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I like it here. Good community.

Male, 26, United Kingdom

UK based. I grew up as a console kid, then I became a solid PC gamer! Through out the years I dabbled in some handhelds and the occasional console.

Tue 9th July, 2013

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Beaston61 commented on UK Sales Charts: Bloodborne Just Can't Beat Ba...:

Battlefield Hardline/s (a cocaine game ?) was bitterly disappointing, I am so stupid, I disliked the Beta but still bought it! Darn that pretty EA Promo Poster that caught my eye in Asda!!!
Anyway, I got rid of BF:H this weekend - Good riddance!
Bloodborne is 1000 times better - Just whooped Father Gascoine, an epic battle indeed!



Beaston61 commented on Can You Relate to Any of These PlayStation Mem...:

Forcing broken games to work by holding down that magic button at the end of the console - In fact I managed to play FF8 disc 1 (only a 3rd of the disc was present at the time ), with disc 2! the game worked find but FMV's were all screwy



Beaston61 commented on Review: FIFA 15 (PlayStation 4):

PES 2015 is my football game this year - Way more impressive - Fifa 15 is 14 with shirt pull and mud marks on shorts... and the football still vanishes when it goes into the crowd... for those that know what I mean



Beaston61 commented on This Swiss Store Thinks That Beyond: Two Souls...:

I think everyone should be able to play this game, on either format.
The thing I think about is this; whether this game gets released or not... is it going to effect the release of AAA games? Is it, really? I don't think so. So if re-releases (or even Indies - which I also love! Indies have offered some of the most enjoyable/innovative ideas in recent years) fills a gap that the AAA games can't, then bring em on!

On a side-note - Would much prefer to see a re-release of Heavy Rain.



Beaston61 commented on E3 2014: 90s PC Classic Grim Fandango Revamped...:

WOW! This is the best news. I can't wait! What a game - I have not played this in ages.
As MatGrowcott mentioned, it is a pain to run on modern PC's - I recently tried and it resulted in one issue after another....
Can't wait to see some footage.
Now... just waiting for the Shenmue 3 reveal....



Beaston61 commented on Review: SoulCalibur: Lost Swords (PlayStation ...:

OH my goodness! Oh my Dayuuuuuuum! - "Sorry Shog"
Soul Calibur just isn't the figting game it used to be. I regrettably own SC V. It seems the online integration just killed it - there was no epic Story Mode! The AI sucked, you could beat the last boss by just spamming a trip kick (much like the old days of MK 2 - for those that remember).