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Sony Doesn't Expect to Sell Many PlayStation Vitas Over the Coming Year

Posted by Sammy Barker

Forecasts look bad for the struggling system

Sony as a whole may look in much better shape under the guidance of new CEO and former SCE president Kaz Hirai, but the outlook does not seem quite as good for the PlayStation Vita. Speaking as part of an earnings call earlier today, the firm revealed that it only expects to sell 5 million portable systems over the coming fiscal year, which spans the period between 1st April 2013 and 31st March 2014.

That means that the platform holder anticipates that sales for both the Vita and the PlayStation Portable will be less over the coming twelve months than they were for the same period last year. The manufacturer sold just 7 million handheld systems during the fiscal year that’s just ended, and even those figures were undermined by the losses incurred by the Vita’s price drop in Japan.

The forecast suggests to us that Sony doesn’t have a rescue plan in mind for the Vita. While the prediction will no doubt be affected by the declining interest in the PSP, it’s troubling that the company doesn’t expect its current flagship handheld to pick up the slack. We think that you can pretty much rule out any major announcements at E3.


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Epic said:

They have no PLANS?!?
Nintendo is planning to bury Vita ALIVE with Pokemon and Monster Hunter 4 this year and they don't have any plans?
This is madness.



get2sammyb said:

@Epic Well, that's me speculating, but if they had bigger plans I think you'd see that forecast being a lot higher. Nintendo expects to sell 18 million 3DS consoles during the same period, by the way!



divinelite said:

As far as I love my PSvita, I can't stand it anymore. Next month after Rune Factory 4 released, I'm gonna be a 3ds owner too...

But still, I want Vita to keep succeed, I'll keep buy the game (Muramasa next month), and hoping the remote play PS4-PSVita is NOT JUST A TALK



NathanUC said:

I'm really happy with Soul Sacrifice and plan to be happy with Killzone. I'd like more games and honestly, I'm tired of all the indie games. I love the indie support on Vita, but I'd love to see more full budgeted games like Splinter Cell, FUZE, Bioshock, GT, etc. I have faith that Sony will have some cool Vita announcements at E3, but it might just be a few ports (which I'm ok with).

Seems like devs don't really care for Vita or Wii U, but instead 3DS and PS4. Interesting times.



Valky said:

I believe they won't give the support it needs because they are busy for the PS4 thing, let's see if it can stream PS4 games.



hYdeks said:

Nintendo and portable is alil different than Sony and portables Nintendo will always be top dog in portable, but I love my Vita and to say they have no real plans for the Vita is very stupid, considering E3 is just around the corner and they have already announced upcoming games like Jak & Daxter Collection, The Walking Dead, Y's, Valhalla Knights 3 and a bunch of other games. People are too really for doom and gloom, need to stop paying attention to these "expect to sell" units and just enjoy the games



charlesnarles said:

What happened to Vita to make it so fail? Whose fault is it actually? Cause I buy crap for it all the time, and they aren't even being positive about it as a system, which is discouraging. Don't make me buy a Nintendo, guys! (3ds are pretty cheap, dang! So many good games this year for not Sony!)



belmont said:

Sometimes when I browse for gaming news I think that I am the only one that loves my Vita (and my PSP).

I also have a 3DS but Vita is way better. 3DS in its state does not appeal to me very much. The only games I got recently were Layton (that the 3D models looked like crap), Resident Evil and Castlevania (this and RE that better suited Sony handhelds anyway). RE sold so purely that Capcom is porting it on PS3 and Wii U (not Vita for some strange reason). Unless they start localizing some j-rpgs or Layton games (they said so but there are no release dates foe EU and 3DS is region locked) I may not buy something for it again.

While PSP may have some very few new games before its demise (localized j-rpgs that appear randomly and pro 14) I am more concerned for the future of Vita. It sure has games that appeal to me and look good, I have bought more games for it since it released from what I buy for my other systems and the new games look good (Muramasa Rebirth ,Dragon's Crown ,Killzone, Ys: Memories of Celceta, Tearaway, Batman).

However after them seems to be sort of ... nothing that is certain a bad think. We will see at E3 how Sony will handle the Vita (new games, more on remote play). A price drop would help. Personally I would like some localization of games from Japan and remote play. I don't get why it is so hard to provide both of them.



Sanquine said:

oohw god... And another article about vita ! @ nintendo life they aint bitching on the wii u....



InsertNameHere said:

Eh, i'm not really worried. I highly doubt that Sony would just let the Vita die, not after the way they talked about enhanced remote play at the PS4 reveal.



Gemuarto said:

7 vitlions are pretty good. Really want to know how Soul Sacrifice doing in the west in terms of sold copies.



Ps4all said:

That stinks. I love my vita, I "convinced" 6 of my friends to get on. Less vitas in the wild = less vita games. The only explanation for this is they are puttinh all their $$ behind ps4 and cant afford a huge push/pricedrop/marketing campaign for Vita.



