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Sun 18th September, 2011

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Kage_88 commented on Resident Evil TV Series to Rise Following Fina...:

I think the TV show will need more than zombies. Fortunately, the games are full of gruesome monsters that would look great in live action.

With shows like The Walking Dead and The Strain, Resident Evil's (or Arklay, as it's rumoured to be called) number one priority is to find something that will set itself apart from the others - a unique hook. If they can find that, then everything else will fall into place.



Kage_88 commented on Nintendo Thumps PlayStation in E3 2014 Twitter...:

I think the major reason why Nintendo was my favourite showing this year, was because it made me feel like a kid again, and reminded me why I love videogames. There was no cynical and drab bullcrap like that found in Ubisoft's and EA's offerings - or the majority of generic, soulless third party games (not counting indies).

But still, Wii U sales is the ultimate goal - no matter how popular they were on social media. There's only so much units Mario Kart 8 can shift. The Wii U needs a steady stream of quality titles; and if third parties won't partake, then Iwata better have a plan B. Maybe indies will fill the role?



Kage_88 commented on Talking Point: How Did the Three Major Manufac...:

This was a great read! Really refreshing not seeing any stupid fanboy BS.

When all is said and done, I liked Nintendo's event the most - though there were definitely PS4 and Xbox One games that interested me greatly. All in all, this was a great E3 for everyone. Hopefully it'll be the same next year!



Kage_88 commented on E3 2014: How Does the PS Vita's Lineup Look?:

Honestly, I thought this was a pretty dang good video. The games shown may not have been 'AAA'... But really what exactly constitutes AAA in the world of handheld gaming? What only matters is if the games look fun - and these games did indeed look fun. Counter Spy, Mech Runner and Akiba's Trip looked particularly cool. Also, the Vita is getting proven indie hits like Child of Light and Hyper Light Drifter... Pretty cool, as far as I'm concerned.



Kage_88 commented on Reaction: Poor Pacing Disrupts Otherwise Excel...:

I thought it was poor. Microsoft's and (especially) Nintendo's showing were better.

Uncharted 4 was the only new reveal that I was hyped for - though I'm still excited for The Order and No Man's Sky.

It was pretty lame how GTA V and the Last of Us ports were considered 'big' games - I mean the games are, what, 12 months old? Even other major titles like Destiny, Batman, Phantom Pain and Mortal Kombat are multiplats - which doesn't exactly scream 'buy the PS4 NOW!!!' - especially considering most of them won't arrive 'till next year.



Kage_88 commented on Actually, Watch Dogs PS4 Won't Run at 60FPS in...:

@Sutorcen - Amen.

This news is pathetic - just the latest in a long line.

All we hear about is this god-like power of PS4 and Xbox One, yet they can't even do what PCs have been doing for years. Jesus, even Mario Kart 8 is 1080p/60 fps.

Don't get me wrong, I personally don't care about resolutions and such (Christ, I still play Wii and Dreamcast games), but it just annoys me how companies spew continuous BS about how awesome their consoles are; and how game companies provide bullshots and phony alpha-build gameplay vids.



Kage_88 commented on How's Sony Doing Financially Now That the PS4'...:

@Unca_Lz - Yeah, the situation seems eerily reminiscent of Sega in its final days. Indeed, the Dreamcast was actually the fastest selling games console ever during its early days.

Still, Sony is far bigger than Sega, so it has a better chance of bouncing back, IMO. But the company really is on the razor's edge at the moment. It'll be interesting to see how it'll fare in the next few years.



Kage_88 commented on Uncharted PS4 Actor Todd Stashwick Has Been Re...:

Hope everything is alright over at Naughty Dog. They're one of my favourite developers, and I really can't wait for Uncharted 4.

Actually, I have a strange feeling that Nathan Drake won't be returning - and that the game will focus on a brand new set of characters ala Second Son. Because really, what more is there for Nate to do? Will he be raiding tombs as an old man, with his ever-suffering wife Elena by his side? Will Sully FINALLY die, as we've all been fearing constantly since Uncharted 2?



Kage_88 commented on This Input Code Adds Credence to the PS4 Port ...:

Frankly, I'm with Gamer83.

How can you seriously sit back and be happy that you paid for a PS4 in order to play PS3 games? Backwards compatibility be damned. Apparently, Sony fans are more than happy to re-buy last-gen games and slightly shinier cross-gen games. This reeks of a company desperate to make a quick buck.



Kage_88 commented on Here's How Kojima Made Metal Gear Solid V: Gro...:

I'm currently playing Ground Zeroes, and I'm loving it.

