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Kage_88 commented on Reaction: Nintendo Switch Knocks the Final Nai...:

@thedevilsjester Yeah, Sony have definitely experimented with that stuff for years - but I suppose it depends on what 'copy' really means. I do recall an interview with the guy behind the gyroscope tech of the Wii, and he said that both Sony and Microsoft turned him down, before moving to Nintendo. Regardless of who actually invented what, I think it's more accurate to say Sony have been influenced by Nintendo's SUCCESSFUL use of different software and hardware. It's like PS All-Stars - people called it a rip-off, NOT because Nintendo 'invented' mascot fighters (which they didn't), but rather, the game was a blatant and shameless reaction to Smash Bros.



Kage_88 commented on Reaction: Nintendo Switch Knocks the Final Nai...:

In a way, both Wii U and Vita are similar; both are great machines that were fumbled badly by their parent companies.

Oh, and before too many people give Push Square crap for posting a Nintendo-related article, let me say that this IS relevant to PlayStation - because any unveiling of a competitive piece of hardware directly influences how Sony proceeds with its future offerings. 'lolripofflol' snides aside, the company DOES have a history of emulating other firms' successes, like PS Move, Trophies and PS VR (to name a few). They're a tech company, and if people flock to the Nintendo Switch in droves, then you can bet we'll see a PlayStation alternative.

As this piece points out, Sony have been trying to create a unified ecosystem for a while now, with middling success. Implementation of cloud tech has been the biggest move, though fragmenting the userbase with stuff like the PS4 Pro retards these moves, IMO (just like how the New 3DS was a bust). In this business, it's a fine line between creating add-on peripherals that offer new experiences, and actively punishing loyal early consumers by indirectly telling them that their purchase is old rubbish.

Again, Nintendo have been guilty of this (numerous hardware iterations), but I think doing such a thing in this day and age is now more severe, because people now expect the painless experience of having EVERYTHING funneled to them. Hardware is now only a means to an end. They don't want quirky purple cubes, or consoles that are inspired by Hulk and Bruce Lee. They just want a little black or white rectangle that gives them their stuff. Consumers don't want to jump through hoops that are set by companies.

My point is, the Nintendo Switch is symbolic of a wider change in gaming and electronics. When even the austere Nintendo admits that people don't want to buy more than one doohickey to get their jollies, it really paints a picture of the limited space consoles now have.



Kage_88 commented on Review: DriveClub VR (PS4):

Dunno why Bandai-Namco didn't just pump out a Ridge Racer game, as is launch tradition...

@NintendoFan4Lyf Wii had a lot of amazing games (both first and third party), but unfortunately, most of them were swallowed up by the endless shovelware.

@manu0 Eurogamer are pretty shoddy when it comes to game journalism, but Digital Foundry is definitely not biased. They back up their analyses with facts and proof, and they never act like tech snobs - contrary to popular belief. All they do is show-off the tech that runs in games, which many people (like myself) find interesting. I particularly enjoy their retro pieces.

It's the gaming community that's twisted DF into something it's not, and uses it as ammo for their childish system wars. They're Sony-biased! No, they prefer Xbox! Actually, they're PC elitists! They discovered that Mario Kart 8 runs at 59fps every other minute - they MUST want Nintendo to die! Blalalahurglefurgle!!!11!1



Kage_88 commented on PS4 Slim Sales Off to a Slow Start in the UK:

@Jackrov You may be buying consoles for the wrong reasons.

Nevertheless, you do bring up an interesting question regarding future PS4 reviews.

I too, think the PS4 Pro is a lame idea, BTW. I'm not broken up about it, though... just ambivalent, as it's just the latest in a long line of bad decisions (IMO).



Kage_88 commented on No Man's Sky Being Investigated By Advertising...:

@viciousarcanum Sony is the publisher for NMS, is it not? It funded the game, right? And gave it major coverage during its development?

Yes, Sony SHOULD shoulder some (if not a majority) of the blame. They worked with Hello Games. They KNEW what the game was like. To ignore these facts is both ignorant and fanboyish.