Squiggle55 said:

Maybe they're lowering expectations so they can beat their projections for once and give some good news. They have to have something up their sleeves. They have yet to try a price drop, and if they announce a few surprise games and remote play is universal with ps4 then away we go.



Captain_Toad said:

Sony not too confident about end of year profits for Vita?
Come on Sony, Don't waive the white flag just yet.
You still got some changes that could possibly bump it up a bit more. Cheapen up the price. (I think they did that overseas and that well.) Especially with those memory cards.
Get some more games. Espically the one that take advantage of the features of your console.
That scratch the back thing and the cross play thing.
Or if possible make it a pack in for the ps3/ps4 to take advantage of that cross play feature. Sounds crazy I know.
Sure yeah, the 3ds is well (to put it lightly) overtaking the handheld market.
But just well even from a Nintendo fan, don't call it quits.



Gamer83 said:


NLife has put out a lot of not so positive articles about Wii U and its place in the market right now. News is news and the reason I like this place, NL and Pure Xbox is becase they don't sugarcoat anything. Vita is not selling, period, and the truth is there really isn't much more Sony can do about it except drop the price, on both the system and mem cards, and hope that helps.



ViciousDS said:

i find the system price very good, in fact i don't know any device with the kind of power it has for the selling price.....but omg the fricken memory cards......those are whats keeping me from so many digital purchases.....find a new vendor, something seriously!



Sanquine said:

@Gamer83 No, we need games.... I dont understand sony. If you want to make profit make games... The thing is not going to sell itself



Paranoimia said:

@charlesnarles "What happened to Vita to make it so fail?"

Cheap, fickle gamers, that's what.

Everyone was wowed by the price when it was announced, then decided it was too expensive when it released.



GraveLordXD said:

@Paranoimia those memory cards to me are way to expensive I would spend nearly $400 for the system and a 32 gig memory card with no games, and that's way to much for a hand held to me anyway
I don't know :/ still waiting out a price drop but it seems like that's not going to happen this year, so it looks like I'll be waiting for a long time



get2sammyb said:

I think the results show why they haven't dropped the price — even though sales improved on Japan, they ended up making very little on the system because they had to subsidise the price.

I don't think you're going to see a price drop soon, but I may be wrong.



GraveLordXD said:

^ yeah I was hoping for a price cut around the end of the year but I just don't see it happening and now that I think of it if they did have a price cut it might actually undermine sales of the ps4 a little bit and I think Sony is going to be more involved with that for a while  
So now I'm thinking Ps4 or vita or vita now then ps4 or ps4 then wait for the price to drop for the vita or vita then wait for the ps4 to have a price drop, ok as you can see im very confused



Paranoimia said:

@LDXD But gaming is an expensive hobby, always has been. i don't know why people still seem surprised by prices.

Even at it's current price (which I still say is a bargain for what you're getting), the Vita is sold at a loss, so Sony need to make money somewhere, and that's obviously going to be on things like memory cards. The alternative is cheaper cards, but a $400 portable system - which would probably mean it sells worse than it already is.

Of course, nothing says you have to buy a 32GB card. I have one now, but I bought a 4GB card with my Vita; I upgraded not because it was necessary, but because I could afford it at the time - I got it a couple of weeks after the Vita launched, and it still has 20GB free, so it was a good investment and I won't be needing another any time soon.

If you buy 'full' games at retail (i.e. on cards) you won't need a lot of card space anyway, just enough for the saves; plus of course, the money you save buying retail rather than paying PSN prices for 'full' games would go towards a larger card. An 8GB or 16GB card will do if you plan to download the smaller PSN games, as you can always back them up to and restore them from your PC.

People always compare the price of the cards to SDcards etc., but I don't. The way I look at it is that if I'm willing to pay £40/$60 for a game, then £55/$80 for a card that will hold many games isn't that big a deal.



GraveLordXD said:

@Paranoimia It had crossed my mind to just go with the 4 gig card don't know if it comes with one yet or not, I think it's the fact that its a handheld that makes me feel it's to expensive and then I have to think about the ps4 now and what I'm gonna do about it
I agree gaming is an expensive hobby that's been eating my wallet for a long time now, I wish I was the type of person who could just play one game a year or one type of game and be done with it



Squiggle55 said:

Lowering the price of the memory cards would definitely help I think. I say come out with a 64 GB and price it the same as the 32 GB one is. Then cut the prices on the existing ones.



BlueProxy said:

Why Vita is struggling 101

  • price is still too high for a dedicated portable handheld
  • proprietary memory cards are waaay to expensive
  • needs more exclusive games, less focus on cross play/buy, retro and PSP carry-overs
  • Sony doesn't even have faith in their own device, and almost ready to throw in the towel. Devs can see it, share holders see it, gamers see it and think twice before buying one.

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