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Talking Point: Is The Last of Us Remastered Enough to Carry PS4 Until Christmas?

Posted by Sammy Barker

Something to fight for

Sony clearly intended to make a bigger splash with The Last of Us Remastered before it leaked. The platform holder admirably attempted to shrug aside the mistimed comments made by Turkish executive Sercan Sulun late last month, but it couldn’t gloss over the big gaping banner advertisement that it accidentally uploaded to the PlayStation Store. As such, the Japanese giant forced its own hand – an attribute accentuated by the hastily prepared PlayStation Blog post that appeared minutes after affable executive Shuhei Yoshida had confirmed the game on Twitter.

We’re sure that the firm had intended to release comparison footage and gameplay clips alongside the reveal, but instead we got a trailer featuring some 60 seconds of press praise and a brief glimpse at one of the survival horror’s most surprising moments. It’s not exactly the coming out party that the PlayStation 4 re-release deserved, but seeing as the original is widely acknowledged to be one of the previous generation’s best games, the excitement was palpable all the same. Confirmation that Naughty Dog itself is handling development proved to be the icing on the post apocalyptic pastry.

With the game now out in the open, though, that leads us to the next big question pertaining to its existence: how well will it perform, and will it be enough to flesh out the next-gen format’s lineup in a period that’s looking a little dry? Complaints have already been lobbed at the award winning adventure’s price point like a scavenged brick, with detractors debating the value of a year old re-release. Others have expressed frustration that the next big title seemingly coming out of Worldwide Studios is a port, rather than something new from one of its first-party teams.

Before we argue against those points, it’s important to recognise exactly what Remastered is. While we don’t have any official images to clarify our point, the developer stresses that the overhauled outing will boast better draw distances, higher-resolution character models, improved shadows, enhanced lighting, and more. It’s using the terminology “rebuilt” rather than “re-released”, which leads us to believe that you can expect a pretty sizeable upgrade. The footage in the first trailer – for all of its flaws – certainly supports that point, flaunting some painterly visuals.

In addition to all of the above, it’s also promising some slight gameplay tweaks – though we don’t know what these will entail – as well as a bumped up framerate, which will apparently sit at around 60 frames-per-second. As rumoured, the package will also include two multiplayer map packs and the critically acclaimed Left Behind expansion that launched earlier in the year. In terms of next-gen exclusive extras, the firm has also sourced exclusive commentary from creative director Neil Druckmann, as well as stars Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson.

It feels right now like Sony’s counting on The Last of Us Remastered to give it a burst of momentum heading into the busy holiday release window

For the manufacturer, that’s more than enough content to justify the price point, and it’s difficult to disagree. While some may feel aggrieved at the idea of splashing out on the software again, it’s important to stress that the title’s not mandatory – no one’s going to force you to buy it. Moreover, it’s worth acknowledging the historical expectations for these types of Game of the Year packages, which in the past have released on the same system at full price with DLC included. You could argue that this – much like Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition – represents better value due to its upgraded visuals.

Either way, it’s going to be interesting to see how the game performs. We’ve already elaborated on why we don’t think that the oft-discussed post-release drought has been as bad as people like to make out on the PS4, but there’s no doubt that things are starting to look a little dry over the summer. Watch Dogs is sure to be a big success next month, but outside of smaller releases like Murdered: Soul Suspect and The Evil Within, there’s not much else in the platform’s pipeline until Destiny in September.

Of course, this could all change during the platform holder’s rapidly approaching E3 press conference, but it certainly feels like the firm’s counting on The Last of Us Remastered to give it one last burst of momentum heading into the busy holiday release window. We don’t yet know when the title will arrive, but previous rumours have pegged it at 19th June, which just about fits in with its summer launch window claim. The timing would be great from a tactical perspective, as it would be able to carry any momentum out of this year’s gigantic gaming convention into the release.

But the quandary remains: is it enough? The launch of Titanfall has seen Microsoft get particularly aggressive over the past few weeks, with the Xbox One heavily discounted around the world. Some may argue that this is retailers responding to stationary stock, but it’s prompted a bump in interest surrounding the platform. Furthermore, while the grass isn’t exactly much greener on the other side – branding guidelines aside – there’s a growing contempt for the indie focus on Sony’s machine. Misplaced or not, this is a reality right now.

There are some advantages in the re-release’s favour. For starters, the manufacturer has managed to convince a number of ex-Xbox diehards to adopt its ecosystem with the PS4, and that means that many may have an opportunity to experience the adventure for the first time. As such, this could prove the perfect release for newcomers, and may yet convince fence sitters which system to choose. Fans of the poignant foray may also be tempted to double-dip, but the frequency of this will depend much on the improvements made to the original game.

