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Fri 8th March, 2013

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brendon987 commented on Preview: Doing Business with the Spirits in So...:

I love the fact that there a Soul Sacrifice demo, because this is not normally my type off game. Now I can put four hours into it and make a decision. I like how they tell the story. The few fights I have had, have been very enjoyable. The beasties graphics are amazing for a mobile game device. I hope this game does well in the west.



brendon987 commented on FIFA 14 Kicks Off on PS3, Vita Left Sitting on...:

Actually it would be a good thing if the release Fifa Vita game on a different data. An make it a different game. Not Fifa 14, maybe "Fifa on the go".

Otherwise the reviewers will say it not as good as the console version and not even consider it probably the best Soccer game on a mobile device.



brendon987 commented on Feature: How Killzone: Shadow Fall Can Finally...:

I only play the single player campaigns of first person shooters. An KZ 2,3 were my favourites. The enemy AI is great, the set pieces are huge, and you always felt that you were in a war.

Playing KZ3 on a 3dTV is amazing. Seeing the rockets coming, bullets flying by is a highlight off this generation gaming.



brendon987 commented on Talking Point: Why Sony Should Hold a Second P...:

The timing Is very interesting. Xbox might be online only, and with an reported asking price off 500$. It could be Sony way off saying to the consumer that we are the right console this time. With Xbox 720 being announce on the 21th May, it Sony saying its a better produce. Time will tell.



brendon987 commented on Talking Point: Are Indie Games Enough to Save ...:

There a gaming revolution happening at the moment. The past 4-5 years when a AAA completes development, a lot off game developer have been released from their jobs. Game developers are sick off this and have been forming team 2-6 people to make their own games. You can see in the quality of games that are being release now that Indies games are going to take off.

Indie games will fuel the gaming industry for the next few years.

But will they save the PS Vita. No – because to survive as an indie developer you will have to port your game to all system and mobile devices. Yes some games will be a lot better on Vita because of the control. But people will play these games on other devices.

Vita needs AA/AAA games to survive. To offer something different from ipad, smartphones.



brendon987 commented on Japanese Sales Charts: One Piece Propels PlayS...:

Nice hardware numbers again for the Vita. Really good to see 5 PSV titles in the top 20. Hoping the publishing firms are taking notice. I wonder if PSV version off "Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2013", is alot better in psp version.



brendon987 commented on Reaction: PlayStation 4 Catches Second Wind at...:

Sony had a branding issues. Which is partly caused by the orginal price tag of the PS3, partly caused by just being a big successful companies at the time. Even before the PS Vita was released alot off gaming website wanted it to failed because of the sony name.
Now by Sony becoming very Indie friendly, I looks like they are over coming there branding problems. An Playstation is being seen as a positive thing again.
Sony timing is perfect at the moment. Announce the PS4. Then get headline again with GDC, then E3. Very smart.



brendon987 commented on Sony's Aggressively Approaching Indie Develope...:

I think the next generation off games, we will see less AAA games. As it getting harder for them to make there money. i.e Tomb raider sold 3.4 Million, and still need to sell 1.6 million more just to break even.
So sony smart getting the indies on board early, as HardCore gamers will turn to the next generation off gaming. Which are games made by small teams, with new ideas and willing to take risk again.



brendon987 commented on Pachter: Sony Won't Make Money on the PlayStat...:

Pachter stated a few month ago, that Sony could not afford to drop the price of the Vita in USA, as they are already sold just under cost.

Nintendo lost alot off money last Fin year on selling 3ds, below cost. With the knowledge that they should make the money back this year.

Sony is not in a position to do this.

Instead they offer great plus content. Cross buy. Getting the indies on board. An there alot off games on the VITA, its just missing regular AAA games releases.

Sony in for the long haul. An this year looking alot better then last year.