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Wed 15th Jan 2014

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italodance commented on Review: Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires (PS Vita):

Purchased and so mad, game is online only and more strategy and nothing else, how can I get refund?
Could it be offline?

Edit: Ok solved first the manual sucks even touchscreen function for calling the horse was wrong on it, the menu is shit and hard for using first, anyway got it the right way.



italodance commented on Review: Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires (PS Vita):

Read the review but having some questions first how is the storyline? Is it the same as previous Xtreme Legends? Or same story as all of old ones? Could you create your own character and play the story? Could you change the storyline with your created character and finish as you like?

Tnx guys



italodance commented on One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Smashes into Stor...:

Sorry but it's a shame we can not see the name of Vita in the tags. Push Square is supporting lesser Vita nowadays and I almost lose my faith in them, even in the reviews if a game comes to both of PS4 and Vita, they prefer review it on PS4 to do it on Vita, and I have told them many times, over and over again, please change the name of Push Square to Push PS4 and set all of us free.



italodance commented on Review: Toukiden: Kiwami (PlayStation Vita):

I'm got tired of people who don't even know the games, Monster Hunter is a clone of Phantasy Star, an ugly copy and worthless.
Toukiden is far far far better than pixeled Monster Hunter and the good point is both of Phantasy Star and Toukiden are available for PS Vita.

Anyway Great Review and Great score, waiting for Friday to purchase and active my demo copy of game.



italodance commented on Japanese Sales Charts: God Eater 2 Prompts PS ...:

@themcnoisy 3DS is dead, there is nothing on 3DS? maybe you think all of AAA and big names are coming to 3DS, you only see the sells! its not the only point if it is your point then all of PS4 and XBOXOne games should port to 3DS (yeah there's money WOWWWW!) so leave it, but Vita is powerful in the hardware and still can support some of PS3 titles in the past or same engines, we already saw that before. so we hope to see more and new big titles on Vita soon and in the japan from big companies such as Konami, Capcom, Namco, Koei Tecmo,...i would like to see Ninja Gaiden 3 or Tekken soon.



italodance commented on Interview: We Talk Tactics with the Producer o...:

I'm a huge fan of Warriors games, already imported Samurai Warriors Chronicle 3 for PS Vita and waiting for my shipping Samurai Warriors 4-II again for my Vita.
I'm so sad that could not see Bladestorm: Nightmare on Vita
And looking for Samurai Warriors special theme on Vita, how can I get that pretty theme?!? Only Japan PSN?!!



italodance commented on Review: AeternoBlade (PlayStation Vita):

I dislike it too, the enemy characters specially the bosses are way good looking than positive characters, the girl or boy(!) (Freyja) is ugly and her friends are worse than her, but i like Lord Beladim, he is so cool and looks powerful.



italodance commented on Review: htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary (PlayStati...:

So it means i don't purchase it? and is there any setting for changing the controls?
@GBMoni Oh i just read you, so the review has problem? they should make it as Re-review???? cause it's funny they even didn't bother themselves to check the settings out......