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Sony: The Economics Don't Work for Blockbuster Vita Games

Posted by Sammy Barker


Despite seeing a strong year-over-year improvement in Japan, the PlayStation Vita continues to find itself in a weak position overseas. The system is incredibly popular among the few that own it – culminating in an outrageous software attach rate – but it’s failed to break into the mainstream, prompting major publishers to back away and leave indies to fight over the scraps.

While we’ve always maintained that platform holder Sony will return with some gigantic exclusive games, that’s starting to look less likely as it begins to focus its attention on the faster selling PlayStation 4. And responding to a concerned user on the PlayStation Blog, executive Don Mesa hinted that you may have already seen the last of the major titles developed specifically for the format.

“The economics simply don’t work with the traditional process,” he said, referring to big-budget games. “We have to do something different to get AAA games on the Vita. We accomplished it to a certain degree by making PS4 games work the on Vita via Remote Play. PlayStation Now will be another way, streaming PS3 games on the Vita.”

While we can sort of see the Sony employee’s angle, we just don’t think that streaming console games is going to cut it. For starters, it’s not exactly a portable solution – but it also means that the system’s library may end up limited to releases originally designed for other machines. There’s no doubt that the Vita’s been at its best when it’s hosted titles built specifically for it, such as Tearaway.

Fortunately, we’re not reading too much into Mesa’s somewhat misjudged statement. Contrary to all of the above, there are big games on the way to the handheld in the form of Freedom Wars, Tales of Hearts R, and even Minecraft. Moreover, given the attach rate, we expect many more Japanese developed titles to make their way overseas. It may not be the kind of lineup that you originally expected when you picked up the portable, but this editor isn’t complaining. The question is: are you?


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Epic said:

Still waiting for the North America PS Vita TV Release for NA.
I gotta believe.



AG_Awesome said:

I'm happy with all the PS2 HD compilations, I just wish they would make them run and look a bit better.

Also want the remaining PSP and PSOne titles to be made available. I'm disappointed pushsquare didn't mention the big hiccup on the NA PSN that made everything available for a few days.

Someone needs to push Sony to make these available for good.



Sanquine said:

Full of cr*p. SCEA never did anything for vita. SCEJ is the perfect example how Sony computer entairtainment should handle the vita. I hope they will do a new handheld in the future but thanks to no support from their studios i think that's a dream.

BTW W*F! We have to do something different to get AAA games on the Vita. We accomplished it to a certain degree by making PS4 games work the on Vita via Remote Play. PlayStation Now will be another way, streaming PS3 games on the Vita.” This sentence is an insult to all vita owners. He simply says F*** Y** buy a ps4 or get a subscription on playstation now! Way to go sony!

Sarcastic handclap for you SONY!




MatGrowcott said:

I bought it with things like San Andreas Stories in mind, so it's disappointing to see how things have turned out. That's not to put down the indie efforts for the system, but there has to be more than that to shift units.



ztpayne7 said:

@AG_Awesome wait, that wasn't permanent? I was able to download crash to the vita and it was exciting. I was surprised myself that it didn't get more press.



get2sammyb said:

@Sanquine While I fully agree, I think Sony would argue that there's incentive to fund those games in Japan for the Japanese market because handhelds are bigger than home consoles over there. In the West, that's far from the case.

It's a terrible shame, though.



italodance said:

Ignore this note and screw you "Mesa" up,it's just a poop,waiting for E3 2014.



Paranoimia said:

Looks like I'll need to finish up what I've got and sell it, then. Indie games (particularly the 'retro' style ones) and ports of old PS2 games are not what I bought it for, but it seems that's all it will be getting from this point on. A great system, wasted.

I bought it for the likes of Golden Abyss and Killzone Mercenary - proper games on a portable system.

He also mentioned getting PlayStation Now on the system, which to me makes no sense - if you're out and about, network coverage is too unreliable for it to be worthwhile.

Looks like I'll need to pick up Tearaway, play it, then sell the lot. Very disappointed.



NathanUC said:

I'm not really sure I can disagree, but I think it's more of a genre issue. Dual analog or not, I can't find myself enjoying shooters all that much. I REALLY enjoyed both Killzone Mercenary and Uncharted Golden Abyss, but there's just something about them that turned me off once I finished them.