Shu Yoshida's recent finger-pointing at Sean Murray was also a scummy move. With NMS, Street Fighter V and Shenmue 3, it's obvious that developers should stay the hell away from Sony if they want funding - they're just as liable to get thrown under a bus.

EDIT: Let's not even mention the past instances of Sony being outed for false advertising! It's like a habit they can't break.



Kage_88 commented on First Impressions: PS4 Pro Represents a Sizeab...:

@MadAussieBloke What? Both Xbox One and Wii U have had games that run at 1080p and 60 fps (Halo 5, Gears 4, Smash Bros) or 720p @ 60fps (Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart 8). Both machines are far from cutting edge, but they're more than capable of running nice-looking games. Stop drinking the Sony Kool-Aid.

Nope. Sorry Sony, but I think I'll just wait for the PS5 (if it ever actually happens).

They pressured us into getting HD TVs. Then it was 3D. And now 4K? Let me guess, 8K will be the big thing in five years time? Not to mention VR being so haphazardly thrown into the mix. It's yet another classic case of throwing stuff at a wall and seeing what sticks.



Kage_88 commented on The Division Is Still the Best Selling Game of...:

@Rumple 'Ubicrap'. I'd LOVE to see a montage of you staying up late during the nights, as you scribble insulting names on pieces of paper, before throwing them away like some creatively-frustrated genius author. Then one day, you stub your toe whilst carrying boxes of your unfinished insult joke manuscripts to the fireplace. "Crap!" you shout, as you hop up and down... before a lightbulb appears. Struck by the inspirational hand of Poesis, you hurriedly write it down. "Eureka!!!" you scream, as you dance merrily in front of the fire like a joyful imp.

And on that day, the legend of Ubicrap was born.



Kage_88 commented on Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV Is Being Dismant...:

@Flaming_Kaiser Fair enough, glad you liked it. I know many enjoyed AC. IMO, though Spirits Within had practically nothing to do with FF (aside from having a Cid, and 'Gaia' themes), it was still a better film. Probably because it used English as its native language, this making it seem more natural in its dialogue.



Kage_88 commented on Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV Is Being Dismant...:

No surprise there. Advent Children was horrific, and Spirits Within was only slightly better.

I mean, I'll still watch Kingsglaive, but I know what to expect - basically a long (albeit pretty) game cutscene.



Kage_88 commented on Final Fantasy XV Buckles Up Until 29th Novembe...:

Meh. If true, I'm not too bothered by it. It's only two months - better than the bloody 18 month delay Zelda wound up with!

@FullbringIchigo Actually, the Xbox One version runs very well:

@SPGFan34 If you have a Vita, all the FF games are available to download. If not, the PS4 has HD versions of FFVII and FFX/FFX-2 to try. Just be aware that the gameplay is different to FFXV's real-time action. Still, even if you're inexperienced with turn-based combat, FFVII HD actually lets you use cheats to make things easier, and you still earn the Trophies!



Kage_88 commented on Hello Games Urges Those with Early Copies of N...:

"Maybe cut the Guildford-based developer a teensy bit of slack..."

How about no? It's not consumers' fault that retailers are selling the game early - they shouldn't be punished for purchasing and playing a videogame legally. Sony and Hello Games are being scummy by trying to blockade reviews - reviews of a finished, printed disc. Day-one patches aren't an excuse - they've been developing the damn thing for so long, and it's not the fault of gamers that they couldn't ship a completed game.



Kage_88 commented on Pokémon Go Makes Nintendo More Valuable Than ...:

It's amazing the amount of buzz Nintendo has created with only TWO games (Zelda and Pokemon). Sony simply doesn't have the IP with that kind of drawing power. They sure can be petty about it, as shown with that Invizimals Twitter post.

To those saying Pokemon GO is a fad... well, duh. Of course it is. What Nintendo and Niantic need to do is keep a loyal, core audience playing and paying once the hype has died down - that's the ultimate test.



