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Fri 8th Mar 2013

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brendon987 commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

legend of heroes trails of cold steel on the ps vita. Chapter four. 50 hours in. This game is easy the best gaming experience i have had this year and the best on the ps vita for awhile.
Iife is strange. Episode 5. Loving this game. Just started the final episode.
Uncharted chapter 4. Looking for so far but need to finish the above game before i can put a few hours into the game.
Good time to be a gamer.



brendon987 commented on Soapbox: Street Fighter V Gets a Lot of Hate, ...:

The initial game was created for tournament players only. Not for casual fans like me. There was no point in me picking the game up.
Things have improve gamewise, but most casual fan have moved on. They missout on alot sales by ignoring the casual fan.