Even games like Assassins Creed Libration and Gravity Rush feel odd in my hands now. I'm not sure if I just got spoiled by the dualshock 4, but I have a very hard time playing my Vita for more than a few minutes at a time anymore. It could very well just be that my desire for mobile gaming is extremely weak these days.

I also don't consider Remote Play a good solution to Vita's lack of games. I use it frequently to do basic tasks on Warframe and Final Fantasy XIV, but I wouldn't dare try playing games like inFAMOUS via remote play. I want to experience that game to 100% it's potential and the occasional disconnects and lags of remote play via internet pull me out of the game like no other.

In a way, I was hoping for something more along the lines of a Vita refresh, not a Vita 'slim'. Something with slightly better analog sticks, a better wifi card (AC or N), micro SD support (yeah right...), and possibly even better ergonomics is what would 'save' the Vita for me. Until that, I'll still enjoy my Vita in moderation, but I do often have a hard time 'remembering' to play it and an even harder time convincing myself to buy games for it.

All that said, I wouldn't play games on any other handheld device short of 2048 on my cell phone....



AG_Awesome said:

@ztpayne7 Sadly they "fixed it". I grabbed spyro 2 and crash 2 but didn't get 3 or warped up. Also have a few psp games I missed out on . Ugh. I hate that they won't address it. Either put em up or say they never will so we can stop waiting!



get2sammyb said:

Whether Mesa's comment is accurate or not, I suspect he's going to get a ticking off for this comment. There's being honest, and then there's being too honest. Judging by the comments here, this was a stupid thing to say.



617Sqn said:

I was hoping for some big titles for Vita at E3..... I won't get my hopes up. I honestly think Vita is the best hand held console ever, with some fantastic games, it's a real shame it never went "main stream "



Gamer83 said:

As much as I like the Vita fact is it didn't sell so it doesn't make sense at this point to keep supporting it, especially not with the PS4 selling well. I always felt like the PlayStation brand was at its best when Sony had a singular focus anyway so if this means that all the AAA stuff Sony has lined up goes to the much faster-selling PS4 and Vita is slowly fazed out over the next year or two with some good indie games and the occasional Japan Studio 'AAA' that's fine with me.



rjejr said:

Is the Vita really the console for AAA games though?

I've been comparing Vita to Wii U since the latter launched, and mercifully Wii U will finally be getting AAA games Mario Kart 8, SSB and likely a Zelda announcement at E3 that isn't Hyrule Warriors. So the AAA games that people buy a Wii U for are coming. But Nintendo's AAA games aren't Sony's AAA games. Nintendo's AAA games are mostly devoid of story, dialogue and cut scenes. And when Zelda does have those things it's cell shaded WW HD and looks like it can play on the 3DS. I've argued Nintendo doesn't need a home console b/c it doesn't make home console games, it makes Animal Crossing and Pokemon, and companies that do don't port them to Wii U.

For the Vita, why spend the money on God of War games (3 was seen as the pinnacle of home graphics) or Last of US or MGS or GTA or Beyond:2 Souls for that tiny screen w/ stereo sound? It wouldn't make sense to me, those are the types of games that need 50" tvs and 5.1 sound.

So when someone says - no AAA games on Vita - I think thats what they mean. Nintendo makes cutesy little portable games, Sony makes blockbuster spectacles. Vita can still have games like Tearwaway or LBP - Wii U can have MK8 and SSB - but I don't expect Vita getting AAA any more than I expect Wii U getting GTA.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Sony needs to improve on making more first party games and Indies, ubisoft and ea etc will dump the vita soon enough.



Heiki said:

I love my Vita just for the Japanese games we are getting. It's amazing, really.
Just the 200+ hours I put on Persona 4 Golden was well worth my money. And there are games like Freedom Wars, and a bunch of JRPGs coming.

The Vita has a GREAT library of games IMHO.

I don't care much about Western developers, and that includes indies. But I guess they would appeal to a wider audience, so it's a shame we are losing third-party support, just like the Wii U.



MadchesterManc said:

@rjejr someone talking sense in a doom & gloom Vita article You have your Weetabix this morning!?

Isn't the Vita selling healthily enough now with the genuinely engaging & different experiences that we have from the niche & indie devs than it was when the handheld was getting cookie-cutter AAA releases? Or is that just me?



