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PS4 Buzz Has Faded Ahead of Next Xbox Reveal, Says Pachter

Posted by Sammy Barker

Analyst doesn't think it matters, though

Divisive industry analyst Michael Pachter believes that anticipation for the PlayStation 4 has started to fade as gamers await the announcement of Microsoft’s next generation console. However, he doesn’t feel that Sony has too much to worry about, as the pendulum could swing again at E3 next month.

Speaking as part of the latest episode of the Pach-Attack, the Wedbush Securities employee noted that the platform holder was “very smart” to reveal its console in February, but added that excitement has started to dip over the past couple of weeks. “Now the conversation is all about the next Xbox event,” he declared. “It's going to get buzz heading into the two weeks before E3.”

Pachter doesn’t necessarily believe that hype translates to purchase intent, though. “I don’t think anyone’s buying any of these boxes until they see [the hardware] and the price,” he added. “As such, what’s really going to matter is E3, because you’re going to see the box, the price, and the release date.”

In the wake of Microsoft’s event announcement, the PlayStation maker has been attempting to keep the media’s attention on the PS4 by releasing interviews with developers. The company’s going to need something bigger if it hopes to rain on the next Xbox’s parade, though – perhaps this week’s Gran Turismo celebration will bring some big news.


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SurgicalSlinky said:

Still can't believe this guy actually gets paid for some of the stuff he says. Anybody with a tea spoon of common sense knows the stuff he "predicts"



Paranoimia said:

Yeah, in his mind, maybe. I'm still as hyped for PS4 and indifferent to Nextbox as I ever was.



artemisthemp said:

I just want to play with PS4 right now.

Hardware and Price...
Price is ofc important, but really Hardware don't help, if you don't have any exclusives worth playing.



rastamadeus said:

@Paranoimia If the Xbox reveal has been first and the PS4 one was this close then he'd be saying the exact opposite. For once the lunatic is talking sense. With Sony diehards expectation hasn't waned, with everyone else it has. Simple.



InsertNameHere said:

For once he's making sense. Although, if I don't see any evidence of the PS4 dying down. PC and Xbox fanboys are still raging on YouTube, which brings any PS back to douse the flames. So the videos are being constantly watched and commented on.



ShogunRok said:

I don't know, I feel like the PS4 has maintained a lot of its hype, better than I thought it would.



rjejr said:

Of course the PS4 hype from Feb. has died down, it's been months and we live in a 15 minutes of fame society. How long is the hype from a 1 day presentation supposed to last?

But the hype died down due to time, the fact that MS is having it's own presentation now has nothing to do with it, the hype was dieing down regardless of what MS has to say. E3 is the head to head, who's hype outlasts the other from a static starting point will be important.



Ginkgo said:

@SurgicalSlinky : I agree. I mean what? The industry is hyped to find out what the new XBox will be like when revealed in a week? Wow...who would have thought?!



DoublezZ01 said:

Every time I see or here something about this patcher fellow its never anything good! Therefore his opinions are of no value to me!!! PS4 hype still going strong here! Just wormed to here the words pre-orders now starting!



FullbringIchigo said:

Well of course it has after all sony have already done theirs so people are looking to MS to see how they handle what sony have done, to see what cards they throw down (so to speak).

Not that anything MS do will be any good if any of the rumours about the next xbox are true, always online, being more of a media player than a games machine etc.

Also as gamers we look to all the systems to see what can give us the best experience in the medium and to me that's Sony.

Also one of the reason i get all the systems anyway is so i don't miss out on anything.

But as for Pachter most of what he says is either complete tossh or written buy him for the people who pay him, his job is to inform the people who pay him about what's good for their company, so his predictions are only motivated by money and that's why no one likes him



Scrible said:

Ps4 buzz only slipping away if your nota ps4 gamer, also, according to game informer, this guys starting salary is 200,000 a year, and what a moron, they had some kind of gaming industries jobs every month with qualifications for that job and starting salary, way to much for this idiot

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