Regardless, few could argue that having an award winning exclusive within its stable so early is a bad thing. There’s a reason that Sony’s advertising the fact that Naughty Dog’s survival horror property earned over 200 awards, and it could culminate in a big selling point for the PS4. Exactly whether it catches on like the original will depend on the effort that the manufacturer puts into marketing it, but we’d argue that its hesitation to rush the initial reveal suggests that it considers this a big thing. Whether the port can carry the console until Christmas, though, remains to be seen.

Do you think that The Last of Us Remastered will end up being a major release for the PS4, or just something to pad out the slow summer months prior to the big holiday shopping season? Smash a bottle in the comments section below.

Is The Last of Us enough to carry PS4 until Christmas? (53 votes)

Yes, I intend to play through the entire campaign this summer


Hmm, I’ll need to see the improvements first


No, I’ve experienced the adventure and want something new


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sinalefa said:

I don't have a PS4 yet as I need more games that interest me, and this rerelease is not pushing me to get one. The game is great but I am not paying full price for this, even with the extra bells and whistles. I will get the Evil Within in PS3.

I would rather wait until ND shows something more about the new Uncharted game (which will probably benefit from the expertise they make doing this) to make a decision.



MrHilster said:

As exclusives go, we still have the Order 1886 coming, I know a lot of people are worried about it's performance issues and say that it will be delayed, but it hasn't yet!



Mrskinner said:

Having sold my ps3 just before this launched, I am very much looking forward to playing this through on my ps4. Glad to see it ported and remastered, I did think I had missed out on this one.



Carl-G said:

Well with the Xbox ONE up to number 2 in the Amazon UK charts now because of another price cut i think SONY might lose the UK and USA now :-/ SONY needs to be quicker with their worthwhile firmware updates and need to show more exclusives now really. Oh well anyway i will buy TLoU again but only when it gets a bit cheaper



Beaston61 said:

I don't like to overdo it. It is a brilliant game, but having recently played it on PS3... I am not motivated to replay this on PS4 just for the visual aspect.



SethPuddle said:

I finished it on PS3 and will happily buy it again for PS4. I can't wait to get this



goonow said:

That footage of the "ps4" version was weak. I didnt notice any difference.



iSillyBoiJudas said:

I never got a chance to play it on PS3 and look forward to playing it on PS4. I think the price is justified for those of us who haven't played it seeing as all of the additions made to the game such as the DLC & multiplayer packs. I believe it should hold over until Christmas season for PlayStation exclusives but in terms of games for the PS4? There's still Wolfenstein, Watch Dogs, DriveClub Arkham Knight... and plenty of more, & that doesn't include the indies.



Jaz007 said:

I guess I'll choose no, even though I didn't play it and don't plan to. It's the closest option there is.



get2sammyb said:

@Carl-G It's only shot up because of all the recent discounts. Unless these become permanent, there's nothing to panic about just yet. It's a weird one, because at the same time, there's no real reason for Sony (or retailers) to adjust the price of the PS4 when it keeps selling out.



N711 said:

I didnt vote as I actually dont understand this article. I see the remastered Last of Us as an addition just like other remastered games rumoured like uncharted trilogy or those unannounced. Not really stressing either about Sony or M$ sells. You kinda forgetting Driveclub btw. Also lots of games coming its doesnt really matter (to me) whether they are exclusive or multiplatform.



Remixora said:

@iSolipsistJudas @Mrskinner I never got to play this game ether because I sold my PS3 so I would be more then happy to get this game on my PS4. I have only heard good things about this game and I think it can only get better on the PS4.
I also believe that there are some really great games in development and I have no problem if they take to long as long as they do a great game you won't regret buying.



divinelite said:

Yes I have no ps3 so this made me happy
Now I just need tales of xilia/zesteria remake on ps4 and its complete
Nb. I dont need ff13 trilogy on ps4 lol



Ginkgo said:

@get2sammyb I can easily see TLOU selling over 1 million "lifetime" on PS4.

Yes, the summer is a little slow. However, isn't DriveClub rumoured for June?
BUT and it is a big BUT, there are quite a few games coming out later this month and in May.
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
Bound by Flame
Lego The Hobbit
MLB 14: The Show
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Watch Dogs
Wolfenstein: The New Order

So it is not like there is nothing between now and Sept.



