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Mon 28th Mar 2011

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Farmboy74 commented on Hands On: PlayStation VR Continues to Impress ...:

@wiiware, my impression is that PSVR is not completely sold out and Sony are holding stock back as I was promised last week at Insominia 58 launch day delivery if I ordered one there and then on the PlayStation stand. The only things that stopped me was the price and more importantly the other half!



Farmboy74 commented on Hands On: PlayStation VR Continues to Impress ...:

Had a go on PSVR last weekend, was hoping for Battlezone but got VR worlds instead! I was really impressed with the level of immersion and how comftable the headset was. Didn't have any issues with the images and it works a lot better than 3D does on my 3DS.
It needs some system sellers for it to really take off as the price of entry is quite steep. Also is Sony going to throw its full weight behind it and support it even if sales are not great to begin with? Or will it get the Vita treatment?



Farmboy74 commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Witcher 3, finished the main quests in Velan and looking to complete the secondary quests before heading into Novigrad. Between this and family life I don't think anything else will get a look in!. Still got Fallout 4 and Uncharted Collection still in their wrapping!



Farmboy74 commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

@sub12, I wouldn't say getting side tracked itself is an issue. What did annoy me was that I started the Wondering in the dark mission after meeting Kiera and I was woefully under prepared ( no potions and hardly any food). Ended up restarting from an earlier safe.
I would also say that the combat takes getting used to and I can't stress the importance of getting ingredients for potions etc. I would say that the crafting recipes in this are a lot more complicated than say Assains Creed Black Flag.
Currently playing the Bloody Baron mission (just played the Ciri story).
As a rule I love scifi and fantasy, just need to spend more time with it learning to get to grips with it.



Farmboy74 commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This... Ch...:

Picked up Diablo 3, Uncharted and the Witcher 3 in the Black Friday / December sales.

Currently starting act 2 on Diablo 3, might get round to starting Uncharted and The Witcher but can't see finishing any off them before well into the new year! and that's if anything dosn't catch my eye in the sales!

Happy Xmas gaming everyone.



Farmboy74 commented on Some UK Schools Are Cracking Down on Children ...:

Here is what I posted on Nlife:

I think the Nantwich Education Partnership could have tackled this differently.

About two years ago, the primary school my children go to sent a letter home to all parents warning about the effects of under age children witnessing / playing COD & GTA as these games were being acted out in the playground. The letter ended reminding parents of their responsibilities and no threats were issued at all.

Now as parent who has been gaming since the spectrum 48k!, I have grown up alongside the games industry and know how to set up parental controls on all devices. The Wii U & 3DS's are fully locked out and have age limits in place. The only thing that is missing is a timer that monitors gameplay and switches the game off automatically like the Kindle Fire.

There a number of 18 rated games in my collection (mainly PS4, but a handfull of Wii U), but these are played when the kids are in bed and my kids know that 18 rated games are for daddy only.

The problem comes when parents don't censor what their children are playing and watching and don't research how to put parental controls in place.

I know Game has a policy of not selling games to under age children as I have seen this put into practice on a number of occasions.

To be honest what we're discussing here is the same when the whole "video nasty" debate blew up in the 80's



Farmboy74 commented on Reaction: Project Morpheus Seems Impressive, B...:

Price will be very important and to my mind Morpheus cannot be more expensive than a PS4.
Then there is the games you are going to need a stellar list of must have titles that help to push the sales of the unit.
Is this going to be the next fad after 3D? Its a hard on to call at the minute



Farmboy74 commented on Apparently, People Buy PS4s Over Xbox Ones and...:

The way Sony handled the pre launch period was a factor plus the wallet friendly price compared to a launch PS3.

The last factor was games, Sony exclusives plus all the multiplat games that will not get released on the WII U



Farmboy74 commented on Ubisoft Admits Difficulties Developing Assassi...:


I brought AC Unity in the Xmas sale from Amazon for £22 and by this time the 6GB patch had been released.

Like you needed to finish Black Flag first, and I have now spent around 20 hours playing Unity in its current patched state. So far I have seen one NPC stuck in a wall to a castle, the game has crashed on me once and froze briefly after returning from the map screen. But nothing as game breaking as previous versions so far.

Gameplay wise it's a very different beast to Black Flag, which I really enjoyed. While it's not as good as Black Flag or Brotherhood, it's a lot better than 3 and I would say it's closer gameplay wise to Brotherhood. You can hide behind objects and they have improved the Parkour which is really good once you get use to it. As usual finding myself getting sucked into things, the companion app you can get on Google or ITunes allows you to unlock extra chests and equipment.

Bottom line if you a fan of the series, I would buy it but for no more than £25.



Farmboy74 commented on Ubisoft Admits Difficulties Developing Assassi...:

This new gen is proving to be disastrous with new software launches that need patches required day one. Like others no longer prepared to pre-order, wait for the reviews and go from there.
After the fiasco of Unity's launch I wonder how many will now buy Victory at launch?



Farmboy74 commented on Sony Extends PlayStation Plus Subs Due to Xmas...:

@rastamadeus, the Nintendo Network Premium Points scheme only applied to the 32GB WII U, it was only a temporary scheme which ended on 31st Dec 14, you earned 8 points for every £ or € spent. Once you got 500 points you got a £5 voucher. People who still have unclaimed vouchers have until 31st March 15.
Sony's online account system is still light years ahead on Nintendo's though.



Farmboy74 commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

This weekend I've been playing;

WII U; MK8 with my 9yr old son

PS4; FIFA 15 now playing as Liverpool on professional after winning everything as Leicester City on semi pro

VITA; Downloaded the Minecraft demo and it took me by surprise, enjoyed the crafting element an time flew by. Looking now to unlock the full version.



Farmboy74 commented on Reaction: PlayStation Experience Keynote Close...:

For me it was successful keynote, plenty of games on the way although they won't be to everyone's taste. The Vita got some love as well which I enjoyed. I was going to buy Shovel Knight on the Wii U, but will now wait for either the PS4 or Vita versions.
That Street Fighter reveal though will keep the internet in meltdown, like Bayonetta 2 did for the Wii U.