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Male, 36, Costa Rica

Been gaming since I was 5. I play mostly games on Nintendo and Sony systems. I currently own 3DS, Wii, Wii U and PS3. Favorite developers include Nintendo, PlatinumGames, Naughty Dog, among others. I love games with soul and sense of humour.

Wed 18th May, 2011

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sinalefa commented on Avalanche Studios to Blow the Doors Off Just C...:

He does remind me of Drake in that pic.

This series and Bulletstorm are two that I always forget to pick up but I find the premise interesting. Both seem like a goofy twist in the all too serious shooter scene.



sinalefa commented on Review: Scram Kitty DX (PlayStation 4):


I know. You could still get just one cat and be done with the level, but then you won't be getting too much bang for your buck.

Now, I know this is the DX version, so either they changed it from the Wii U version or the review is not right in these two things.

1-You don't play as a cat, but as Scram's owner, he is the original "buddy on rails".

2- There are 4 cats per stage, the three in the review and another one that you get by collecting 100 tokens (amusingly, it looks like a Maneki Neko, or Japanese Lucky Cat).



sinalefa commented on LEGO Dimensions Brings Bricks to Life on PS4, PS3:

None of the sets interest me, so thankfully I will pass. Give me Chase McCain and I will buy it. Hopefully minifigures can be bought individually.


A bit off topic. I got the new Bowser the other day and I prefer it over the Smash one. Incidentally, the stance is exactly the same as in the Club Nintendo figurine we got a few years ago. I also got Vanellope for DI, but could not find Tinkerbell.



sinalefa commented on Soapbox: We Need More New Game Plus:

I support it. And I actually prefer when the NG+ allows you to tackle a harder difficulty with your accumulated equipment. A great example of this is The Wonderful 101.

NG+ feels like a reward for beating the game, letting you feel overpowered or just goofing around. Of course it adds replay value and makes you feel you did not waste the time and effort invested after the credits roll.



sinalefa commented on Talking Point: What One Game Do You Always Com...:

For multiplayer it is Uncharted 3. For single player it is usually 3D Mario games except Sunshine and 3D Zelda games. I also have a soft spot for Super Mario World, Excitebots and Punch Out, either on SNES or Wii. And Crash Bandicoot Warped and Crazy Taxi.



sinalefa commented on Hideo Kojima, You're Totally Hired:

I would like to see Kojima going indie and doing something not MGS related. But if he makes his own studio but will be still involved with MGS, then it will be like Sakurai and Smash.



sinalefa commented on An All-Male Party Makes Final Fantasy XV 'More...:

For me it is not if girls are represented in the party or not, is that I find boring only having males in the party. And all of them dressed mostly the same too.

I like variety in my parties. Having boys, girls and Nopons is the way to go.



sinalefa commented on Batman: Arkham Knight Delays Its Vigilante Jus...:


Oh, but @Gamer83 does not misspell Nintendo ;) And yours is usually different because you seem to care more about getting release dates in the first place, than for delays themselves.


If that collection rumour is true, then no way this is coming in June. Unless said collection releases in April which I find hard to believe.


I read the "only by a couple of weeks" part and did not do the math.



sinalefa commented on Soapbox: Has It Just Been a Bad Week for Games...:

I think that state of the art graphics and production values lead to big budgets that lead to big advertisement campaigns to build hype in order to recoup losses and making profits.

Then the hype leads to disappointment when reviews start to appear and glitches start to be discovered. Couple that with games being discounted if they don't sell millions, making consumers wait until prices drop or patches are developed, thus taking more time to sell.

I am also doubtful of the benefits for indies when Sony/MS put their new games free with their subscription services, or spoil gamers into waiting for those games to hit gold/plus. Or big sites like IGN completely ignoring original games like Scram Kitty.

And regarding risks, both publishers and gamers are averse to taking them.



sinalefa commented on Predator Stalks Mortal Kombat X as Post-Launch...:

I like the stick news, but the bad thing is that I tried the previous game on a fight stick and failed miserably, specially x ray attacks, so I actually prefer to play these on a pad.

Hopefully SFV also supports PS3 sticks, as I would feel more at home with that one.