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Sun 18th September, 2011

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Kage_88 commented on Oh Look, It's a Nintendo PlayStation Console:

Really wish people would stop buying into this false narrative of Nintendo 'screwing' Sony out if the SNES-CD deal.

Yes, Nintendo callously ditched Sony in favour of Philips (which was obviously a disastrous move), but Sony weren't exactly innocent victims. They wanted an inordinate amount of control over the software licenses, which spurred Hiroshi Yamauchi to seek a better partnership.

Basically, Nintendo was a jerk, 'cause Sony was a jerk first.

@Tasuki Are you implying that Nintendo make bad decisions? Because from what I recall, Nintendo ISN'T the company that has lost billions, sold assets, ripped-off ideas and been continuously hacked like there was no tommorow.

Please watch the language -Tasuki-



Kage_88 commented on Nintendo's Reggie Is Still Having a Pop at Pla...:

Reggie is in PR defense mode. ALL companies do this after a mediocre showing - Sony included. This isn't really unprecedented.

With that said, I don't think Nintendo's E3 was as bad as the whiners make it out to be. Could it have been better? Definitely, but EVERYONE has bad E3's - Sony arguably had the worst last year, and Microsoft's was a disaster in 2013... But apparently they get a free pass. I don't hear calls for THEM to go third party, or that they should exit the console business.

I said this before, and I'll say it again - people just love crapping on Nintendo because they do things differently.



Kage_88 commented on Sony Admits PS4 First-Party Lineup Is Looking ...:

I don't have a PS4 yet, so I can't complain too much. Still, there's a load of PS3 games I haven't touched, not to mention the fact that MGSV is coming out on Sony's last-gen system.

So to me, it's not so much there's a game drought on PS4 - but rather, I simply can't justify buying the thing in the first place. Maybe when Final Fantasy XV drops.



Kage_88 commented on All the Best Games Are on PS4, According to Sony:

@Gamer83 I agree. I prefer to look at Nintendo consoles and PS/Xbox as two sides of the same coin. Sure, the former doesn't get a lot of 3rd party titles - but at the same time, the latter don't have all the unique games that can only be played on Nintendo.

I dunno if the whole 3rd party situation will improve with NX - but as long as Nintendo (and it's partners) continue pumping out quality games, then I'll be a happy camper. Both Wii U and 3DS are more than enough for a busy chap like myself - adding PC, Xbox and Playstation is almost overkill!



Kage_88 commented on PS4 Platformer Yooka-Laylee Makes Over $1 Mill...:

@Pink_Floyd Yeah, I'm a big Kickstarter sceptic too, but this is definitely worth the attention. The guys making this were the cornerstones of Rare, and have 20+ years each in the industry. They definitely know what they're doing!

The funding success has really warmed the cockles of my heart. It's great to see that there's still such large demand for character-based games like this - especially in a market saturated with gritty and violent games.

I particularly love the design of Laylee the bat. That red nose is adorable!



Kage_88 commented on PS4 Sales Push Past 22.3 Million as Sony Plans...:

@Quorthon You're kidding, right? Your posts never fail to amaze me.

BTW, do you work for Sony? Because no-one in their right mind would describe PSN like you did - y'know, the same PSN that is always down and/or DDOS'd. The same PSN that was hacked to hell in 2011. The same PSN that is part if SONY; a company whose online infrastructure is an utter joke.

The same Sony that still makes you pay for it. The same company that HAS taken online privileges - as you so falsely claim otherwise.

Also, love the crack about Nintendo's 'inferior' hardware. You do realise the PSOne and PS2 were the weakest consoles of their respective generations, right?



Kage_88 commented on Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae Is Getting Pat...:

This was really interesting. It's awesome to see Tabata being so open and receptive to feedback, and the different preferences between Western and Japanese gamers was intriguing. This makes me really optimistic about the finished game's quality!



Kage_88 commented on Call of Duty: Black Ops III Will Boast Four Pl...:

It's funny; Infinity Ward was always considered the 'A' team, whilst Treyarch was the 'B' team - though these days, it seems to be the opposite. The Black Ops games are very solid, and I'm quite looking forward to this one.



Kage_88 commented on The Curious Case of Head Transplants and Metal...:

@get2sammyb Eeehhh... Honestly, I think it's just a coincidence. I very much doubt Kojima would have purposely stolen someone's likeness. Sure, he did it with Michael Bien and Kurt Russell back in the day - but even he would know that sort of stuff wouldn't fly in today's videogame corporate culture.



Kage_88 commented on Review: Mortal Kombat X (PlayStation 4):

@viciousarcanum No, it's not petty - it's shameless cash grabbing, plain and simple.

If the easy fatalities don't make a difference to gameplay, then why not just make it an optional setting in the options? Or an unlockable? Why must gamers pay for it? Nintendo didn't make players pay for the invincible tanooki suit in Mario. There are literally hundreds of other games that have options to make things easier - all without requiring people to drop a penny.

Mortal Kombat X is a game driven by squeezing wallets dry. Why was there a patch that reduced the amount of koins earned? Why was there a 45 DOLLAR add-on pack released day-one here in Aus?

Just because 'other games did it' is not an excuse. Evolve got flak for this crap, and so did Street Fighter X Tekken, WWE 2K15, Tales of Vesperia and DoA 5.

People who say "but it's only optional" or "it doesn't affect gameplay" are completely missing the point. It's a monetisation mentality that will only get worse before it gets better.

MK Armageddon had 62 fighters, a create-a-character/fatality modes, Motor Kombat and Konquest.

Even today, the HANDHELD version of Smash Bros has 49 fighters - all of whom can be customised. It also has 34 stages, 117 musical pieces and 685 trophies. Let's not even mention the innumerable modes and even-bigger Wii U version, which has a stage creator, 8-player fights, 47 stages and 437 songs.

NetherRealm and WB Games simply have no excuse for such underhanded tactics.