The Last of Us

Stock up on Kleenex tissues, as The Last of Us is coming to the PlayStation 4. In news more predictable than a successful Katy Perry single, PlayStation Turkey's vice president Sercan Sulun supposedly confirmed the re-release during an interview on local television. We're going off NeoGAF translations here, so reserve an element of doubt – but the quote has been corroborated by numerous members. Our understanding of the foreign language begins and ends B*Witched's brilliant 'C'est La Vie', so unfortunately we can't confirm.

Assuming that this isn't an elaborate ploy to expose shoddy gaming journalism, though, the executive was heard saying that Naughty Dog's cinematic masterpiece "will be released this summer for the PS4 [...] with enhanced graphics". He added that a sequel is not on the cards "right now", which echoes comments made by creators Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann earlier in the year. The pair pointed out around the time of expansion Left Behind's release that they were currently considering ideas for a follow-up.

While the duo bash their brains together, though, we reckon that a next-gen port would make more sense than cookies and cream. Not only will this increase the release's already astronomical sales, but it'll also give the Japanese giant's next-gen super machine a major exclusive to tide it through the slow summer months. Alright, we'd prefer original content, too – but we're not exactly going to pass up on the opportunity to toss bricks at fungal infected foes in super high-definition, and we suspect that you won't either.

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