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Sun 8th August, 2010

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AG_Awesome commented on Review: WWE 2K15 (PlayStation 3):

I stopped buying these games after they broke the controls and reversal system and bunked the AI.

Gimme the No Mercy engine updated with a modern roster and Ill be set for life.



AG_Awesome commented on Resident Evil's PS4 Remake Will Fuse the Old w...:

I hope they aren't spending much resources or money on the game. I just can't see it performing well. Now if they did a resident evil 1-3 & code Veronica remake with 4s engine and control style THAT would warrant some major purchases.



AG_Awesome commented on Gamescom 2014: PlayStation Vita Largely Ignore...:

Honestly, it makes me physically Ill. Sony should be embarrassed of the way they treat Vita supporters.

Youd think with the advent of the Vita TV they at least would have allowed the remaining PSP and PSOne games to be released for it. But nope. Probably planning on PS NOW ruining that anyway... Ugh. Really rough times to be a Vita owner IMHO.



AG_Awesome commented on Review: Rogue Legacy (PlayStation 4):

I wish the review was a bit more detailed for those of us that know nothing about the game. Is there an endpoint? Are there bosses? How do the knights differentiate? Can you explain the death/rebirth system better? What happens in those difficult multi bad guy trap rooms? Are you able to come back to them later or is each death a whole new castle? How does saving and progression work?

I'm very interested in this game but know nothing about it, lol.



AG_Awesome commented on Wait, People Are Still Going on About the Infa...:

I find it a little troubling that there's some major blind fanboyism going on here. The purpose more than getting free games is to hold the company accountable. Why hold them accountable? So that there's a precedent for other companies consider when they chose to do a lax security system for their customers private information.

I don't even want a game out of it, I want peace of mind. But none of you "experts" know what it's like to have your private information compromised most likely. It's not fun and very time consuming



AG_Awesome commented on Sony: There Are 'Many, Many' First-Party PS Vi...:

Meanwhile NA doesn't even get a release date for the new ratchet and clank collection that just came out. I can see maybe one last major first party release like infamous, but if it doesn't sell I can't see em trying again. Not unless they get a cheap engine

I thought unity meant tons of awesome cell games would show up like the nova, modern combat, and dead space games



AG_Awesome commented on E3 2014: Yes, Sony's Smallest Ever Console Is ...:

I want to be able to play every PSP and PSOne game on this in addition to the Vita games. Vita isn't compatible with them all though so does that mean id HAVE to rebuy them on Now or something?

Or perhaps the idiots that run Sony will finally enable all these missing games? I can't stand not having many of my titles from the PSP era missing on the Vita.



AG_Awesome commented on PlayStation Now Will Make Your Backlog Absolut...:

Is this only a rental service?! I have almost 300 PSP/Vita/ps3/ps2/psone games between physical and digital and there's no way I'm going to spend money on expensive rentals! This is crazy and a terrible idea IMHO.

They also need to update the cloud save sizes

ALSO. Will the remaining PSP and PSOne games become playable on the Vita. Sony does NOT protect heir digital customers, remember that.



AG_Awesome commented on Sony: The Economics Don't Work for Blockbuster...:

I'm happy with all the PS2 HD compilations, I just wish they would make them run and look a bit better.

Also want the remaining PSP and PSOne titles to be made available. I'm disappointed pushsquare didn't mention the big hiccup on the NA PSN that made everything available for a few days.

Someone needs to push Sony to make these available for good.



AG_Awesome commented on PS Vita Firmware Update 3.15 Refreshes Remote ...:

Maybe it will restore the psp/psone games that were pulled off the NA PSN.

Why are no major gaming sites discussing this blunder and makig a big deal about it. Spotlight should be on Sony until they restore these games or directly address why they're not on there and when/if they will be.



AG_Awesome commented on Rumour: BioWare Shepards the Mass Effect Trilo...:

I love the mass effect trilogy (finally completing 3 as I type this). I personally would rather have a remix/remaster with uniform graphics and play between all three, as well as a fine tuning of missions so that the games play more similarly. I know some fans will want each game left alone, and "as is". Well rebuy the other "trilogy" set or the games by themselves. This is an opportunity to make one, concise package.



AG_Awesome commented on Store Update: 22nd April 2014 (North America):

@Cloud7794 Yeah it's one of the hottest topics on different Vita boards right now. My mind was blown it finally happened. I have SO many games that I couldn't play, from the capcom/midway collections, some Lego psp games, psp mgs, spyro, crash, blood omen. This basically just doubled the life of my vita!



AG_Awesome commented on Review: The Sly Collection (PlayStation Vita):

So all three aren't on one cartridge?! I don't want to waste my memory card space on this, ugh

Did they adjust camera controls for 1 & 2 to match 3 or are the inverts still backwards? I remember some issues with left and right being inverted.



AG_Awesome commented on This Massive Free Update for Terraria on PS3 a...:

I wish there was a comprehensive review (preferably video) that details what exactly this game is and how it works. It looks awesome but I don't get it? Do I just dig and build? Are there objectives or anything? Is the item management and understanding uses of items as tedious as it looks?



AG_Awesome commented on Interview: How Renegade Kid Embraces PlayStati...:

I loved dementium 2 (wish we'd get an HD vita release of it...) and I loved moon. I'm going to buy Moon on the 3ds when it comes out and I'm going to buy this on the vita when it comes out. I will not contribute to a kick starter though as I don't want to lose my money or wait five years for the game to happen. The eternal darkness sequel made sure I'd never get bamboozled again.

Can't wait to play this though!



AG_Awesome commented on Feature: 11 Games We Want to Play with PS4's V...:

Anytime I play an Assasins creed game I spend half the time just looking at the environments and architecture. I'd love to be able to wander around in Ancient Rome looking at stuff. They could even make a ten buck FPS of walking around the different game worlds with no other game play and I'd still get it.



AG_Awesome commented on Instantly Build Your Vita Library with this LE...:

This is a little misleading as they arent all even Vita games. Most are on the PSP. And Lego Indy and original Lego batman are the only two that play like the console games. It's a shame that they didnt port over they new release of Lego Star Wars Complete Series that the iPhone got and have this be the first official chance to snag it. Im dying to get that on a handheld with buttons.



AG_Awesome commented on Soapbox: How a Niche PS Vita Exclusive Made Me...:

Gender discussions towards video games have always been a fascinating subject to me. Personally I have never had an issue playing a game with a female protagonist. It doesn’t matter if it's Tomb Raider, Bayonetta, or even a female fighter in Mortal Kombat. I still enjoy the game and see it for exactly what it is (a means to experieince and control someone other than yourself). Having said that, Ive only ever played a game where you create your own character and created a female ONCE. I guess that may sound weird but I usually do custom characters based on one of three things: Myself, a movie/tv show/book/singer character than I like, or a stat based thing and the male character builds usually have the stronger physical stats that I like to use (warrior classes, etc).

I also wanted to add that Ive only known three female gamers in my entire life. I think it is awesome that there are girls out there who play video games and wish there was more of them. My wife in particular since she hates gaming and is terrible at it unless it's Animal Crossing. Lol.