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I like it here. Good community.

Male, 25, United Kingdom

UK based. I grew up as a console kid, then I became a solid PC gamer! Through out the years I dabbled in some handhelds and the occasional console.

Tue 9th July, 2013

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Beaston61 commented on This Swiss Store Thinks That Beyond: Two Souls...:

I think everyone should be able to play this game, on either format.
The thing I think about is this; whether this game gets released or not... is it going to effect the release of AAA games? Is it, really? I don't think so. So if re-releases (or even Indies - which I also love! Indies have offered some of the most enjoyable/innovative ideas in recent years) fills a gap that the AAA games can't, then bring em on!

On a side-note - Would much prefer to see a re-release of Heavy Rain.



Beaston61 commented on E3 2014: 90s PC Classic Grim Fandango Revamped...:

WOW! This is the best news. I can't wait! What a game - I have not played this in ages.
As MatGrowcott mentioned, it is a pain to run on modern PC's - I recently tried and it resulted in one issue after another....
Can't wait to see some footage.
Now... just waiting for the Shenmue 3 reveal.... ;)



Beaston61 commented on Review: SoulCalibur: Lost Swords (PlayStation ...:

OH my goodness! Oh my Dayuuuuuuum! - "Sorry Shog"
Soul Calibur just isn't the figting game it used to be. I regrettably own SC V. It seems the online integration just killed it - there was no epic Story Mode! The AI sucked, you could beat the last boss by just spamming a trip kick (much like the old days of MK 2 - for those that remember).



Beaston61 commented on Rumour: PS4 Firmware Update 1.70 Right Around ...:

My most anticipated changes;

  • Be able to export screenshots / Videos (coming in 1.70?)
  • When reviewing saved videos, faster 'fast forward' or a 'got to xx time' function
  • Youtube app
  • The ability to customise the home screen dashboard
  • Easier management of friends and parties (I am sure the process of inviting friends to parties can be streamlined...)
  • Some form of reporting facility. Hacking and spamming/harrassing should not be tolerated AT ALL. These behaviours should be punished. (Massive piece of work)

And I expect all this in 1.70 :D Joke, I would be a fool to expect all of that, but I know it will come in time. I am paitent.



Beaston61 commented on Avenge the Death of Your Friends in Diablo III...:

I got Diablo 3 for PC on the first day it was released. I was mega disappointed with the game... until the more recent patch, which saw the end of the Auction House and implemented Loot Table v2.0. Now the game is alot more rewarding. I have been playing this weekend actually, but I think I would prefer this game on the PS4 - after playing the PS3 version. So, all I am waiting for is a release date.



Beaston61 commented on Who Would Win Wednesdays: Dante vs. Kratos:

Pffft.... Dante is a mere weakling in comparison! He couldn't take on Audley Harrison! - And why would Kratos care about a buttet! He would walk straght through them and rip out Dante's gullet!
Regarding his appeareance, who are we to talk?! Instead lets go ask all the Greek babes that can't walk ;)
Dante may have good intentions, but he couldn't even see through Trish's disguise. His lack of intelligence will lead to his demise.
Sack boy would of been more of a fairer match up!



Beaston61 commented on Who Would Win Wednesdays: Lu Bu vs. Ezio Audit...:

Lu Bu, would run Ezio through!
Lu Bu goes to war and slaughters 1000's of enemies, pillages and raises villages... Meanwhile, Ezio's to busy trying to hide in hay bales from city guards, becuase he is scared to get his butt whipped.
There is not a glitch in hell's chance!



Beaston61 commented on Review: Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse - ...:

Broken Sword 1 & 2 are way up there! Both brilliant games (who can forget the memorable dock scene at the start of number 2? oh and that enraged goat in number 1?!) sadly, all Broken Sword games after that were a flop.... I was hoping this game would be a re-visit to old times, made new :D And your review suggests, that is the case. Still tempted to get this on PC when a Steam deal appears. Thanks for the review.



Beaston61 commented on Soon You'll Be Able to Lay Your Light Fingers ...:

If this game is like the old classic Thief games, then we are in for a treat! The original games on PC are still playable (thanks to a modding community!)
~If this games was Third Person, it would be a big injustice to the originals and could not be considered a Thief Game.
Personally,having loved the original games, I am unsure about this one, it depends on how much has changed since the original & what "new" features have been impletemented. (Can't be doing with another game where you can just run around pressing L1 and everything lights up (Tomb Raider))
One thing though is it looks alot like Dishonored... anyone else agree?



Beaston61 commented on Mix Some Fresh Green Herbs, Resident Evil: Out...:

I was too young to be bothered about playing online games back when this was released.... A missed opportunity! I would love to try this game online :D Nothing beats classic Resident Evil, how I hate what the franchise has become ! This last generation (PS3/360) really killed the survival horror genre (including Silent Hill) and I will never forget the dissapointment of Forbidden Siren on PS3, I mean the game was good-ish but nothing compared to 1 & 2.
Thankfully, looking at some future releases (or rather PC Ports) the Survival Horror genre is making a comeback!



Beaston61 commented on Matters of Import: Escaping the Winter Weather...:

"But just how nostalgic can you be for a holiday that you’ve never had in a country that you’ve never been to? As it turns out, quite a lot. Irrespective of the specifics, lifting up bricks to look for creepy-crawlies and running around in the sunshine all day are activities that most people can relate to – the only difference here is that Boku’s summer is crystallised on UMD forever, just waiting to fill your ears with the sound of dusk insects and waves even on the coldest winter nights."

10/10 for that paragraph. Brilliant :D A+++



Beaston61 commented on UK Sales Charts: FIFA 14 Ends 2013 at the Top ...:

To be honest, I have sunk alot of hours into Fifa 14. It's the first year I actually paid attention to the "Ultiamte Team" mode & have played online. When I am not tweaking my Ultiamte Team, I am remote playing "Manager Mode" to my Vita :D Good game, but I can't help but feel the AI have too much of an impact on the game.



Beaston61 commented on Feature: Five Hotly Anticipated PS4 Games That...:

Apart from RIME, which at this moment in time I am unfamiliar with (that is soon going to change, dont you worry ;) I consider all of them "Epic Releases". But I spefically voted for Tom Clancy's: Division, apart from the visuals, I love the online concept & think if they can pull it off - It's gonna be the bomb :D



Beaston61 commented on Game of the Year: Best PlayStation 3 Games of ...:

The Last of Us - Probobly the best narration in a game I have played yet... and folks believe me, I have played a lot of games :D

I lol'd when I saw Diablo 3 on the list, but then I remembered... Ofcourse, Diablo 3 (ironically) is better on the console! than the highly anticipated PC version.

BTW - I have Bioshock: Infinite on PC. Truth be told... I have not even played it. I actually loved Bioshock 1 & 2 (& System Shock) :D



Beaston61 commented on Feature: Feel All Festive with These Unforgett...:

They are all epic! What to pick?
I had to go for MGS: the first game I played that featured snow! Footprints, cold breath out of Snake's mouth !!!!
"Huh! Who's footprints are these ?!"
Back then, I had never played anything like it!
I must of sunk like 50 hours just in the demo.