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Fri 27th February, 2009

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ThreadShadow commented on Who Would Win Wednesdays: Yu Narukami vs. Squa...:

It may seem crazy, but Squall might win this on the Draw ability alone. Any magic Yu has Squall can pull from him. If Yu needs to be weakened, it's already been argued that Squall is a superior physical fighter, and especially since it's one on one. Once Yu is weakened Squall can pull stronger and stronger magics and summons from him. Then hit him hard with Eden. In a weakened state Squall has a multitude of Limit Breaks to use. So he's got that going on too!
I'm bias to FF but I don't care.



ThreadShadow commented on Sources Suggest PS4's Virtual Reality Headset ...:

Twenty years ago, this same VR race was happening in the gaming world. There's nothing new under the sun. What goes around, comes around. I walked to school up hill both ways, etc., etc..

Once again, my friendly question goes out; Why do we need and or want this level of immersion?



ThreadShadow commented on Sony's Irritatingly Opposed to Organised Gamin...:

My shelf isn't so bad. I've managed to keep it pretty clean and signify a change of era's. Once they switched from red box spine to black rectangle spine, I said to myself, I wouldn't buy anymore games with red box spine. I recently messed up because I bought Lost Planet 2. Now there's a ruddy red box spine where it shouldn't be! And my Move titles are off in they're own section. So I'll need to finish buying up the black rectangle spine games I want before buying any blue ones. Ha! Game players! Crazy! Amirite?



ThreadShadow commented on Who Would Win Wednesdays: Morrigan vs. Bayonetta:

I've only played demos. I don't care for either series, or character. Yet from what I've seen this is clearly a one-sided battle. I imagine that trouncing giant magical spider creatures is in the same place we often find the camera, right up Bayonetta's alley.

Reminds me of another game I never played. Cavia/Atari made Bullet Witch for 360 back in '06. Obviously unpopular, it died away. Imagine how close they came! I wonder where Platinum got the idea...hmm.
Bullet versus Bayonetta would probably be just as one sided.



ThreadShadow commented on This PS3 and Vita Game Allows You to Strip Str...:

And yet there are at least half a dozen better games just rotting over there without localisation. They'll take a risk on this game, but no, no, it's too risky to localise these other ones. Maybe XSEED is allowing the wrong body part to make it's decisions?



ThreadShadow commented on Why Is Batman: Arkham Knight Focusing Firmly o...:

You're sitting in a café right at the front by the window and it's dark and rainy outside, you look up from your slice of pizza and see Batman, just like the article picture, and he's starring at you! He wants your pizza, man!!!



ThreadShadow commented on Buckle Up with Four Minute Batman: Arkham Knig...:

Why is it so hard for Rocksteady to get Harley Quinn right? She looks better then before but she still looks relatively terrible. Why can't they just create/dress her like the animated series version?

The Batmobile looks like a nice mix of the Tumbler and Burton-era Batmobile.

It would be great if Batman was somewhere in the city, needed the Batmobile, pulled out an Ocarina, played a tune, and the Batmobile came running! Ha!

"Can you drive stick?"



ThreadShadow commented on Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Puts the PS3 ...:

Poor Armature...I suppose they need to put bread on the table. I wish Capcom would have let them make that cool looking (albeit Metroid Prime-esque) first-person Megaman game. It looked good. Here's hoping some company gets them to make it into something good.



ThreadShadow commented on Who Would Win Wednesdays: Lu Bu vs. Ezio Audit...:

Lu Bu seems to be about outright power on the battle field.
Ezio is about power from a position of stealth.
Both are used to fighting large numbers so focused on just each other they are even more dangerous.
I trust Ezio is used to fighting characters in armour, but doubt Lu Bu is used to fighting stealthy characters (Dynasty Warriors isn't exactly known for it's stealth).
Ezio's got all the acrobatic, parkour stuff going so he has to take the fight off the open spaces into the nooks and crannies.
Lu Bu may lack finesse which could also swing the fight towards Ezio once in close quarters. Every hit from Lu Bu could potentially be a kill and hit like a hammer, a sharp pointy hammer, so Ezio has to keep moving. Ezio's high energy is definitely a plus here.

I don't know who would win. I won't officially vote since I don't know.



ThreadShadow commented on Who Would Win Wednesdays: Old Snake vs. Batman:

I've never seen Snake described as a human honed to mental and physical perfection like Bruce Wayne is supposed to be. Snake will kill people when Batman won't, but I don't know if that gives Snake an edge or not. And there does seem to be a difference between Batman and Video Game Batman. Since I'm so late to this party I won't officially vote, but I do think Batman would win.



