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Sun 8th Aug 2010

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AG_Awesome commented on Talking Point: Should Sony Ditch PS3, Vita Sup...:

@stevejcrow lol, as good a reason to buy her stuff as any.

I hope that's the case as I typically like Sammy. I've just so often seen "unbiased" reporters use their forum to do articles/discussions that have a hidden agenda. Plus his comment about being "surprised" at the amount of people that wanted to keep the PS3/Vita on plus kind of irked me. What exactly is so surprising about people wanting support for a system/feature they purchased?



AG_Awesome commented on Talking Point: Should Sony Ditch PS3, Vita Sup...:

I find it infuriating Sammy wants the vita and PS3 dropped and posts articles like this trying to encourage people to feel the same. Glad to see so many people still agree with supporting the vita and PS3 through.

I can assure you all that SONY will not suddenly give better games to the PS4 crowd just because they don't offer vita or PS3 games anymore. That's just absolutely laughable.



AG_Awesome commented on Reaction: PlayStation VR Clears the Price Hurd...:

I have a 14 foot wall I project onto when gaming. Replacement bulbs would be about 400 bucks so I'd consider buying a virtual reality headset just to use the theater play option. Supposing it works like it's advertised to



AG_Awesome commented on Sony: We Put Time and Money into PS2 Titles on...:

I don't think anyone asking for a free upgrade because they have the physical copy of the game has any right to ask. I actually think it's outrageous to even consider the option. However I think people who purchased the games digitally on the PS3 should be offered an upgrade option much like Nintendo does with their Wii U VC.

I don't like that digital games don't carry over generation to generation with any of the consoles, which was something I always assumed would happen. It eased my mind when buying digital as I was left thinking I'd "have the game forever", even if I just had to redownload the games when the next system came out. Instead this isn't happening. However upgrade fees at about half price is a reasonable compromise for consumers IMHO



AG_Awesome commented on Review: Super Star Wars (PS4):

$5ish is my sweet spot for this since I already picked up the Wii version. Save states and portability is all that would make me rebut it. Very glad it got released though and I hope more are to come. Especially the N64 and game cube star wars games



AG_Awesome commented on Store Update: 17th November 2015 (North America):

Why does nobody list the sales anymore? It takes forever to use search around in that store format. Even the blog just has a link to the store!!!! What the hell do they keep changing it for? Just list the price/sales price/psn sub price like they used to do



AG_Awesome commented on Review: WWE 2K16 (PS4):

Makes no sense to me that the devs don't listen to feedback and improve the game rather than arbitrarily changing stuff to be different. And the amount of grinding they throw in these games is pathetic and a slap in the face to consumers. I'm done with the series.



AG_Awesome commented on Store Update: 27th October 2015 (North America):

Can you guys list every sale like you used to rather than just a few games? It would be something like: title, system, price, sale price, psn price. Even the official psn blog wants you to click on the link to open up the app instead of listing it . It's extremely frustrating not just seeing a simple list like what had been done for years...



AG_Awesome commented on Review: Mickey's Wild Adventure (PSone):

@JamieO Sadly it did not get released on the NA PSN in 2012

"Update: In this post, we incorrectly reported that Mickey Mania would be coming to PlayStation Store. There are no plans to release the game on the North American PlayStation Store as the game only supports PAL video output, which is incompatible with North American television sets"



AG_Awesome commented on Review: N++ (PS4):

I also had hoped for a VITA release, or at least adding the PSP one to the digital store. I love the N series. I don't own a PS4 so I hope people buy it so they develop it for more systems.



AG_Awesome commented on Store Update: 30th June 2015 (North America):

So will the Sony blog ever bring back the spreadsheet style method of showing us release titles. I was hoping if they don't that maybe PushSquare could do it. It's extremely frustrating they got rid of something so simple as "old price, new price discount, new price PS+ discount". But maybe I'm expecting too much?