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Male, 35, Costa Rica

Wed 18th May, 2011

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sinalefa commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

In the PS front, I will continue playing Bayonetta, I just played the first chapter on Hard.

But mostly, I will be playing 3DS: Yumi's Odd Odyssey, Pokémon X and Rusty's Real Deal Baseball. An hour ago I beat Attack of the Friday Monsters in two sittings. I had to do it since today is Friday.



sinalefa commented on You May Get a Discount on The Last of Us PS4 i...:

I did not pay full price the first time, so no way I am doing it a second time.

It would be odd to give discounts to digital owners only, as that will get an uproar from the physical version adopters, and that includes the people who bought the Survival Edition.



sinalefa commented on Talking Point: Is The Last of Us Remastered En...:

I don't have a PS4 yet as I need more games that interest me, and this rerelease is not pushing me to get one. The game is great but I am not paying full price for this, even with the extra bells and whistles. I will get the Evil Within in PS3.

I would rather wait until ND shows something more about the new Uncharted game (which will probably benefit from the expertise they make doing this) to make a decision.



sinalefa commented on The Last of Us Remastered's First PS4 Trailer ...:


People got upset that Nintendo did not make the next Zelda realistic, but they got two Zeldas that gen, and one of them was as realistic as that old demo. So if they do the same for Wii U, I wouldn't mind if that means getting two Zeldas again. The spider demo took my breath away when I saw it, though.

Madworld was so over the top violent it was actually dumb and funny, and I think that was their intention. I feel slicing the belly of a Centaur and see its guts coming out in GOW is way more graphically violent than anything in Madworld, as GOW is realistic looking.



sinalefa commented on The Last of Us Remastered's First PS4 Trailer ...:

@rjejr @JaxonH

You just can't forget that garden demo, haha. And Knack IMO works against Sony, not in their favor. Ratchet and Clank would be a much better example ;)

Maybe it is a matter of taste, but I do prefer non realistic looking games as those are usually the most aesthetically different and innovative. Madworld, Muramasa, Epic Yarn and Red Steel 2 come to mind.

We have seen tons of ultrarealistic games for PS360 and I expect to see even more for PSBone, and probably Wii U may get some as the hardware makes it much easier than say, Wii. Bayo 2 and X, and if there is another M(etroid) later down the line could be examples.



sinalefa commented on The Last of Us Remastered's First PS4 Trailer ...:


I would say THIS is the GOTY edition. It will appear roughly a year after the original, with all DLC and extra maps included. This one just won't be cheaper, as GOTY editions usually are.


I feel that people who own a single console are the only ones who really complain from droughts. Last month I was playing my Wii U like crazy (Tropical Freeze), but this month I am with my PS3 most of the time (Bayonetta). So instead of asking Sony for bright, colorful games or asking Nintendo to be the HD triplet, I just have two consoles and play to their respective strengths.



sinalefa commented on PS4 Will Help Dial The Last of Us Remastered's...:

The PS3 version took forever to lower price. I had to wait until Black Friday to buy it at $35.

DLC inclusion should not be an excuse to pay $60 since GOTY editions have all the DLC and are usually around $40 when they appear. I feel like they know people love this game and are willing to pay $60 again for it.



sinalefa commented on Want to Play PSone Games on PS4? Sorry, You're...:

I am used to Sony omitting backwards compatibility (which I find a bit odd since the three generations controllers are practically the same) so I am not surprised by this. My PS1 stopped working long ago, so I sometimes use my PS3 to play Street Fighter Alpha 2.

Hopefully we can at least get them off the cloud in the future.



sinalefa commented on Review: Puppeteer (PlayStation 3):

This one came out of nowhere for me. When most PS3 owners may be raving about GTAV, this is the one I will be getting on September. I will order it next Sunday, along with Wonderful 101.

I also heard it is only $40, so that sweetens the deal even more.



sinalefa commented on Talking Point: Would You Buy a $500 PS4 and Vi...:

Yeah, it looks like Sony would be giving the Vita for free, which would (probably) make for a huge loss for them and could give the impression that the Vita is not that interesting to own by itself. Still, that is only a rumour.

I don't have a Vita and I don't intend to upgrade to the PS4 anytime soon, but if this happened, I would get this bundle whenever I would get a PS4.



sinalefa commented on Feature: Unforgettable PlayStation Firsts:

PS one was one of my first consoles. I sold my N64 and got Sony's console.

Some of my favorite games include the first 2 RE games, Brave Fencer Musashi, Tekken 3, Gran Turismo, Soul Edge, Crash 2 and 3 and Spyro 2.

Curiously, I never bought a PS2 and only got a PS3 in 2009. I am more of a Nintendo guy but Playstation comes second to me.



sinalefa commented on Review: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (PlaySt...:

I was hesitant to buy this one at launch, unlike Uncharted 2.

The game itself is great, but I found it way too similar to its predecessor, so it never feels as impressive. It fixes the criminal lack of Sully and the hard to pull headshots of the previous game, but you can't help feeling Deja Vu. Some examples are fighting on a cruiser ship during a rainy sunset and jumping from one truck to another in a convoy.

Overall it does not feel as bigger of a leap forward as Uncharted 2 was from Uncharted 1. The AI is incredibly dumb, sometimes failing to shoot when you are running in front of them, which I found strange.