ThreadShadow commented on Who Would Win Wednesdays: Ryu Hayabusa vs. Yos...:

Ryu is too skilled and too powerful. He's defeated things much more powerful then Yoshimitsu, and Yoshimitsu fits perfectly into the strange pantheon of creatures Ryu has defeated. Ryu also managed to win his own arcade game, and I tell you, that thing is tough, cheap, broken, and ill programmed.



ThreadShadow commented on Review: Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (PlayS...:

I'd like some help. I know the esrb descriptor has "strong language". I, unlike everyone else on the planet, don't care for "strong language", so is Lara the one doing all the "strong language" or is the whole cast involved?
"pad out voice actor Camilla Luddington’s script with out-of-place obscenities."
Is it pervasive? Can it be easily skipped or muted in-game? Does it occur mostly during gameplay or cut-scenes? Is it always "f" related words or other types?
Does anyone else miss the days where games didn't need this type of stuff? Tomb Raider, Metal Gear, etc., for some reason need this stuff to be attractive these days? I think not.
I don't care for Gears of War, but I applaud EPIC for including filters. Not every gamer wants to be bombarded with swears, or gets turned on by geysers of blood and brutality.
Anyway, thanks for the help.



ThreadShadow commented on Soapbox: Sony Is Depriving Players of the Opti...:

I prefer physical too, not as much as I used too but still. Anyway there is a lot of digital-only content these days and I can't enjoy it because 4gigs doesn't hold more then 4gigs. I'm not going to go through the hassle of finding and redownloading content anymore. I tried it a couple times and it's a pain, especially since there is no way to sort out Vita content in the download list.

I want, at the very least, to have all my digital content accessible instantly. This memory problem has stopped me spending money on digital content for Vita too.

I'm perfectly willing to pay a dollar a gig, but Sony just isn't willing to bite. It's frustrating, and aside from Montezuma Blitz, my 3DS gets way more play then my Vita.



ThreadShadow commented on Nobunaga’s Ambition: Creation Brings Somethi...:

All I want from Tecmo-Koei is a new Uncharted Waters game. A next-gen one that combines Uncharted Waters with Assassins Creed Black Flag graphics and gameplay (not the stupid story of course). Heavy player customization, lots of exploration. Crew members that gain experience points for every adventure (on land exploration, battle, sea exploration) they survive and once again, lots of player customization.
I'd like to be able to attack ports too, and with that I can see charging a town Dynasty warriors style. And the hero character you choose and customize gains various skills, like wall running etc..

I think with Koei, and Tecmo working together they could shake the dust off and produce a cool new Uncharted Waters.



ThreadShadow commented on No, Sony Didn't Announce a PS4 Headset During ...:

It's so nice to see that old Sony dude sharing the stage with his little granddaughter. Was it 'bring your granddaughter to CES year'?

@get2sammyb It should read "Kaz Harai will be holding a SECRET second keynote tomorrow, where members of the media need to decipher an increasingly difficult series of clues to discover the location of the event!". Wouldn't that be more exciting?



ThreadShadow commented on Feature: Five Vita Games That Will Keep You Oc...:

I'm aching for a price cut on the cards with all the non-Plus freebies Sony has been giving out. Message to Sony: Please, at the very least, cut your cards to a dollar a gig. I'd pay 32 for a 32. Honestly!

None of these games interest me except Gravity 2. I bought Gravity 1 a few months ago but haven't played it yet.



ThreadShadow commented on Feature: For the Buyers - Push Square's PlaySt...:

The "For the Whole Family" section is pretty poor. For the love of high school football throw Sonic Racing into that section and help it out!
Imo, unfortunately for Playstation only households, this is an area of gaming that Sony doesn't seem to "get" and Nintendoes. There's just no contest. That's a big detriment to Sony and I hope they really work on that, but not in boardrooms and committees, but by letting creative devs make " whole family" games when they have a spark!
Mark Cerny is in the right head space and his heart seems to be in the right place with regards to Knack and family interaction, but a whole family can't have much fun at the same time with Knack, but the concept is heading in the right direction. Family members in the same room having fun together playing a game at the same time.
And Sony shouldn't be content to sit back and let third-parties try to fill that space. Let's face it most third-party attempts are garbage and not worth the discs they're stamped on. Sony needs high quality first-party family games. And the benefit of being Sony means that a great family game doesn't have to be stuffed with fluff and mascots, just creativity and fun for multiple players children and adults alike.

@ThreadShadow Okay, you're talking too much!