely the best shooter I've played in a looong time.



naut commented on You Definitely, Definitely Don't Want to Cheat...:

@LordRedwood24 Yeah I'd say the PC is a superior multiplayer gaming platform in essentially every other imaginable aspect but yeah — Hacking is a problem for sure. A lot of companies have it under control pretty well, though, it seems. Valve, Blizzard, Riot, etc.



naut commented on Interview: Insomniac Games Discusses the Past,...:

Good stuff! Glad to see the canon issue answered clearly--Sad to see they're still dodging the "family friendly" issue. Anyone can see that they've gone soft in their writing over the years. Probably at the whim of Sony wanting the series to sell to more "families."



naut commented on Naughty Dog's Ditching Doughnut Drake in Uncha...:

@get2sammyb Nothing wrong with what he said. The SJW movement is a real thing and it's detriment to the industry is just as real. This is a super minor thing, but it wouldn't be surprising if the reason it was cut was because they were terrified of possible outrage over a simple joke.

Again, not saying the cut actually matters, just saying it sucks that devs feel like they can't have any fun without the risk of being shredded to pieces by SJWs.



naut commented on You Won't Be Reading Any The Division Reviews ...:

There's been extensive coverage of this game and two betas. I think anyone who's interested in the game should know at this point whether it's for them or not. If you really need the numerical stamp of approval from a critic at this point to make your decision, I feel like that's pretty sheep-y.



naut commented on Talking Point: Do You Fast Travel in Open Worl...:

It's a balance. In RPGs, especially, if you just fast travel everywhere sometimes you can become under-leveled because you've just skipped all the potential EXP. But if you ask me, games typically go a pretty good job of making fast-travel points a matter of convenience and not a way to miss content.

I hate Xenoblade Chronicles X (seriously, go play the original) but I have to admit that fast travel is done pretty nicely in there. You have to actually travel on foot to set up the probes that allow you to fast travel, and once you do that you also get information on what secret areas or extra missions might be around the area. Because of that, you always kind of know what there is to do around and area, and thus fast traveling hither and yon doesn't really feel like too big a risk.

I noticed too, in the beta for The Division, that yes--You can fast travel from point to point, or even to a player. But that map also shows all the events and side-quests taking place around the area. So generally, you can see before you fast travel whether walking to a point would be a profitable experience or a general waste of time.

Different games have different answers to the question, I feel.



naut commented on Crisis Averted, Final Fantasy VII Remake 'Epis...:

@ShogunRok As I recall, they never once used the term "episodic." They said "multiple entries" which is a perfectly normal thing to say when speaking of sequels. >_< Episodic was a term coined by the gaming press--Particularly Kotaku from what I saw.



naut commented on Soapbox: Why Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Colle...:

Agreed. I like a good open-world romp every once in a while--But more often then not, I just like a good, solid sense of progression. With backlogs as big as they are these days, it's hard to shred through piles of enormous, open-world titles.