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I like it here. Good community.

Male, 28, United Kingdom

Hi People, I come from the UK and live in Robin Hood land. I have been a gamer ever since I could hold a controller in my hand. You can catch me playing on either my PC or PS4. Happy Gaming.

Tue 9th Jul 2013

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Beaston61 commented on Poll: FIFA 16 Versus PES 2016 - Which Footy Si...:

So. I have been wrestiling with this for a while now.
The PES demo felt amazing and my mind was made up that instance. Then the full release comes out and suddenly I start regretting buying it.... did I make a mistake? Should I return the game? I was very close. But I have peresevered with it for now. It just enrages me, how different the game feels online. The AI shifts are so blatant, sometimes you can't defend and the amount of draws I have had is laughable.

I played my first FUT game on FIFA16 t'other day, I had the starting team made up of the free packs they give you (so not a very good team) but manager to scrape a 2 - 1 victory against a better side, but the point is the experience felt similar to the offline play (admittedly1 game isn't really a fair test).

I love PES, I do, I love the fact someone at the HQ has cast a phoenix down on the game. But the online is annoying me, I'm at the point where I would rather lose than take a draw. At least It's justifieable by the fact the opponent is simply better, not some BS AI momentum shift.
Rant over !
BTW my Friendly Lobby win rate is 100% - maybe it is just MYCLUB ?



Beaston61 commented on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 Breaks Its Neck on PS4:

I was the local THPS champ in my teens, I had several grudge matches with kids from my local skate park to prove my epic skillzzzz!
You folks must of forgot about the most legendary skating game in history, made by none other than Rockstar - Thrasher. Skate & Destroy.
I can still play and enjoy that game today!



Beaston61 commented on Review: PES 2016: Pro Evolution Soccer (PS4):

Well, I know which one I prefer... PES, without a doubt. That being said, PES is better on the pitch... but not off. My Club, still seems poor in comparison to FUT - I find my self logging in for the daily bonus and playing 1 match for the first win bonus, but that is it. The lack of updated rosters just enrages me. I have already spent about 2 hours in Edit Mode getting all the correct kits / emblems / managers and I out right refuse to invest more time doing transfers.
... that along with Lag, poor keepers online, news updates, forced roster / form checks at launch of the game and My Club are just amongst some of the shortcomings of the game.
The good news is the engine is amazing and all the aforementioned issues can be fixed in time - I have no doubt that PES 2017 will be even better



Beaston61 commented on Review: Until Dawn (PS4):

The tempation became too stronk so I got this game at the weekend. I completed it by Sunday night, it took me about 10 hrs. Ofcourse I was exploring every nook and cranny and taking my time.
A visually stunning, compelling story which keeps you intrigued & guessing. The butterfly effect really makes you think about your decision.
My ending turned sour - Only 2 survived.... Oh well, I have enough heart to do a re-run in a couple of weeks; in the meantime MGS V needs a good seeing to. ^_^



Beaston61 commented on Round Up: PES 2016: Pro Evolution Soccer PS4 R...:

PES 2016 has won my money this year. I have played both demo's and the games of PES had me applauding the graphics and animations, the goals or saves (keepers are amazing) whether mine or my rival (brother in-law ). Then there was Fifa... the blasted game (filled with the most annoying AI) looks almost the same as FIFA 15 - they fixed the keepers as they were broken in and put the match speed settings on +2.
I just feel that fifa is not moving forward, Fifa 14 was a good fifa, then 15 came out which was horrendous and now Fifa 16 has hardly moved forward from last years iteration. I think EA need to bring more to the table. Maybe a fall from grace will do the series good - like it has PES ?



Beaston61 commented on Review: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (...:

Great review - Totally agree with the lack of Big Boss (I miss D. Hayter TBH).
I am still only about 8% through.
I am taking my time completing all the Side-ops before progressing the story; which is the reason I believe I am progressing slowly. It's okay but I do think it leads to pacing issues, because of my obsession with remaining upto date - I really just wan't to smash the missions!
That being said though, this game just keeps getting better, the base developments for example, never did I expect the level of depth on offer. I just had to restructure the motherbase & sacked about 20 trouble causers from my ranks for lowering morale! Other things like sliding down hills in boxes! Most games lay out whats on offer very early and I feel I have the game down almost immediatly - Not MGS V: PP, new depths / discoveries still!
phew... now I wan't to play.

Just briefly on the score 9/10 is a solid score. I think that is about the best you can get, I always snarl at 10/10 reviews, because no game is perfect and 10/10 implies that. This game is a masterpiece as most agree, but it isn't without fault and could be better - in the areas Adam highlighted, for example. Of course you could say that with only 8% progression I don't qualify to give a score.... & you are right... I don't
Have fun!



Beaston61 commented on UK Sales Charts: Bloodborne Just Can't Beat Ba...:

Battlefield Hardline/s (a cocaine game ?) was bitterly disappointing, I am so stupid, I disliked the Beta but still bought it! Darn that pretty EA Promo Poster that caught my eye in Asda!!!
Anyway, I got rid of BF:H this weekend - Good riddance!
Bloodborne is 1000 times better - Just whooped Father Gascoine, an epic battle indeed!



Beaston61 commented on Can You Relate to Any of These PlayStation Mem...:

Forcing broken games to work by holding down that magic button at the end of the console - In fact I managed to play FF8 disc 1 (only a 3rd of the disc was present at the time ), with disc 2! the game worked find but FMV's were all screwy



Beaston61 commented on Review: FIFA 15 (PlayStation 4):

PES 2015 is my football game this year - Way more impressive - Fifa 15 is 14 with shirt pull and mud marks on shorts... and the football still vanishes when it goes into the crowd... for those that know what I mean