Demi_God said:

Nintendo has that game quality that handheld gamers want for a handheld. They have the RPG's and the non-serious games such as mario that people have liked for years on end, DKC is another one. I think Sony needs to get more of those games rather then FPS games and stuff like that. They need the good RPG's and they need so good 2D platformers with that Nintendo quality. I think then the sales may go up, but for now, it's just not going to happen as fast as they want.

On the other hand, it took a few years for the DS/3DS to even get the massive sales. A few years later the 3DS sold tons, but before that, it wasn't the hot seller I don't think and it took a few years for the good titles to come out.



eLarkos said:

I saw this coming the day it was announced. The state of this industry did not happen overnight. A lot of PlayStation fans talk about how great graphics are and that they would prefer a racer at 30fps with pretty lights. If this type of people are a large chunk of Sonys market then why did they expect them to get hyped for a "console" quality handheld when it simply isn't. Any COD (uncharted etc) released on Vita was going to look and play inferior and therefore not appeal to graphics lovers. The resources needed to create a good looking (*still not console quality) vita game are outrageous these days and Sony surely should have realised this. Seriously everything about the Vita is a wrong decision (expensive components, proprietary memory and charging). I know its owners love it but thats obviously not good enough.
A huge part of the 3ds success is in its target audience. Mario kart 7 doesn't look like a console game but Nintendo fans tend to generally not care about this. Release a game like that on vita and its review score would be a 5 for looking like a ps2 game. That's not knocking Sony fans that's just pointing out a difference in the audience.
Its easy to say in hindsight that im right and of course it could have been a huge sucess, but it isnt , and i do believe it was obvious it wasnt going to be.



eLarkos said:

@Demi_God Yea it's owners and genuine Sony gamers love it. Its the 10 million dudebro COD gamers that actually make up a huge portion of sonys target market that do care and haven't bought one



rjejr said:

@MadchesterManc - someone talking sense in a doom & gloom Vita article You have your Weetabix this morning!?"

Yeah, I don't know what came over me, maybe my account was hacked



BertoFlyingFox said:

Wow, this sucks. On the plus side, I'm at least getting more use out of it than my PSP.

But....then I remember not being able to play Crisis Core on my Vita. And the whole compatibility switcharoo that went by without so much as a peep from Sony. And the cost of a handheld with an "enhanced processor" that wont be used for much but JRPGs, visual novels, indie games, and playing slave to the PS3/PS4 systems.

I think I'm done supporting Sony handhelds.



Punished_Boss_84 said:

@memoryman3 And sadly it doesn't help Wii U's sales as much as it should and releases by Nintendo are few and far. And they need third parties, that simply is no longer debatable.

@MadchesterManc In Japan? Yes. Elsewhere? Dead.
Topic: I'm gloating right now. I've told you all Sony doesn't care, these exact same comments were made shortly before PS4's launch. This confirms Sony isn't making games for PS Vita, thats okay move on and stick to the successful platform. PSV will get to a point where is becomes a viable platform, if it isn't further in the grave by then. Third Parties simply do not care, not that they cared much before its just worse now. And yes platforms need third parties.



charlesnarles said:

I swear MH (or lack there of) did Vita in. N was 1337 and pwn'd PS's noob @$$ with the Capcom deal and made me buy a 3ds to play Tri Ultimate. I tried to keep playing FU on Vita, but the graphics were from 2009 and 3ds > PSP, at least graphically. I know lots of people that def woulda grabbed up a Vita for that series :,(



Ps4all said:

I'm really disappointed in the Vita at this point. The lack of new software is embarrassing and I have purchased and played through everything worth playing. I didn't invest in a $250 system and a $100 memory card to play indie games. I was sold on portable fps and uncharted. I've actually went and bought a 3ds. The Vita is collecting dust now, which makes me very sad. At least there is Borderlands to look forward to.



BambooBushido said:

@kakeroat Who said no Gravity Rush 2 of course gravity rush 2 is coming why wouldn't it be? Gravity Rush isn't really a big blockbuster game that costs them a lot of money to make



danny2kd said:

It seems to me that Sony are just looking at the profit side of the ps4 and brushing the vita to the side instead of spending some of that cash to boost vita sails and make it a stand alone machine with great titles they would rather forget it and focus on the money maker ahem ps4 sorry



Dodoo said:

I've got a PS4 and a Vita, yet I've not yet bothered once to check out remote play. I know what it is and I'm sure it's great but I want to (and do) play my PS4 games on my TV not a small Vita screen.

