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Mon 28th March, 2011

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Farmboy74 commented on Sony Extends PlayStation Plus Subs Due to Xmas...:

@rastamadeus, the Nintendo Network Premium Points scheme only applied to the 32GB WII U, it was only a temporary scheme which ended on 31st Dec 14, you earned 8 points for every £ or € spent. Once you got 500 points you got a £5 voucher. People who still have unclaimed vouchers have until 31st March 15.
Sony's online account system is still light years ahead on Nintendo's though.



Farmboy74 commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

This weekend I've been playing;

WII U; MK8 with my 9yr old son

PS4; FIFA 15 now playing as Liverpool on professional after winning everything as Leicester City on semi pro

VITA; Downloaded the Minecraft demo and it took me by surprise, enjoyed the crafting element an time flew by. Looking now to unlock the full version.



Farmboy74 commented on Reaction: PlayStation Experience Keynote Close...:

For me it was successful keynote, plenty of games on the way although they won't be to everyone's taste. The Vita got some love as well which I enjoyed. I was going to buy Shovel Knight on the Wii U, but will now wait for either the PS4 or Vita versions.
That Street Fighter reveal though will keep the internet in meltdown, like Bayonetta 2 did for the Wii U.



Farmboy74 commented on UK Sales Charts: Assassin's Creed Unity Sails ...:

I think this has sold well, because of how good Black Flag was and people pre-ordered before release.
I think the next release will not sell as well due to the well documented issues with Unity.
Certainly will not buy this myself until fully patched and in working order.



Farmboy74 commented on Talking Point: What Are Your PS4 Launch Memories?:

My memories of the launch started 7 days early due to getting Assassains Creed IV for my birthday on the 26th Nov but no PS4 due to the European launch being a week later!!. Cue seven days of patiently waiting and looking at a shiny game case!
Launch day itself I had agreed to help out at work!, but my kind neighbours son took delivery of my PS4, you should of seen his face when I told him what was in the box!!



Farmboy74 commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

@Kupo, That's the game my PS4 was playing!!, switched it of completly last night and when I turned it on this afternoon it blue screened!!!, cue panic from me on hold with customer services for 15 minutes.

Tried to put it in safe mode wouldn't do that, so I risked everything and pulled the plug! Don't know what it was but PS4 restarted ok when switched plug back on.

Back on topic more FIFA on PS4 & Bayonetta on WII U



Farmboy74 commented on Talking Point: How Did the Three Major Manufac...:

Here is what I said over at Nintendo Life

I can only comment on Ninetndo's E3 presentation as it was the only one I watched. The reason for this was Sony's presentation was a traditional conference that was held at 2am BST and I have no interest in MS anymore. Nintendo's second E3 direct was more polished than last years and because it was a 45min video I could watch this on you tube when I got home from work (5pm finish) and to be honest I have no love for the traditional E3 presentation.

The treehouse format worked very well, but by day three I think they were struggling a bit as they had covered all the upcoming game content.
I can eventually see Sony & MS adopting this approach as from reading various websites it seems Nintendo approach to E3 went down very well.

Games that have interested me for the rest of this year and looking to buy are:

Bayonetta 1 & 2
Captain Toad Treasure Tracker
Hyrule Warriors or Smash Bros

The Last Of Us
Infamous Second Son
Plant Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare

Next year though promises to be a good but expensive year as there will be Zelda, Yoshi, Xenoblade Chronicles X (I don't expect it to be released this year), The Order 1866, Witcher 3, Starwars Battlefront and Dragon Age.



Farmboy74 commented on Feature: In Theory, Could Titanfall Drop a Bot...:

Could EA get away with releasing a Ultimate, Directors or Game of the year edition?? I would imagine MS having this securely nailed down. Mass Effect is a great example but no I cannot see this happening other than a sequel coming to Sony's consoles



Farmboy74 commented on PS Vita Firmware Update 3.15 Refreshes Remote ...:

Remote play is the Vita's trojan horse, gives you access to playstation 4 but more importantly there is absolutely a load of games available for the machine and don't forget PSP & PSone games are also available on the handheld



Farmboy74 commented on Drinkbox: People Don't Understand the Purchasi...:

I've just checked my PSN account, I can't believe I have brought / downloaded or added 15 Vita games to my account since I brought my Vita at Christmas, thanks to bargain seasonal sales and PS+. Add to my old PSP digital collection and that's 30 games in total. Looking like its time to buy that 64GB memory card.
Unlike my PS4 & Wii U collection all my Vita games are digital where on these two consoles they are mainly disc based software.



Farmboy74 commented on PS4 Sales Slip Behind Pace Set by Nintendo Wii...:

Saw this article posted on various sites around the internet, but with a slightly more flame and click bait headline. It's early days for the PS4 Japan no need to panic if it's not selling gangbusters at the minute. Might be down to the games it's released with and time of year.
At least it's good news for Nintendo in Japan.



Farmboy74 commented on Pachter: Titanfall Exclusivity Due to Industry...:

@rjejr, I realise that Sonic Boom is based on the upcoming Saturday morning cartoon, but didn't know the game is not being released in Japan. I think Nintendo have been caught out with the move to HD and I think Sega and Nintendo make a great fit even if it's mutual or timed exclusives.



Farmboy74 commented on Pachter: Titanfall Exclusivity Due to Industry...:

I can see what he is saying, thing is Microsoft got complacent and Sony managed to build a console with hype and buzz not seen since PS2.

@rjejr From what I have seen I have high hopes for Sonic Boom, can't help feeling that Nintendo should have brought Sega quite some time ago and may have now missed the boat.



Farmboy74 commented on Pachter: Nintendo Should Publish Its Games on ...:

I can't see Nintendo publishing any of its IP on Sony or Microsoft consoles. It would mean the end for Nintendo manufacturing hardware. They're a cash rich company according to reports and can afford th Wii U to tank. What they need to do is invest in more internal studios and come back with a stronger console in around 3 - 4 years time.