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Sun 8th August, 2010

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AG_Awesome commented on Review: 5 Star Wrestling (PlayStation 3):

I don't get how they can be an alternative to the main WWE games when ripping off the Smackdown game control scheme. Would it have been that hard to just duplicate the WM 2000/No Mercy control scheme and gameplay style? :(. That's what so many people are begging for



AG_Awesome commented on PSN Downtime Prolongs NA PlayStation Store Fla...:

More crap for NA gamers anyway. I'm shocked the comment section here has the temerity to say the EU sales are worse than the NA sales this month. Clearly some people have major blinders on. We don't even get the ratchet trilogy in HD on sale for the vita...



AG_Awesome commented on Sony's Got One Last PS4, PS3, and Vita Sale in...:

@ToddlerNaruto That's PS3 version. Ive already owned that since day one, lol. I want the vita one, the one I keep talking about... but I dont want to spend 30 bucks on a game I already bought. So I want to have a sale down to 15, which is exactly what the EU psn had it for during THEIR sales. Thus my frustration at SONY NA's pathetic holiday "sales" for the VITA.



AG_Awesome commented on Sony's Got One Last PS4, PS3, and Vita Sale in...:

@ToddlerNaruto Ahhh, okay a misunderstanding on my part. Im stuck in the NA zone. Ive considered the physical import from EU Amazon but the problem is that Ive heard bad things about the second game freezing. If I got it and that happened I dont think I can download any updates with my NA account :( Also the total price after shipping still brings it to about 30 bucks.



AG_Awesome commented on Review: WWE 2K15 (PlayStation 3):

I stopped buying these games after they broke the controls and reversal system and bunked the AI.

Gimme the No Mercy engine updated with a modern roster and Ill be set for life.



AG_Awesome commented on Resident Evil's PS4 Remake Will Fuse the Old w...:

I hope they aren't spending much resources or money on the game. I just can't see it performing well. Now if they did a resident evil 1-3 & code Veronica remake with 4s engine and control style THAT would warrant some major purchases.



AG_Awesome commented on Gamescom 2014: PlayStation Vita Largely Ignore...:

Honestly, it makes me physically Ill. Sony should be embarrassed of the way they treat Vita supporters.

Youd think with the advent of the Vita TV they at least would have allowed the remaining PSP and PSOne games to be released for it. But nope. Probably planning on PS NOW ruining that anyway... Ugh. Really rough times to be a Vita owner IMHO.



AG_Awesome commented on Review: Rogue Legacy (PlayStation 4):

I wish the review was a bit more detailed for those of us that know nothing about the game. Is there an endpoint? Are there bosses? How do the knights differentiate? Can you explain the death/rebirth system better? What happens in those difficult multi bad guy trap rooms? Are you able to come back to them later or is each death a whole new castle? How does saving and progression work?

I'm very interested in this game but know nothing about it, lol.



AG_Awesome commented on Wait, People Are Still Going on About the Infa...:

I find it a little troubling that there's some major blind fanboyism going on here. The purpose more than getting free games is to hold the company accountable. Why hold them accountable? So that there's a precedent for other companies consider when they chose to do a lax security system for their customers private information.

I don't even want a game out of it, I want peace of mind. But none of you "experts" know what it's like to have your private information compromised most likely. It's not fun and very time consuming