As far as PS Now is concerned, again it's a great idea but for me, why do I want to play PS3 games on my Vita when I've got a PS3, TV and a DS3? PS2 games don't really interest me either!

I suppose what I'm trying to say is it's disappointing if Sony has given up AAA development for Vita as that's what most of us bought it for and that's how they marketed it in the first place - that's what we expected we'd get when we bought in...

To make things worse is that we've been given a glimpse into how good AAA gaming can be on Vita with Killzone, Tearaway, Uncharted and Gravity Rush and can now probably expect not much more of those games.

Hope Sony has some Vita tricks up their sleeve at E3...



BambooBushido said:

Btw i love indie games as much i as i do AAA games so I'm not that mad about how things are going with Vita




A few strategic AAA releases is all It will take. Even 1 or 2 big names a year will help carry all the other games on the Vita. Imagine a proper GTA, GOD even an infamous title on the VITA. Those would definitely push the VITA to where it should be.



bbq_boy said:

I had a 3ds first but simply got bored of the same old stuff and sold it after 3 months (mh3u, fire emblem, pokemon x). Nintendo games are just like COD games... same story, same structure, improve a little here and there. Fans rejoice at the subtle improvements - circle repeats. I can guess nintendos list for 2015 (mario x, pokemon alpha 2xb, kart racer x, advance wars type game, a sim life game, luigis cousin, etc). Guess some gamers just stuck in familiar comfort zone but too scared to try new things out. I've been gaming over 20 years and vita's been the best handheld by far for me personally. Indies take risks with their games and much of it rocks! Music is terrific (eg.guacamelee, hotline miami, terraria), excellent quick gameplay and for a few bucks games can be completed in day to few days. (Perfect cos I've got so much stuff to do nowadays). And yeah there's tons of Japanese stuff on vita.... but so has 3DS. No one complains about another Japanese Mario, or Japanese animal crossing or Japanese rpg. Best £130 for handheld I've ever spent and best £40 for ps plus subscription I've ever spent. (24 games to play a year!) F*&pping excellent!!




@DaftPlayStation It came out as GOD but I meant to write GOW as in God Of War. Not remakes. Not ports. A true Vita God Of War exclusive. COD was attempted and failed miserably. It was so terrible that I almost consider it sabotage by Activision via the Microsoft partnership. Imagine if the Vita Call Of Duty had Cross play and other features not available on MS platforms. Most would have purchased the Vita and PS3 combination. MS just couldn't allow that. KZ:M proves that a portable FPS can be done.

PS imagine if Sony was in the money as is MS. I shudder to think what they would come out with with such a huge amount of cash. A shame that is currently not the case. But I think they are doing exceptionally well with the little they do have.




@MadchesterManc Gif is ugly. Lol..

I Love my Vita! Completely satisfied. But if Sony did what we ask it would get so much more support. The library would/could expand exponentially if the attention grabbing games were to come out for this amazing device. Not to mention other productivity apps that can be easily made available. Just open the floodgates Sony. Let the Vita LIVE!



italodance said:

3DS sucks and I still play with my Vita why?

There's no FPS game on 3DS
Sucks forever

And Vita's games has console quality

Lol I prefer iOS to 3DS

Viva La Vita




In regards to the article. Mesa would do well to NOT make such negative statements unless it is absolutely official from Sony that they are straying from AAA on the Vita. I can't imagine how many will read such words and simply NOT buy a Vita. Counter - productivity at its best. It's like saying the Vitas days are numbered. Wtf?



Sanquine said:

@MadchesterManc Oohw as an Otaku i'm happy with the system. However, i also bought this machine for games like uncharted golden abyss ^^ Sony Japan is pumping out some amazing content while SCEA is doing sh*t. SCEE gave us the amazing tear away which is good..



Sanquine said:

@eLarkos Typical example of a game that should be done by sony themselfs... As a longtime playstationfan it hurts me i wouldn't buy a new sony handheld for the sony exclusives.. but for the japanese games like Ys ( which is my favorite game series).



italodance said:

@Sanquine No I prefer adult games and don't like kids games like that or mario know even 3DS Final Fantasy games aint for adults.

