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Fri 8th Mar 2013

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brendon987 commented on Game of the Year: #1 - Bloodborne (PS4):

I have always avoided this game, as i believe it will be too hard for me. But for what i see it does look amazing. I stick with witcher 3 and steins;gate as my favourite games for 2015



brendon987 commented on Feature: PS4 Report Card - How Has Sony's Form...:

I give the ps4 an A minus. I played three great games in 2015. "Last of us remasted", gta v, and witcher 3. You cannot do better then that in a year.

I give my ps vita A plus. I probably played 8 or so games on it in 2015. With the hightlights being danganronpa 1 and 2, steins;gate, . Those are three amazing games too.



brendon987 commented on Fallout 4 Definitely Has a Chance of Outsellin...:

I felt let down by skyrim. After all the problem it had running on my ps3. Serious, i had to reboot the game every 40 mins to play. Which must have been a know issue but yet they release the game. I feel i cannot support fallout 4.