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Male, 23, Brazil

I love everything about Japanese games, anime, and manga. I do enjoy some Western games, but I'd much rather play a JRPG than a Western FPS.

Sun 17th November, 2013

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Heiki commented on Sword Art Online Fans Are Going to Be Incredib...:

I knew Lost Song was coming since the Asian version comes with an English translation, but I'm glad we'll get a PS4 release.

I'm falling in love with Bandai Namco myself, they're doing a really good job with localizations. Can't wait to play J-Stars on my PS4 next month.



Heiki commented on So, Looks Like Sony's Already Working on the PS5:

You'd think all three big players always have their eyes on a next-gen offering, but the PS4 hopefully still has a long way to go.
Of course graphics are important, otherwise we'd be all playing on the PS1, but there's more to gaming than that. Even though I have a fairly high-end PC, I find myself playing on my PS3 and on my Wii U a lot more. And the PS4 is powerful enough for me. They all have great games and I have a great time playing them, that's all. PC is great for games like Civilization V, but not so much for the rest.



Heiki commented on Shuhei Yoshida Doesn't Understand People Who D...:

Yeah, I was one of those. I didn't like indie games just because they were "indie".

But after I downloaded Shovel Knight to my 3DS, I completely changed my mind. It's a very polished game.
So there you have it. Games are games. I don't care much bout some 'AAA' stuff myself. I'd rather play a low-budget game with innovative gameplay than generic shooters like COD and BF.



Heiki commented on Sorry, Freedom Wars Will Not Receive a Retail ...:

No big deal, guys. Just import the US release. Don't forget that the Vita is region free.

Living in Brazil, importing has become a habit for me. Although this is starting to change, we don't get much attention from publishers here. And when we do, their prices go beyond reasonable.



Heiki commented on Talking Point: What Does E3 2014 Tell Us About...:

What sets Sony apart from Nintendo is that Nintendo isn't giving up on the Wii U, even though it's in the same predicament as the Vita.
Just look at E3. It was all about the Wii U. They could just focus on their best-selling 3DS and enjoy more sales, but they are learning from their mistakes and trying to turn the tables on their home console.

I just don't see Sony doing that for the Vita or even for the PS3. Just look at how many amazing games are coming only to PS3 and PS Vita (Persona 5, Freedom Wars, Tales of Xillia 2...), and yet Sony hardly mentioned them.

As for me, I still love my Vita and my PS3 (and my Wii U and 3DS, for that matter). I honestly don't feel compelled to get a PS4, though that may change soon with more Japanese games coming. I just hope the Vita manages to find its place, because it has amazing games.



Heiki commented on E3 2014: Yes, Sony's Smallest Ever Console Is ...:

I may actually buy this just to play Persona 4 Golden on the big screen. That's just how much I love that game. It's sad to see the Vita being outcast, though. I love my Vita for all the Japanese games we're getting.

Still, I think Sony has the upper hand over the likes of Fire TV and Apple TV, even though I don't really care about remote play or PlayStation Now. I mean, I'd rather play real games... **cough** Persona 4 Golden **cough**.



Heiki commented on The PS4's Selling Like Crazy Everywhere Apart ...:

I can't justify a PS4 myself for the lack of Japanese games, so of course this doesn't surprise me.

And to be fair the PS4 isn't selling too well in Brazil either. Thai is, until Sony fixes that ridiculous price point. It's R$4000,00 and the Xbox One is half that price anyway.
Oh, and when I say I can't justify a PS4, I mean IMPORTING one, because I'm not **** to pay that price.



Heiki commented on Review: Mugen Souls Z (PlayStation 3):

Seems good enough to me. I'm probably one of those people this game is marketed to after all. Say what you want, but I'm glad NIS America keeps bringing niche titles.



Heiki commented on Nudity Is the Name of the Game in This Wacky P...:

I don't have a PS4 yet, so I will probably get this game for my PS3.

@Deehan1888 Wel, I love everything that comes out of Japan... except sushi! And I'm serious here.
But it's funny how you say that, because, you know, Sony is a Japanese company, so it's safe to say that PlayStation comes out of Japan as well. ;)



Heiki commented on Out This Week: Soul Sacrifice Delta, Borderlan...:

@get2sammyb That's too bad, but I'm still getting it. I have plenty of space on 16 GB memory card after canceling my Plus subscription anyway.

I'm still supporting digital-only releases of niche titles, just like I did with Hatsune Miku. It's better than not having them localized at all.



Heiki commented on Sony: The Economics Don't Work for Blockbuster...:

I love my Vita just for the Japanese games we are getting. It's amazing, really.
Just the 200+ hours I put on Persona 4 Golden was well worth my money. And there are games like Freedom Wars, and a bunch of JRPGs coming.

The Vita has a GREAT library of games IMHO.

I don't care much about Western developers, and that includes indies. But I guess they would appeal to a wider audience, so it's a shame we are losing third-party support, just like the Wii U.



Heiki commented on PS4 Executive Shuhei Yoshida Planning 'Very, V...:

I hope we get some news on Persona 5. As for the PS4, they'd better have something up their sleeves. I won't get a new console just to play shooters and indies. How about a release date for Final Fantasy XV?



Heiki commented on Japan Keeps on Giving as Tales of Hearts R is ...:

@Subie98 No one is forcing you to buy a Vita, right? Thing is, Japan loves handhelds, and a lot games are coming only to 3DS and Vita. So yes, you're missing a lot if you like Japanese localizations.
I personally just like games, regardless of platform.



Heiki commented on First Impressions: Beating Up Siblings in JoJo...:

I was surprised to see this being localized. It gives me hope of seeing J-Stars in the West as well.
As for the game itself, I'm not particularly familiar with the manga, but I guess it looks fun enough.



Heiki commented on Talking Point: Has Sony's Dithering Turned Off...:

I'm not particularly interested in the Vita TV (I'd rather play Vita games on the handheld), but I think Sony still has the advantage here... Playing crappy smartphone games on the big screen doesn't appeal to me at all, while the Vita has a GREAT selection of real games.