Kage_88 commented on Brawlout May Be a Solid Alternative to Super S...:

PS All-Stars was embarrassing in its flagrant desire to be Smash Bros - though I did play a fair bit of it. The interest wore off quick, due to its wafer-thin feature set and non-existent gameplay depth. Oh, and the horribly generic characters.

That said, I think the traditional Smash Bros formula has about run its course. The genre has been refined to the nth degree by Sakurai, and I just can't see a sequel being much of the same thing. Personally, I'd like to see him go 3D, and try to ape Power Stone on the NX.


Seems like more than 20 to me.



Kage_88 commented on New Documentary Will Depict How PlayStation Co...:

It'll be interesting to see how they report on the falling-out between Sony and Nintendo. Hopefully they'll tell the whole story, and not the abridged one that floods gaming trivia notes.

@BAMozzy IMO, the PS3 was very much a fumble - at least, financially. From the horrendous introduction at E3 2006, to the billions it lost (eating all of PS and PS2 profits), and the controversy surrounding Linux and the homebrew fiasco. There was also the great PSN hack of 2011, and Sony's crippling money troubles - partially caused by PS3 and the Cell. Still, the whole thing smoothed out in the end, with the machine finally turning a profit, building a library of fantastic games, and introducing blu-ray. So... a fumble with a happy ending, I suppose it could be dubbed.



Kage_88 commented on Horizon: Zero Dawn, PlayStation VR Win E3 2016...:

Pretty funny that Nintendo doesn't even really care about E3 anymore, and yet they still stole the show with one game.

@BLPs Implying the Wii U isn't a real console? What does that even mean?

@ApostateMage FFXV has been a known entity since 2103, and as such lacked the surprise factor of Zelda. Square-Enix have also been doing a mediocre job of promoting the game, and the lame Microsoft showing didn't help. Stuff like all the multimedia projects and the Uncovered event helped tremendously, but they've been offset by the clunky Duscae demo, the baffling Platinum Demo, and a lack of variety in trailers. Still, I'm really excited to play it

@Flopsy Take your meds, please.



Kage_88 commented on SuperHyperCube Squares Up to PlayStation VR fo...:

This is by Phil Fish.

The same Phil Fish who lambasted Japanese games, whilst Fez was a Super Paper Mario rip-off. The same Phil Fish who - it turned out - stole the idea of Fez to begin with. The same Phil Fish who rage-quit the internet after abusing people, and telling them to go kill themselves. The same Phil Fish who was a DJ at a party held by the corrupt Double Fine studios (which took Kickstarter money after claiming they had none, before begging for more the very next morning... and then releasing a still-incomplete game).

The same Phil Fish - it seems - is now happy to rip-off JAPANESE puzzle game SpeedThru: Potzal's Puzzle (AKA Ketzal's Corridors).

... Yeeeeeaaah. I won't be buying this.



Kage_88 commented on Sony's New PS4 Commercial Is All About Greatness:

@wiiware I don't know why you're so intent on burying the N64. Judging from your infantile posts, I very much doubt you were even born during the console's heyday - let alone going to a non-existent school, with your non-existent PlayStation-loving friends.

@kyleforrester87 See, even if I disagree with your sentiments about PS4 being the greatest console ever, at least you're being civil and intelligent in this discussion. That's more than I can say for a lot of people here. BTW, my all-time faves are SNES and N64. I think the PS4 should live its lifespan before its quality can truly be judged - though it certainly is building up a hugely impressive library.

IMO it's unfair to label one machine as the greatest - simply because their are so many amazing consoles out there. From Nintendo you have NES, SNES, N64, GCN, Wii, Wii U, Game Boy, GBA, DS and 3DS. From Sony, there's PS, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP and PS Vita. Microsoft has Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Not to mention Sega Master System, Genesis/Mega Drive, Saturn, Dreamcast, Game Gear, Nomad... or the rest; Neo-Geo, Amiga, Amstrad, Atari 2600, MSX, ZX Spectrum...

Man, there's NO way there can be a single greatest console! I myself can't even choose between two of them.