After actually sitting down and playing the thing, it's clear to me that the game isn't a rip-off at all. Yes, the story mode is short, but it also comes with a stack of side-missions and challenges. I'm currently at about 32% completion, with about 10 hours put into it.

REALLY can't wait for Phantom Pain!



Kage_88 commented on Assassin's Creed: Unity Is the One PS4 Title T...:

I hated ACIII, and was on the verge of giving-up the series, but Black Flag was a real breath of fresh (salty) air. It felt as though Ubisoft rediscovered it sense of fun when making the game.

It also helped that I no longer obsessed about getting 100% sync with all missions - which made it much less stressful to play!



Kage_88 commented on This Mad Mathematical Formula Proves That Play...:

Unfortunately, this game didn't hold my interest for long. Compared to the tight design of Smash Bros, PSASBR seemed to be very amateurishly-made, IMO.

Doesn't help that it seemed to further prove that Sony has an inferiority complex in regards to copying Nintendo.

...And before I get roasted in flames, yes, I KNOW Nintendo didn't 'invent' the mascot mash-up - but PS All-Stars was a very clear attempt by Sony to emulate Smash Bros' success, without really knowing WHY Smash Bros is so successful.

Sony is so much better at fostering original ideas, rather than riffing on the competition. Games like Echocrome, Locoroco, ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, Puppeteer, Rain, Tearaway, Beyond: Two Souls and The Last of Us are proof of that.



Kage_88 commented on Pachter: PS4's Virtual Reality Headset Is a 'R...:

@Diddy_kong - " I don’t care about unique control schemes that are going to “change the way we all play games!!” or whatever. Just give me a DualShock and let me play games like they’re meant to be played."

That kind of attitude is what's causing the industry to stagnate. Videogaming needs innovation - and it needs 'gimmicks' - if it is to evolve.

But considering you just openly admitted to loving Michael Pachter, I guess I shouldn't be taking you seriously.



Kage_88 commented on PS4 Sales Slip Behind Pace Set by Nintendo Wii...:

@JaxonH - You are making some great points, my good sir.

Seriously, as long as the console is profitable and making money for its parent company - then who cares how much it sells in relation to the competition?

Our 'job' as gamers is to buy, play and enjoy talking about games. Let the big business men in the flashy suits worry about the financials.



Kage_88 commented on Groan, Naughty Dog's The Last of Us Movie Is J...:

I agree with Kell.

I said it before, and I'll say it again: this is a terrible, terrible idea.

It conveys the message that the game wasn't 'good enough'; that it can't stand on its own without a movie to 'legitimise' it.

People say that the games industry suffers from an inferiority complex... Gee, I wonder why?

I barely watch any movies anymore. It's all just the same crap over and over again. Peter Molyneux once compared the productivity of watching a movie to staring at a blank wall - and I'm inclined to agree with him. Games have to potential to be so much more, yet developers and publishers keep looking at Hollywood as some sort of 'holy grail' that should be emulated. What a load of toss.



Kage_88 commented on Feature: How You Helped Shape PS4 Sequel inFAM...:

Wonderful interview. Great job!

"We're not into reincarnation, or sci-fi, or anything like that. This is a realistic game, and we're trying to make everything as real as possible. That’s so that when we throw the powers on top, you'll believe in them, too."

I particularly liked this bit. The big problem I have with (mainstream) comics is that death has no meaning, and as such firms like DC and Marvel seem to enjoy insulting the intelligence of their readers by expecting them to take their plots seriously.

Looking forward to playing this game. Unfortunately, I won't be getting a PS4 for quite a while.



Kage_88 commented on SCEA President Jack Tretton Won't Be Dropping ...:

"While the timing is probably not the best, there’s unlikely to be a bigger narrative at play here."

Yes, there is. He's jumping a sinking ship. Sorry, but that's the way I see it.

Good luck to Shawn Layden - he has a hell of a job to do.



Kage_88 commented on Oh Dear, The Last Of Us Is Getting a Big Budge...:

Like PushSquare, I too have an immense distaste for videogame movies.

I mean, I can see Sly and Ratchet being okay. They're lighthearted cartoons.

But The Last of Us? No way Jose. What's the point? It devalues the game itself, and everything it tried to achieve.

Basically, Hollywood is saying "Yeah, that videogame thingy was cute, but TLOU doesn't matter until we MAKE IT INTO A MOVIE!11!1"

I hope it shares the same fate as the Uncharted and Metal Gear films - in the rubbish bin.



Kage_88 commented on You May Want to Keep This Metal Gear Solid V S...:

I honestly don't understand the furore over Quiet's design. She's not the first female character to wear a skimpy attire.

See - the entire history of comics and videogames.

I think people just love ripping into Kojima because he's a controversial figure - much like David Cage.