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Male, 37, Costa Rica

Been gaming since I was 5. I play mostly games on Nintendo and Sony systems. I currently own 3DS, Wii, Wii U, PS4 and PS3. Favorite developers include Nintendo, PlatinumGames, Naughty Dog, among others. I love games with soul and sense of humour.

Wed 18th May 2011

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sinalefa commented on The Maligned Mighty No. 9 Is 'Better Than Noth...:


For as much as I love Shenmue, I didn't back a single dime. Same with Yooka Laylee. They didn't need my money as so many people backed it and the stretch goals' priority in Shenmue was too weird for me to care (why put subtitles in other languages before more meaningful content?) to add my money. Having other KS without any single one making it was another issue.



sinalefa commented on E3 2016: Sony's Shuhei Yoshida Can't Wait for ...:

Whoa, @rjejr gets his own article! You are quite a celebrity here. Maybe Tom would do the same if you ever write "Nintendo" correctly

This Zelda looks amazing. This and another Splatoon will be enough to have me get the NX day 1.

I like how Yoshida admits to liking other games. The way it should be, it is the same industry and developers inspire each other. Plus he could plug his own game so pretty clever. Win-Win.



sinalefa commented on Soapbox: Let's Be Honest, E3 2016 Was Disappoi...:

I didn't expect anything huge but I am happy. Got the Crash remaster, Gravity Rush 2, Horizon and Spiderman. Oh and the RE7 demo. The most important part: Sony finally nailed the conference length and pacing.

Xbox showed the Slim, Scalebound (which still does not convince me, even if I worship Kamiya) and there is Gears and Forza.

For Nintendo I thought only Zelda would be a mistake, but thankfully they showed other things, including a new IP. Rhythm Heaven 3DS is available as of now in NA. And of course the main dish looks excellent.



sinalefa commented on Poll: What Was Your Favourite PS4 Game at E3 2...:

I am voting Horizon cause I cannot vote Zelda here Second place goes to the Crash remake. As much as I hate remasters, at least these are not PS3 ones and those are the only Crash games I care about. Third goes to the Spiderman which looks promising.



sinalefa commented on Persona 5 Gets a Confirmed Release Date, Will ...:

"Still, Persona 5 actually has a legitimate launch date – can you believe it? It's also coming to both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 – can you believe that?"

I can believe all that. What would be unbelievable would be Atlus giving an European release date.

Anyway, don't make me choose between this and Horizon cause this one is gonna lose.



sinalefa commented on Feature: Is Crash Bandicoot Coming to PS4? 10 ...:

I want it to happen just to see if you can get over that shirt.

I always wondered why Spyro was in Skylanders but not Crash.

Anyway I dont see ND going back to it or a dev that can make it justice except Imsoniac or even Playtonic.



sinalefa commented on Game of the Month: Top 4 PlayStation Games of ...:

I got Doom and U4 and loved them both. Still have my doubts on Overwatch as it is an FPS, I would rather play a TPS and watching some videos didnt look that fun. PS Store doesnt even have a video for it unlike Battleborn.



sinalefa commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

I feel like Kell. I am picking up Doom later on today and I am close to beating U4 but not enough to beat it this weekend.

I also got the Doom 3 BFG Edition that compiles the first 3 games and I will be trying to get the second ending on Super Meat Boy. May squeeze some Splatoon in there and the usual couch co op with my bro.



sinalefa commented on Feature: The 10 Best PS4 Games of 2016 So Far:


I almost got Knack when it was on sale like a month ago, but the file size knocked me back to reality. Hard to believe a launch game not graphically impressive is so big. Killzone I can understand, but not Knack.

Thankfully Ratchet seems to be a much better alternative, and cheaper to boot.

Talking about hard games I recently beat Super Meat Boy and I am now trying to get the harder, real ending. Extra difficulty for playing on Wii U and the game not letting me use a Pro or Classic Controller.



sinalefa commented on Here's Your Update on The King of Fighters XIV:

Ok at least we now know the reason why you keep ignoring this game. Backhand compliment article

I dont watch games, I play them and this one seems to play good. This game may be niche, and gaming media should do their part to actually promote it so it sells a bit more. This one will release in late August and still will have more content than SFV.