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Fri 27th Feb 2009

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ThreadShadow commented on That Rainbow PS4 Raised a Truckload of Money f...:

@Tasuki I respectfully disagree with your conclusions on the nature of the article. The article is all in the positive, and the picture is titled "a thing of beauty", saying that the issue surrounding this PS4 is a positive one. That's a moral statement. Add to that staff members applauding the article in the comments section.

If people come and comment on this article by saying "oh this is great" or "this is a good thing", they are giving their opinion on what this represents. Their opinion is that this represents a good thing.

This represents a bad thing, but I can't convince anyone of that, and no one will convince me it isn't.

And this PS4 is more then just a PS4 auctioned for charity. As stated by Pushsquare it's a PS4 with a message. A White Destiny PS4 doesn't carry the same message. So there certainly is a difference, especially considering what charity it would be coupled with.

I wonder if someone will auction a PS4 that supports United Families International, someday.



ThreadShadow commented on Review: Trials Fusion: Riders of the Rustlands...:

I was able to try the demo on 360 a while back, and I absolutely enjoyed it. I like the "future" aesthetic, and it gave me exactly what I wanted from a Trials game, that is, MORE Trials! They haven't messed with the formula because it's already so fun. I think a lot of people are like me and just want more Trials. If this add-on pack just adds more Trials then that's good. The pricing on everything this time around is my only complaint.



ThreadShadow commented on This Multicoloured PlayStation 4 Has an Import...:

The message of the rainbow is actually a promise. God promised Noah He would never destroy the earth in a worldwide flood again. But the heart is actually a symbol of the female body/ This PS4 tells the message that the world is safe from a second worldwide flood and that girl parts are great!



ThreadShadow commented on Soapbox: Why Destiny Still Has a Lot to Prove ...:

In regards to gameplay, I believe their hearts are in the right place. Build a shooter with some depth. That's a good goal. But I felt the enemies, situation, and narrative lacked clarity, including why the activity on the map is happening. But as said before that's the nature of the mmo. But I don't think that is inherently the nature of co-op multiplayer. So I certainly wish the campaign was offline with support for System-Link and split-screen.

And I thought they said you could play through the whole game and not see anyone else, and yet everywhere I went after the introductory mission had other people running around. I don't want to interact with or see anybody else accept a co-op partner, even in the Tower. I thought it might be part of the server test for the Beta, but I've a feeling I've been tricked into online interaction! Having other players around pulls me out of the game, as do the enemies respawning for the next group of tourists to shoot.

I thought the player side gunplay was great and to me is really the only echo of Halo that remains. The new scoping method is strange but works quite well. Am I right to think it's similar to CoD methods? Not completely satisfied with the control layout, but puppeteer was as close as I could get it. The soundscape was excellent across the board. Even Peter Molyneux as the Speaker, er, I mean...
But the Servitors were a stand out for me. Their vocalizations sounded great.

Taken at face value the fiction(what there is of it) is somewhat interesting but there are always layers. Usually mildly subversive to outright PC doctrine. I'm just not interested in it, especially since Disney already taught me to believe in myself and that I'm the best Disney Princess ever...along with everyone else!!

Anyway, it all boils down to this; Destiny is an MMO/MMO lite.
1. MMO's are not for me.
2. Disconnects, and server outages make Destiny a coaster.
3. I exaggerate but in a couple(few) years Destiny will be a coaster for all. When they switch off the Destiny servers for reals. Lights out for "this version" of Destiny. It's an MMO, it is it's "destiny"! You don't even have get any resale value.
4. This is an MMO, but it's also a lootfest MMO. That seems cuts the personal narrative back even further. Loot is the draw, not story.
5. Granted, that's the nature of the MMO, and Bungie is determined to create MMO's for the foreseeable future.
Conclusion. Destiny is not for gamers like myself, and thus Bungie is no longer making games for me.

But I can carry three weapons!!!! Now there is something I wish Halo had. The well meaning additions I see in the Beta are additions I would like to see in a Halo. I've always thought a hybrid mix of Halo and Legend of Zelda gameplay would be great and increase the depth. But Halo isn't for me anymore either since MS and I have parted ways and left each other behind.

Have a good week everyone!



ThreadShadow commented on Wait, People Are Still Going on About the Infa...:

I'm surprised to hear that this is still a thing. I thought it was all settled because Sony already doled out the free digital games. That's how I got Super Stardust HD. Or was the "Welcome Back" program something completely different yet related?
Anyway we are dealing with big business here. The big business of "law". You know how many starving lawyers etc. out there need bread on the table?
In all seriousness it's silly, but do we really want all those out of work lawyers running the streets?
Now, I ordered some hot cocoa, and spilled it...where is my lawsuit!?



ThreadShadow commented on LittleBigPlanet 3 Likely to Look the Part at 6...:

So, besides nicer graphics, what will the PS4 version of LBP3 offer over the PS3 version? People will say, I've already got the console(PS3), and the PS3 controllers are cheaper(support 4player multi). Why should I buy the PS4 version? 1080p? That isn't enough.