And I'm playing FFX on vita as we speak

Fantastic game
Fantastic graphic
Fantastic story
Fantastic gameplay
Fantastic sound
Fantastic control

Vita is a powerful device which running console games same as PS3.



AVahne said:

Ew, I'm not taking streaming for an answer. Good thing the Japanese are still supporting Vita.



get2sammyb said:

@FATHASUN I agree, it's a ridiculous comment. Like I said earlier, even if it's true, this is something they should have never said publicly.



GraveLordXD said:

@italodance adult games as in x rated games ? And FF-X doesn't make up for it most of us played that years ago that's like me saying the Wii u is the best thing around because it has WWHD.
As far as the library of games the 3ds kills the vita in this department kiddie and non kiddie games sad to say



italodance said:

@LDXD I was never played that before or GOW games or MGS or Ninja Gaiden.
I was far away from game last console before Vita was SNES.

I hate 3DS library the only good game is RE you are talking as We!? Who's we!? I'm not we not you.

Don't speak from others instead.

Vita is still the best ,I don't care and don't want 3DS library I just want more FPS games on Vita and we are getting Borderlands 2 this week.



danny2kd said:

@italodance totally agree vita is the best and most powerful handheld out there and I don't care what people say I believe the vita library is really good.
Can I just point something out to everyone who says the vita needs AAA titles just remember before AAA developers become who they are it took that one game that made them, so all it takes is for the vita to get that one game



Holydiver85 said:

I can not find a good reason for me to buy a vita. I owned the PSP from the first year it was available right through to when it was exploited(read custom firmware became available) like a coupon for a free big mac. But when the vita came along there wasnt anything that excited me. Granted I felt the same about ps4 leading up to launch. But that has quickly turned around. Meanwhile the vita has had over a year now and I can really only think of 3 games I would like to play. One of those games is also available on another console(borderlands 2) and I would much rather play it on the big screen with surround sound if I have the choice. So its basically down to Killzone and uncharted. I have been waiting for a stockpile of games to amass that would make me eat my words but alas I have seen nothing new that appeals the way games for other consoles do. Some will contend that it has remote play and I will be able to play ps3 games soon. But that would be like paying for a book you already own because it is in a smaller font. Others will say it is because it didnt have enough support from consumers(early adopters) at first so the developers didnt see a reason to support it. That may be but I dont think any amount of sales now will sweeten the pot enough for developers to come back. Heres hoping for Sony's next handheld.



GraveLordXD said:

@italodance don't really understand your language but please leave your fanboism at the door edit: hmm OK I see what you're getting at but that's one of the problems with the vita not to many people want it to play borderlands and or FF-X because lots of people more than likely already played it and even still own those games
I love the vita also its a awesome little piece of hardware but software compared to the 3ds or more importantly what the vita could have been it really is a shame. The vita IMO deserves so much better



ObviouslyAdachi said:

If you don't own a Vita and you have the money to buy one, just buy it. I promise you will not regret it. You might say that the niche titles aren't for you, but to that I say yes they are. Just buy one.



Demi_God said:

Either way, I think the majority of handheld owners are more than happy with the 3DS, which is why I doubt NIntendo will even come out with a new handheld any time soon. They might come out with a new nintendo handheld within the next 5 years, but right now it's doing pretty good from what I understand.

As for Sony, they should definitely continue support and the Vita might just pick up in sales after this year. Like I said before with the Nintendo 3DS, that took a couple of years for the good games to start rolling in.

For me at least, I don't like handhelds as I don't walk around public carrying a 3DS or Vita or even a Tablet. So far I've bought a couple of handhelds throughout my life which is The first gameboy and the PSP. I would play those heavily for the first week and then just ignore it all together since I mainly game on my Sony console or PC. Handhelds just end up collecting dust since I show no interest in it.



ThreadShadow said:

I haven't played a game on the Vita in ages.
I can see a lot a Vita owners want to play FPSs on Vita, but a lot of FPS players don't want to play FPSs on Vita. Neither do they want a Vita. They want to play on their humungous TV screens.
I still think though, that the Vita's main problem is the memory card issue. You have to spend $100 to get a card with enough memory before you can comfortably play with the amounts that Sony is throwing around digitally.
That puts a lot of people off. They just spent $200-$300 on a Vita and they can't do much with it unless they fork over more money-a lot more money. And I think everyone is getting very tired of deleting/redownloading because they don't have enough room. A lot of people lose interest in that really quickly.



