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Sun 8th August, 2010

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AG_Awesome commented on Review: The Sly Collection (PlayStation Vita):

So all three aren't on one cartridge?! I don't want to waste my memory card space on this, ugh

Did they adjust camera controls for 1 & 2 to match 3 or are the inverts still backwards? I remember some issues with left and right being inverted.



AG_Awesome commented on This Massive Free Update for Terraria on PS3 a...:

I wish there was a comprehensive review (preferably video) that details what exactly this game is and how it works. It looks awesome but I don't get it? Do I just dig and build? Are there objectives or anything? Is the item management and understanding uses of items as tedious as it looks?



AG_Awesome commented on Interview: How Renegade Kid Embraces PlayStati...:

I loved dementium 2 (wish we'd get an HD vita release of it...) and I loved moon. I'm going to buy Moon on the 3ds when it comes out and I'm going to buy this on the vita when it comes out. I will not contribute to a kick starter though as I don't want to lose my money or wait five years for the game to happen. The eternal darkness sequel made sure I'd never get bamboozled again.

Can't wait to play this though!



AG_Awesome commented on Feature: 11 Games We Want to Play with PS4's V...:

Anytime I play an Assasins creed game I spend half the time just looking at the environments and architecture. I'd love to be able to wander around in Ancient Rome looking at stuff. They could even make a ten buck FPS of walking around the different game worlds with no other game play and I'd still get it.



AG_Awesome commented on Instantly Build Your Vita Library with this LE...:

This is a little misleading as they arent all even Vita games. Most are on the PSP. And Lego Indy and original Lego batman are the only two that play like the console games. It's a shame that they didnt port over they new release of Lego Star Wars Complete Series that the iPhone got and have this be the first official chance to snag it. Im dying to get that on a handheld with buttons.



AG_Awesome commented on Soapbox: How a Niche PS Vita Exclusive Made Me...:

Gender discussions towards video games have always been a fascinating subject to me. Personally I have never had an issue playing a game with a female protagonist. It doesn’t matter if it's Tomb Raider, Bayonetta, or even a female fighter in Mortal Kombat. I still enjoy the game and see it for exactly what it is (a means to experieince and control someone other than yourself). Having said that, Ive only ever played a game where you create your own character and created a female ONCE. I guess that may sound weird but I usually do custom characters based on one of three things: Myself, a movie/tv show/book/singer character than I like, or a stat based thing and the male character builds usually have the stronger physical stats that I like to use (warrior classes, etc).

I also wanted to add that Ive only known three female gamers in my entire life. I think it is awesome that there are girls out there who play video games and wish there was more of them. My wife in particular since she hates gaming and is terrible at it unless it's Animal Crossing. Lol.



AG_Awesome commented on Talking Point: Are Cross-Generation Releases A...:

They need to do what the Wii U didnt and that is offer these games with some kind of incentive to own beyond the basic "upgrade". Im talking collections. The NEW Assassins Creed should at least include 3, maybe 2 and it's sequels. If they put Batman Origins they need to include the other two for free. All of this with updated textures, resolution, whatever to sweeten the pot.

The biggest reason I didnt buy a Wii U is because the games on it that I want are already available for the PS3/360 and a lot cheaper. If the Wii U had both Batman games together, or the Mass Effect Trilogy, or even both Darksiders I would have bought one in a heart beat. I hope PS4 is able to really get some good deals for these alternate versions. ESPECIALLY if they cost 10-20 dollars more!