Kage_88 commented on Sony CEO Kaz Hirai Is Absolutely Raking in the...:

When the 3DS caused Nintendo's first losses in 30 years, Iwata gave himself a 50% pay cut, whilst Miyamoto and various other execs had their salaries slashed by 40%.

Says a lot about the leadership differences between both companies.



Kage_88 commented on E3 2016: Sony's Shuhei Yoshida Can't Wait for ...:

@sub12 Yeah. DF is very anal about that stuff, though I suppose that's what they're there for. It's really the community that uses their analyses as ammo which is the big problem. Back during the N64 vs. PlayStation days, it was all about FMV and anti-aliasing... which basically meant N64 was blurry, and PS pixilated, lol.

Also, Shigeru Miyamoto was spotted playing as Crash Bandicoot in Skylanders at E3. Even he loves the 'coot



Kage_88 commented on E3 2016: Sony's Shuhei Yoshida Can't Wait for ...:

I wonder what the game would've been like had they stuck to the original 2015 release date. Either way, like I said in another thread, it's crazy to see what they've managed to achieve with the barely-there specs of the Wii U. Those futilely hoping for the NX to match the Xbox Scorpio are in for a shattering disappointment (and a slap from the reality stick). Yes, the financial aspect is obvious - but think of it from a marketing view; Nintendo got people talking with one game from a last-gen system (in terms of specs). Just like they did with Wii Sports or Wii Fit, and what Sony proved with the PlayStation and PS2, or up to Minecraft today - marketing is absolutely key, no matter how technologically inferior your product really is. If it wasn't, then we'd be seeing PC master racers dominate the industry - but they don't (thank Christ).

I'm not saying Breath of the Wild will sell billions and dominate the market; what I'm saying is that it's it got such positive word of mouth despite being nowhere near the technological feat of its peers. A well designed, aesthetically pretty game isn't beholden to the latest in horsepower - and this applies to Sony and Microsoft, too. The games that were running on their soon-to-be-outdated machines looked perfectly fine, yet they've fallen foul with the Digital Foundry generation of snotty graphics whores (man, I remember that term from 20 years ago), and have let the whiney minority dictate their business. PS4 is doing great. Xbox One is doing fine. There is absolutely no need to splinter the marketplace by emphasising haves and have-nots. Nintendo did it with the New 3DS, and look what happened (though it wasn't exactly cutting edge tech).

My point is; don't let 'power' be the mantra of these consoles. It's a self-defeating mindset. That's not to say they shouldn't BE powerful, just that gameplay and innovation shouldn't be forgotten as the cornerstone of what makes gaming great. Nintendo proved this (once again) with Zelda and its other games, and so did the the Indies. Fortunately, other companies stood up to the plate this year. Ubisoft's Steep was an open-world game devoid of violence (very refreshing), and PSVR (seen as the 'cheap end' VR model) showed some really cool stuff, despite its perceived lack of power (sounds familiar... is PSVR the Nintendo of the VR market?).

Despite my ideological grievances, I really do think E3 was a great showing of the future of gaming - from all companies. I dived in whilst avoiding internet comments in general - and my god, does it make a difference. Felt like a kid again.



Kage_88 commented on Soapbox: Let's Be Honest, E3 2016 Was Disappoi...:

Sorry Sammy, I'm gonna have to disagree with you once more!

I thought this was a great E3. It seemed to be actually focused on substance instead of style.

Ironically, I thought Sony's conference was the most disappointing - not because of the content shown, but rather, the company's insistence on highlighting games that are way too far from release... though I suppose there's also PSX, Gamescom and Paris Game Show, too. I also wasn't too fond of how most of their big games have become Naughty Dog-esque 'cinematic' products; almost as if they were obligated to do so. But that's just me nitpicking. I'm still plenty excited for the games themselves. The VR showings were surprisingly good, too.

Microsoft had a solid show. What it lacked in megaton announcements, it made up for in actual solid content that's actually within reach. Again, the biggest announcement - the Xbox Scorpio - actually leaves me cold. Surely Sony and Microsoft know that engaging in such an arms race is utterly pointless? Sorry dudes, but I prefer Nintendo's philosophy - fun and innovation above grunt.