Dizzard said:

This is one of the things making me nervous about getting a Vita (the other being the cost of memory cards)

The thought that I buy the Vita and then suddenly it becomes just an accessory for the PS4. I really don't have an interest in a PS3 or PS4. (I'm more of a PC/Nintendo/Handheld gamer, the vita ticks the last box)



Paranoimia said:

"Any COD (uncharted etc) released on Vita was going to look and play inferior and therefore not appeal to graphics lovers."

Absolutely wrong. Both Uncharted Golden Abyss and Killzone Mercenary are visually stunning games which do both series justice.



Sutorcen said:

"Fortunately, we’re not reading too much into Mesa’s ."

Yeah, thank god for that. But still you are, AGAIN, reproducing a... somewhat misjudged negative statement about the PS Vita. How about reproducing a somewhat misjudged positive statement for once?

@Dizzard You can find sencond hand memory cards very cheap.
@Paranoimia Excuses from bad coders.



naruball said:

I think people who haven't actually used one probably don't know how awesome it is from a hardware perspective. The screen is amazing and holding it feels natural(?). The UI is the best I've ever had the pleasure of using and there are games for everyone and any kind of taste.
I also have a 3ds and sure it has more AAA games, but I really hate the hardware. It's just really uncomfortable to use so I stopped playing any games on it since I beat Naruto Powerful shippuden.
I'm sure the vita would have done great had it not been for this doom and gloom it's been getting even before it launched. It deters people from giving it a chance. At the moment, it has so many game I wanna play that I'm trying to force myself from buying new games, so that I can actually play the ones I've bought already.
As for the ports, I'm sure not everyone has played games like FF10 or persona 4 and they are definitely worth playing.



larry_koopa said:

1. Tearaway is one of the most charming, clever games that I have ever played.

2. Lumines Electronic Symphony almost justifies the purchase of my Vita by itself.

3. Tales of Hearts R is something that I have my eye on.

Those are my thoughts.



InsertNameHere said:

I'm overly satisfied with the Vita's library, I find it far more appealing than what the 3DS has to offer. Especially with localizations like: SAO: Hollow Fragment, Freedom Wars, One Piece World Red, etc. on the way.



eLarkos said:

@Paranoimia Not "absolutely wrong", you clearly missed my point.
"Both Uncharted Golden Abyss and Killzone Mercenary are visually stunning games which do both series justice." - I agree.

Take The Order for example. It has both Sony and MS fans clamouring for it at this stage solely for its graphics. In fact many people would have been influenced to buy a ps4 because it is demonstrating that it can produce graphics like The Order. People love graphics. Now do you think the same MS fan boys and regular Sony COD dudebros (sorry for using that but its a good illustration) were going nuts over KillZone mercenaries graphics. No, only Vita owners were. They are just relatively fantastic for a handheld. No MS graphics fanboy was dying to need KillZone mercenaries.

So where does that leave us? It leaves us with Vita owners who are incredibly happy their system is getting a great game, and everyone else not bothered because its bigger ps4 brother looks way better.

You may think im over estimating the population of dudebro gamers (although i dont) but thats not really important. Why? Because they are exactly who Sony marketed the Vita towards. Sony cant afford to keep making these huge resource intensive games if theres not many people wanting to buy them.



JaxonH said:


Eh, I'd really have to disagree with your assertion that Nintendo just makes "cutesy little portable" games and I DEFINITELY disagree with "Zelda Windwaker looks like it could run on 3DS". Even the old Gamecube version looks better than the best 3DS game ever developed. The Wii U version is light years ahead of anything the 3DS will ever see. The 3DS is basically between the N64 and Gamecube, but on a handheld. In case you hadn't noticed, the Wii U is well beyond the capabilities of those 2-3 generation old consoles.

