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Sun 18th September, 2011

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Kage_88 commented on Mortal Kombat X May Yet Have 2015's Campest Ca...:

Mortal Kombat is as dumb as a bag of nails - fans really need to stop acting like it's some sort of complex, Shakespearean tale.

I'm a huge Metal Gear fan, and even I can accept that it has many ridiculous elements to the plot and gameplay.

Why so serious?



Kage_88 commented on Start Your Week Right with Some HD Final Fanta...:

Jesus, this looks amazing.

IMO, this will be one of the first games that will really showcase the power of PS4 and Xbox One.

Forget the haters; I'm glad Final Fantasy is taking this direction. It's a franchise that really needs a creative shot in the arm.



Kage_88 commented on Miss Final Fantasy XV's Live Demo Gameplay? Yo...:

Man, I'm crazy excited for this. I'm particularly a big fan of the whole 'fantasy based on reality' concept.

Still, if this doesn't release until 2016, I really wouldn't mind. There are a ton of games I want to play this year, and leaving FFXV off the heaving pile would do wonders for my free time (and my wallet)!



Kage_88 commented on Review: The Order: 1886 (PlayStation 4):

Yep, pretty much what I expected.

IMO, The Order: 1886 represents the gaming industry at its worst; a title that was first and foremost designed with presentation in mind, whilst the gameplay itself was a secondary concern. From what I've read, there is literally nothing that even remotely resembles an attempt at originality.

If there were microtransactions, day-one DLC, and a plethora of bugs - then this would be the veritable antichrist of videogaming.

Get your act together, Sony.



Kage_88 commented on Ready at Dawn: Some People Will Love The Order...:

Man, I can't remember the last time a game had garnered so much pre-release controversy.

What really gets me is that people are acting shocked and outraged about the game's perceived shortcomings - when anyone with half a brain could tell that The Order was going to be 'Steampunk Gears of War' the moment that the first gameplay video was unleashed.

Whether that is good or bad is entirely subjective.



Kage_88 commented on The Order: 1886 Is Just 'Touching the Surface'...:

No surprise there; believe it or not, there IS an advantage of consoles being a fixed piece of hardware. Optimisation can do miracles on a relatively 'weak' console - I was watching my brother play God of War: Ascension the other day, and I couldn't believe it was running on the PS3. I guarantee, it would be impossible to get that kind of performance on a PC with similar specs!



Kage_88 commented on Weirdness: This Abandoned Mall Looks Just Like...:

That Matthewhayes1 kid sounds like a reasonable, well-adjusted young fella.

Aaaaaaanyway, it really saddens me to see such buildings being abandoned - especially when there are so many homeless folks around. Such a senseless waste...



Kage_88 commented on Pachter: Sony Won't Mind if PS4 Loses the Cons...:

Pachter is an utter moron who is constantly given the time of day by that piece of trash rag, Game Informer.

This is the same guy who was adamant that the Wii and DS would flop, and that Nintendo should release games on PS4...



Kage_88 commented on Naughty Dog: It's Going to Be Really F***ing H...:

You know, a part of me wants to rant and rave about how the PS4 struggles with 60fps...

... But I honestly couldn't care less. 30 or 60 - I don't give a toss. Just as long as the game runs smoothly, I'm fine. The game will be great, regardless.



Kage_88 commented on There Are More Mortal Kombat Kollector's Editi...:

My brother is one of the biggest Mortal Kombat fans out there. He owns all the games, TV shows, movies and every other bit of merchandise one can possibly buy (and even some you can't).

Yet, even HE thinks these 'special' editions are overkill - rip-offs that represents the gaming industry at its worst. As such, he's told me that he will no longer buy MKX - and will simply wait for the inevitable GOTY edition.

Seriously people, do not give Netherealm/Warner Bros your money. Let them know that pulling crap like this is NOT okay.



Kage_88 commented on Metal Gear Rising to Serve Up a Second Dose of...:

@Davros79 - I agree. No matter how well-off Nintendo are financially, they really did screw-up the Wii U's marketing.

And yes, the PS brand is definitely a major money maker for Sony - which is a great thing, as it means gaming will always be a priority within the greater Sony hierarchy. As I said before, I myself will be getting a PS4 soon (along with an Xbox One) - there's just so many great games coming out this year.



Kage_88 commented on Metal Gear Rising to Serve Up a Second Dose of...:

@Davros79 - Whoa, whoa, hold on a second...

First, the GamePad is cumbersome and bulky? Okay, you're entitled to think that, if you want - but from what I've seen, you'd be in the minority. IMO, the thing is very comfy to hold - and at 500
grams, it's about the same weight as an Xbox controller.

Second; yes, the Wii U is the least popular console. But if we are going by units sold of all active consoles, then Nintendo is in fact in first place (9.2 m Wii Us + 50 m 3DSs) compared to Sony (18.5 m PS4s + roughly 7 m Vitas) and Microsoft (who haven't announced the sales numbers of the Xbox One).

Third; no, Nintendo doesn't make all those home entertainment devices. I don't see what your point is here.

Finally; PS4 is indeed ripping the Wii U "a new arsehole", as you so eloquently put it (Xbox One to a lesser extent). But Nintendo is by no means a "maggot" in the "piranha tank"; the company is in fact worth more than Sony, and the Xbox brand has lost Microsoft billions since its inception. While Sony and Microsoft are shutting down studios and selling assets, Nintendo is creating new ones and making a healthy profit. Maybe being a maggot ain't so bad, eh?



Kage_88 commented on Metal Gear Rising to Serve Up a Second Dose of...:

Sweet mother! If this is real, it'll be yet another reason why I need to get Sony's latest console!

@Davros79 - Do you even have a Wii U? I wouldn't exactly call the GamePad "garbage". Besides, the Pro Controller can be used for basically every game on the console - which is viewed as one of the best joypads ever made. The only reason Nintendo released the GCN peripheral was because the idiotic Melee 'fans' constantly hounded them about it.

Oh, and Sony is the one going broke, not Nintendo 😉



Kage_88 commented on Talking Point: Are Bigger Open Worlds Really B...:

Fantastic article, Sammy!

For me, nothing will surpass Ocarina of Time as my favourite open-world (and by 'open-word', I mean a world that is free-roaming; regardless of load times).

In regards to Playstation, I'd have to say Shadow of the Colossus was the most unforgettable open world - which is ironic, considering its vast emptiness!



Kage_88 commented on Rumour: Could Call of Duty: World at War II Be...:

Ugh... WWII? Really, there can't be that many stories left to tell, surely?

I'd like to see the spotlight on other wars (erk, that sounds morbid) like WWI or even the Gulf War. Really, just something different.



Kage_88 commented on Try Not to Laugh at This Mortal Kombat X Trailer:

Geez, what's with the hurt feelings?

Newsflash: Mortal Kombat IS stupid. It IS dumb. And it IS hilarious.

...But I say that in an affectionate way, like Sammy. He wasn't disrespecting the franchise - just stating the obvious. I mean, this is the same series that has babalities, friendships, and comical characters (or should I say kharacters?) like Meat, Mokap and the "Toasty!" guy.

Other games like Street Fighter, Tekken, Soul Calibur and DOA have ridiculous stuff in them too - it's basically fighting game tradition 😉



Kage_88 commented on Naughty Dog: We're Making Uncharted 4 a Game W...:

Great stuff! I wish more devs were this honest. I mean, he even outright said that he made some environments SMALLER - can you imagine the reaction by deranged Naughty Dog haters right now?

"It's more proof dat ND can only do movie gaems!11!1"

Seriously, I'm really looking forward to U4.