Speaking of Nintendo, Zelda simply blew away even my own lofty expectations. The fact that they could pull-off such a feat on the 'Wiik U' just reinforces my aforementioned opinions on console power. The other games they showed looked like a lot of fun, too. Paper Mario, Dragon Quest, Ever Oasis, Pokemon... The next 12 months look incredibly bright.

@playstation1995 I certainly hope that isn't your year of birth, PLEASE tell me it isn't.



Kage_88 commented on Reaction: Naughty Dog's Influence Looms Large ...:

"Naughty Dog has been leagues ahead of the rest of the industry when it comes to characterisation and writing for over half a decade now."

Disagree completely. ND's characters and writing have always been cringey ('edgy' Jak & Daxter), cliche (Uncharted), and unoriginal (Last of Us). IMO, you can't be the top tier of videogame characterisation when your stories are told mostly through cutscenes, and not via gameplay.



Kage_88 commented on E3 2016: Final Fantasy XV Looks Really, Really...:

"It's the Xbox's fault!"

"Don't worry, the REAL game will run good on Neo and Scorpio!"

"That guy sucked!"

"Gameplay has never mattered as much as story and presentation anyway!"

Sounds an awful like the excuses used for the Platinum Demo.

"The game isn't finished yet! They'll clean it up!"

"This is only a TASTER, not a real demo!"

I want to play FFXV, but goddamn is the denial strong.



Kage_88 commented on Sony Gives Its E3 2016 PlayStation Press Confe...:

Nice. I hope we get a PS4K FFXV bundle, a release date for Last Guardian and FFVII Episode One, PS4 versions of Ni No Kuni, Kingdom Hearts and FFXIII trilogy... and FFXII HD.

... yeah I've been thinking a lot about this.



Kage_88 commented on Site News: Uncharted 2 Is PlayStation's Greate...:

@JoeBlogs Yeah, you'd be better off playing the enhanced version of Ocarina on 3DS. Even when it was released, the N64 looked pretty muddy in places (even Miyamoto thinks it's ugly now). Still my favourite game ever, though. Actually, you reminded me of a big problem facing today's classic games - that they're in SD, so a big problem Sony, Nintendo and (to a lesser extent) Microsoft face is choosing whether to simply release them as they are, or go through the effort of remastering them in HD. Then, when 4K rolls around, they'll then have to do it all over again! I sometimes wonder if they should simply leave them as they are, warts and all.



Kage_88 commented on PSN's Raking in More Cash Than the Entirety of...:

Woah. I have to wonder if Nintendo is seriously considering charging for a premium network service after seeing this. I guess I wouldn't mind, since I don't like playing online anyway - I just hope it doesn't get to the point where consumers have to pay to access basic stuff like DLC.

@MikLSP Yeah, I'm confused by that too...



Kage_88 commented on Reaction: Nintendo NX's 2017 Date Frees Dispos...:

Nintendo's clearly going through some big changes, and Kimishima stated that the decision to launch NX next year was because they wanted to ensure that there would be plenty of games ready - which is fair enough, I suppose. The whole E3 thing just furthers my opinion that the company simply doesn't see the annual event as being important as it once was - heck, even Sony have begun moving away from it with their Playstation Experience shows.

Sony have a tough enough job of their own to do; to sell the PS4 NEO and PS VR. The former in particular will be interesting, judging by the potential grudge held by 40 million people who may cry foul (justified or not). Not to mention a desperate Microsoft potentially pulling the rug by announcing their own souped-up/upgradeable Xbox One. They have the money to burn, and I wouldn't be surprised if they unveiled some big incentive for Xbox gamers (similar to the free Windows 10 editions of Xbox games, or free Xbox 360 titles we're seeing now). Hell, they could even pull a 'Sony 2013' by trolling the company and appeasing those disgruntled by the NEO.

It's certainly going to be an interesting couple of months.