Is the PS3 version being handled by Sumo too?

Are they going to use the PS4 camera? I forget the details of what they've told us about the PS4 version.



ThreadShadow commented on News Network Mistakenly Uses Metal Gear Solid ...:

A mistake, or just a appropriate illustaration for the subject at hand? And isn't that one of the things Kojima wanted from his controversial inclusion? To bring the subject into the spot light?

Maybe an RT tech just googled war children images and that was the first one to come up.

It's not an end of the world mistake. They could have put up a picture of cartoon horses.



ThreadShadow commented on Globe Trotting Uncharted Movie to Start Produc...:

“It's going to honour the mythology of the game, but I would say honour some of the most interesting stuff from the first [title] and build from there,”

AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAHA! Thank you for bringing laughter back into my life!



ThreadShadow commented on Sony Wants to Win Nintendo Wii Owners with the...:

If families just want to sing and dance then any system is probably a go, but for people who had a Wii and found all those quality family/multi-player titles, and I clarify here, the quality ones, they aren't going to find those on PS3/PS4, because Nintendo is the author of most of those titles. Wii U will be the only place to continue that...if only those people knew about the Wii U.

I believe Sony is capable, but they aren't there yet. LBP doesn't cut it imo, but it's close. They need to invest heavily in a first-party studio whose focus is quality multiplayer/family/all-ages-can-enjoy style games. A new first-party studio and a heavily overseen third-party project or two. And I emphasize quality titles, not carnival toss shovelware, but "all-ages-can-enjoy" titles that use new quality IP, or established IP in great ways, creating quality LOCAL multiplay experiences. The dev teams have to be behind the project too, they have to love the project and have a fire in their belly for it. Preferably ideas they came up with themselves rather then a boardroom of suits miles away looking at market figures.
Sony can do it, more so then MS imo.

MS has RARE, but RARE either isn't allowed or isn't completely interested in the "all-ages-can-enjoy" idea. And honestly I think MS isn't either, beyond the idea of multi-player shooters. That's why they've blocked and wasted RARE the way they have.



ThreadShadow commented on Sony: We Won't Close the Door on Crash Bandico...:

Was never a fan of Crash, and I only ever played demos of some of the games. But I think Sony really needs to get ownership of him, and add him to their meager stockpile of recognisable IPs. To me it seems Activision is IP trolling. Sony is also at fault for not being forward thinking regarding PSone IP hits though. They could have grabbed the rights. Maybe they have. I hope they have.



ThreadShadow commented on Microsoft's Messaging Mishaps Prompted PS4 Bos...:

Maybe I'm wrong on this, but I think this is because Sony is a Japanese company. I think Japanese companies (Sony, Nintendo) still have a little more respect for their consumers. I think if Sony had been an American company it would have followed suit with MS's original xBone plans. I don't know, maybe they did have the same plans anyway, saw the backlash against MS and scrapped them as quickly as they could to get the market edge.



ThreadShadow commented on This Mortal Kombat X Fatality Is the Grossest ...:

@fchinaski I disagree with you. I think people should have consistency throughout their life and activities. We go out and help people, but go home and derive joy from horrifically butchering digital people in games or watching it in a movie, or listen to violent music, and to me that doesn't seem to gel.

We all have the ability to sit back and think about what we are feeding our minds, how it's changing us, and re-evaluate our choices and desires. Why do I derive pleasure/fun from this type of content? Do I want the children in my life to derive fun from the concept of brutal violence and gore, etc.?

I'd like to point out that video games are an activity we engage in in "real life". They are part of real life.

No, I don't think I'll stop acting like it's a sign that society is doomed, because a society and where it is in it's life span can always be judged by it's entertainment.

See to me, the excuse "It's just a game." is as weak as the soldier who says "I was just following orders.".

I certainly don't mean to single you out. I'm not trying to make enemies or vilify anyone here because of their choices. Please understand that I'm not judging you, neither am I saying I'm better then you. I struggle with inconsistency in my life. But I will exercise my right to judge actions, desires, choices, and specifically in this case, products.



ThreadShadow commented on This Mortal Kombat X Fatality Is the Grossest ...:

We are all responsible for the imagery we put into our brains. The cold hard fact is this: by beholding we become changed. It's an inescapable truth. Advertising companies spend big money on this truth. Why do I want to put this imagery in my brain, is a good question.
No one has the right to judge people, but everyone has the right to judge choices, desires, and actions, to what ever moral meter they know to be right. We're all capable of making bad choices and good choices. We shouldn't deceive ourselves into thinking that everything effects me positively and nothing can effect me negatively. In what world is that a reality?
No this isn't a real human being, but neither is this LooneyToons. I know there is worse and yes, I agree, the whole entertainment industry is pumping out disgusting content. Yet companies aren't responsible for the content of their products. They don't need to ask themselves, "does our product lift society higher or drop it lower into the sewer?", right?
I don't bare anyone here ill will, but I certainly wish us all, myself included, better/wiser choices in content.