ReigningSemtex said:

Well for me personally I'm still playing multiplayer on ps3 now it's the main game I play so it will certainly see me through



banacheck said:

I already own The Last Of Us on the PS3, but there are new announcements coming from this year's E3. Sony's has pointed that out in the past, also Microsoft was doing an interview, and also pointed out that them and Sony will be bring an army of software to E3.



JaxonH said:

That's kind of a loaded question for the vote, don't you think?
My answer- none of the above.

Yes, I will be buying the game. But no, one game is not enough to carry a system until Christmas, a remake at that. However, E3 is right around the corner. And I'm sure there will be some 2014 releases revealed then.



tweet75 said:

sony better quit relying on full priced remasters of last gen games to support the ps4 or they will start getting dimishing returns.



WickedKnightAl said:

This article feels very Chicken Little to me. As long as the machine is still flying off the shelves, we don't have to worry about how well a remaster is going to do; it'll perform exactly as well as any remaster performs (maybe better with all that critical praise it got).

And to repeat an oft-repeated phrase regarding the opening to any generation: it's a marathon, not a race. Even a few great games like Second Son is good enough to tide the system over. Great games will definitely arrive, the wait will only improve them, and the promise alone of their arrival can get at least a few folks off the fence. Blasting all your cannons at once when it isn't called for is the only fatal mistake Sony can make in this battle. In the end, only the few gamers with the attention-span of a goldfish should really be angry about them not doing so (and they don't make up the buying majority nor do they reflect the attitudes of the community).



Farmboy74 said:

Will pick this up eventually on PS4 as I sold my PS3 before this game came out! a mistake never to repeat again



viciousarcanum said:

don't forget we've still got driveclub supposedly due around june/july and order 1886 rumoured for august (though i think that won't be out till october atleast)



Shaolin said:

I think the idea of a PS4 TLoU is solid and will be worthwhile to a LOT of people.

I've only recently platinum'd it a few weeks ago (which meant playing the game several times over) so I would have to wait at least a year before playing again just so that I can forget all the details. If Sony could additionally bring something else new then everybody will be happy.



MadchesterManc said:

"Is The Last of Us enough to carry PS4 until Christmas?" Is that the only game coming out on Ps4 for the rest of the year!? da Ps4 haz no gamez! lol

Joking aside, Im not the least bit interested in this remaster. Theres some genuinly interesting stuff coming out on Ps4, Wolfenstein & Destiny to name just a couple, that a remaster of game thats been out less than a year hardly excites, especially with talk of it being full price too. DW8 will more than likely keep my Ps4 occupied for a while anyway with the amount of content that games packing till something interesting arrives. On the subject of remasters, Metro Redux is actually a far more enticing remaster for myself. So..yeah..I voted no



-CraZed- said:

Voted yes only because there was no other option that fits.
TLOU remastered would be enough to carry me through the summer but not until Christmas.



Edwin_Garcia said:

Getting the Platinum again is a good reason for me to buy this game for the second time.



Punished_Boss_84 said:

No just no and to be honest it doesn't really need to.

Unlike Wii U (but not by choice), the PS4 and Xbox One (even PS3/360) have the luxury of having massive third party support/indie games (this is no longer optional for any of the systems given the indie revolution currently taking place) to fill the holes until first party games arrive/maintain good sales level.

Contrary to whats been said: a system needs third party support more than ever now. First party games alone cannot carry a platform, it can differentiate them but not carry them. Wii U & PS Vita have been through droughts and to the brink of death because of it.



yakuzah said:

Fantastic game, which I did not get to finish on my PS3. So I would be tempted to buy the PS4 version and play to completion.

Regarding carrying the PS4 to Christmas?! I think we are forgetting that there will be other key title releases from not until then, including Fifa 15 and probably another COD game (YAWN!)



YomamacrazyITB said:

Not to state the obvious but you do know that one of the top game dev's, Ubisoft, is on Sony's side. Watchdogs is going to have more stuff on PS4 and Ps3 than on Microsoft's system's. It is a possibility that not only this, but many other game's that are coming on Ps4 exclusively (uncharted 4) are goig to buy people as well.



stalepie2 said:

It'd be cool if there was like an Android or iOS app on the PS4 and then you could play those games



CRYSiiSx2 said:

We just need some more games on the PS4. Still waiting for Driveclub, and it seems like DICE/EA is determined to keep being cheap and leaving the servers as the garbage they are on Battlefield 4. I'm dying to play The Division, but everything is so far away. At least I'll have The Show 14 take up time.

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