Bags of fun

The Last of Us was one of Sony’s most successful titles during the PlayStation 3 era, selling over 6 million copies in less than a year. Naturally, the platform holder’s betting big on its currently unconfirmed but almost certainly in production PlayStation 4 port, then – and one Spanish retailer is ready to take pre-orders for the release right now.

While these product listings often pop up following a big rumour, the interesting thing about’ is that it’s giving away bags with the supposedly upgraded survival horror title, which seems like an oddly specific thing for an outlet to advertise. The listed date is 19th June, which makes us ponder whether the Japanese giant was planning a SEGA Saturn-esque announcement during its press conference.

Sadly, there are no actual details on the game – such as any potential improvements – but it is listed as The Last of Us: Complete Edition, reaffirming that it will likely include all of the title’s DLC. Of course, this could just be a load of rubbish – but our powers of intuition suggest otherwise. Are you willing to buy the opus again? Click with us in the comments section below.

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