ThreadShadow commented on Could Minecraft Be the PlayStation Vita's Secr...:

I forgot about the physical controls for the Vita version. That is an absolute plus. I hear that the Mobile version is getting an update for infinite land at version 1.0, though. I'm interested to see what Minecraft does for the Vita.



ThreadShadow commented on Could Minecraft Be the PlayStation Vita's Secr...:

@get2sammyb True, true. That sounds like a great bundle. It's only lack would be a high capacity mc and an OLED Vita.

Do kids even want a Vita? Will kids be out there mowing lawns so they can save up and buy a Minecraft Vita bundle when nothing else on the system is attractive to them, or made for them? Are they going to waste all their Christmas begging on a Vita, instead of on something that offers more content for them?
Interesting to see what happens.



ThreadShadow commented on Shuhei Yoshida Doesn't Understand People Who D...:

The escalating nature of the "AAA" is the problem here. And people who only want "AAA" are going to have to get used to waiting and waiting and waiting.

We're experiencing the second "crash" right now. It's just playing out differently from the first. Indies are the start of the next "generation" of video games, and game devs/companies. The "AAA" bubble has burst/is bursting. But that is the "AAA" that is synonymous with ginormous budgets and staff. And in order to survive, the old companies are learning this. Some in harder ways then others.

I believe a AAA experience doesn't need the AAA budget. I agree with a lot of the other posters here that a good game is a good game no matter the budget. I certainly appreciate both. But the world is changing and we can't expect it to work the same way it used to anymore.



ThreadShadow commented on Talking Point: Should More Games Emulate PS4 E...:

^Exactly! That's the thing about Halo too. They have their Theater mode where you can go and watch replays of every mode you just were playing. You can pause and move around in the replay as it plays out again in real time. This also allows you to explore the environment in ways you can't during actual gameplay. It's one of my favorite things about Halo Reach. Plus it lets you take photos. I like it so much that I demand every game to have a theater mode that functions in similar or better fashion! It really lets you appreciate all the work the artists put into these games.

I also demand that every 3D game have a first-person view mode. So you can stop, toggle first-person view mode and look around at the environment and all the textures and hard work. I don't understand why it's excluded in the first place. Eastern devs are most notorious for this omission in my experience.



ThreadShadow commented on Sony: There Are 'Many, Many' First-Party PS Vi...:

That did nothing to assuage the feelings of PS Mortem, imo.

I see neither Freedom Wars or Oreshika being high profile enough to be system sellers, and Murasaki, Helldivers, and Counterspy are basically indies with no physical presence on shelves.

Of course there may be one or two big unannounced titles in the works, which he can't talk about.



ThreadShadow commented on Sony Apologises for Powers E3 2014 Press Confe...:

I had never watched the Sony 2013 E3 press conference. All this time I thought Tretton had actually dropped the mic. Like a segment was finished and he quickly added the astonishing announcement and just lowered his arm and let go of the mic, letting it drop to the stage floor, and walked off. Can you imagine my devastation when I found out it hadn't happened like that at all? Can you? Devastation?



ThreadShadow commented on Little Red Riding Hood Loses Her Marbles on PS...:

What? You mean GRIN survived Square-Enix?
The trailer clearly states 2014, but as this game was featured in Microsoft's indie sizzle reel at E3, I'd say that's the release date for the xBone version, and exclusivity runs out in 2015 when it will hit the PS4.



ThreadShadow commented on Rainbow Six Siege Aiming For Gender Equality W...:

Empathy hardly exists in games these days and these guys are going to be raked over the coals for trying to create it in gamers? News flash: Men are supposed to feel good about protecting women and children. They are supposed to want that, not treat them poorly. Not every women is Lara Croft. Some women actually like men, and are fine with men protecting them. Why are people shouting for diversity/reality of characters when really they want to say "only strong characters are allowed to be created"? This female hostage doesn't represent every women in the world. And it's foolish to think just because a women wants/needs to be protected by/cared for/provided for by a man that she isn't a strong women.



ThreadShadow commented on Sony: PS Vita Will Play Host to Fewer First-Pa...:

@get2sammyb I'm not convinced he didn't, but anyway.
Right, they can still make money off third-party and memory card sales with it, but as far as first-party it's dead and dropped with funding re-allocated to the PS4.

Gravity Rush 2 for PS4 confirmed!!

I agree, there won't be another dedicated portable. I wouldn't be surprised to see the PS5 controller turn out to be a DS4/Vita hybrid, though.

Who was the front runner for Sony getting into the portable business, and are they still with Sony? If not, when did they leave?



ThreadShadow commented on Sony: PS Vita Will Play Host to Fewer First-Pa...:

Wow! What a statement. Sony has realized that if you run the graphics/power race, eventually it will kick you in the rear!
Did he just blame gamers for killing the Vita, because they are graphics-whores?
I think Sony is desperate to drop the Vita, cut costs. The Vita is dead weight to them and they don't have the heart to tell and face gamers once they do. They want to pull the plug, but they don't want to face the PR fan storm that will arise from doing so.