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Fri 8th Mar 2013

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brendon987 commented on Soapbox: Street Fighter V Gets a Lot of Hate, ...:

The initial game was created for tournament players only. Not for casual fans like me. There was no point in me picking the game up.
Things have improve gamewise, but most casual fan have moved on. They missout on alot sales by ignoring the casual fan.



brendon987 commented on Reaction: PlayStation VR Clears the Price Hurd...:

The problem with the move controllers is you need to have some decent distance away from the camera. Its impossible in my bedsit room.

I also found the camera, pick up window light reflection, which then broke the move controller movement.

I guess you cannot use the vr set without a some distance.

Also does the vr set have its own headset built in?

If i can use it in my room, its a must buy. Otherwise not



brendon987 commented on Soapbox: Why Do We Treat Gaming Like a Chore?:

Not a chore for me. I normally just play 4-5 games a year on my ps4. An a few more on the vita. I love to take my vita out to the pub or cafe.
An the ps4 is an hour or so a night after work.
Plus make my backlog large, and there some game i take 6 month break before i complete. But i am not driven the play all the great games out there.