As for "cutesy little portable games", I have to say there is a big difference between having an appealing, colorful artstyle, and being a cutesy little portable game. Animal Crossing, sure, that fits the bill. But games like DKC Tropical Freeze are not 'cutesy' in any way. And there's nothing portable about it. It's just a game. They've put them on home consoles, they've put them on handhelds. But it's not a 'portable game'. Portable games are little puzzle titles like Pokemon Battle Trozei and life sims like Tomodachi Life.

NSMBU, Pikmin 3, W101, Zelda Windwaker, Super Mario 3D World, DKC Tropical Freeze, Wii Sports Club, Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros... all these are home console experiences. They all have appealing, colorful aesthetics because that's how Nintendo makes their games. But being colorful doesn't equate to being 'cutesy'. Saying that makes it sound like it's Candyland Bingo or something...

Portable, well, Nintendo doesn't really make portable games much anymore. They make full console experiences on their home console, and more and more are filling their handheld with home console experiences as well. Luigi's Mansion, Fire Emblem Awakening, DKC Returns, Super Mario 3D Land, Zelda Ocarina and Link Between Worlds, Kid Icarus Uprising, Mario Golf World Tour, Smash Bros 3D... these are all very much home console-like experiences. It's one of the reasons their handhelds do so well. Their games aren't just little portable experiences. They're every bit as deep and fleshed out as their home console titles. Many of them are ports or sequels of actual home console games.



rjejr said:

@JaxonH - "Their games aren't just little portable experiences. They're every bit as deep and fleshed out as their home console titles."

I think this explains my point of view and why I think you're looking at my comment backwards. Their handheld games are every bit as good as THEIR console games, but that's b/c their console games aren't any better than their handheld games. When I first saw Kid Icarus I thought it was the best looking Wii game I had seen. I was so bummed when I realized it was a 3DS game.

Can 3DS do Windwaker HD, of course not, but 3DS just had A Link Between Worlds, a Zelda game, that as far as I could tell reviewed well. The only game on your list which I'd say needs a big tv screen is W101, but that's Platinum Games, not Nintendo. Every mascot Nintnedo has can be sold on 3DS - Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, Kid Icarus, Mario Kart, even SSB. Pikmin might no twork well either, but Kirby Mass Attack makes me think they could do a 2D side scrolling Pikmin game on 3DS.

Granted, Donkey Kong is way to difficult to be considered "kiddy", but it has penguins and walruses, you just can't get any more "cutesy" than that.

"Portable games are little puzzle titles like Pokemon Battle Trozei and life sims like Tomodachi Life."

To me a portable game is anything that doesn't require a large screen tv and surround sound, so I think we have a definitional difference of opinion.

"They all have appealing, colorful aesthetics because that's how Nintendo makes their games."

They aren't just colorful, they are cartoon like. Avatars planet Pandora is extremely colorful, but nobody is going to confuse it w/ Skyward Sword.

Now obviosuly the Wii was uncapable of graphics like that, but they could have tried. Dinosaur Planet (sorry, Starfox Adventures) on the Gamecube had great looking fur on Crystal long before DK in HD. Its still one of my favorite all time looking games. It ran like a slide show during battles but it was very colorful and the most detailed looking game for it's time, and for many years after. Imagine an HD version of something like that - colorful yet realistic. Beyond Good and Evil 2 has potential. Heavenly Sword and Enslaved were colorful w/o being cartoons.



JaxonH said:


I do get what you're saying now, but with that in mind...

Idk, it's not that one is better than the other. It's just they kind of game they make is all. There is no such thing as a better 'kind' of game. Just what different people preference more. But on that note, any kind of game can be on home console and handheld. Look at Killzone. Home console game, but also on handheld. Doesn't mean the game isn't any better than their handheld games, it just means any game can be on any system. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, one of the most hardcore, intense, in depth, mature, serious games of all time. And it's identical on both console and handheld. The 'kinds' of games on Nintendo's home console aren't "not better" than their handheld games. They're just the games Nintendo makes, and they put them on both handhelds and home consoles. The kind of games Nintendo makes is not inferior or superior to other kinds of games, just like basketball is not superior or inferior to baseball. Some will preference one over the other, and visa versa. Know what I mean?



LeiFangFan1985 said:

I really don't mind this since most big name games are the typical yearly garbage that most 'gamers' eat up. Indie games are a breath of fresh air compared to most of the crap being released nowadays. Besides, I'm planning on getting a Vita only for PS Now and the games I like to play.

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