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Sony Teases Game Day with Mysterious Trailer

Posted by Sammy Barker

What does it all mean?

Sony has added a mysterious trailer entitled ‘Game Day’ to its YouTube channel. The short shows a lady in classical garb strutting through a field, and closes with an open eye and 1st February date. It’s perhaps worth noting that the fonts, clothing, and sound effects all have a God of War-esque feel to them.

We’re not privy to any insider information, but we’re guessing that this is teasing a commercial for God of War: Ascension. Given the timing and title of the video, we wouldn’t be surprised if the spot got aired during the Super Bowl over the weekend. The date in the short could be pointing to some kind of pre-reveal, with the full footage set to debut during the match.

If that is the case, then it would be a pretty impressive move. God of War is one of the few franchises that Sony seems to be able to market, and it looks like it’s got plenty in the pipeline for the series’ latest entry. Of course, it could be teasing something else entirely. Pop your predictions in the comments section below.


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Sanquine said:

Maybe Ps vita god of war? A man can dream! ( Sorry , but portable is the only way i can game at the moment , just moved and the girlfriend has the tv for her own at the evenings soaps...... Day work)



NathanUC said:

Probably a GoW:A advert but I hope it's something new. Heavily Sword 2 maybe?



get2sammyb said:

It could be either of the things you two mentioned, but I think both would take the emphasis off God of War: Ascension. The series is obviously a massive deal (particularly in North America), so I think a Super Bowl commercial would make a lot of sense.



get2sammyb said:

@Sanquine Perhaps someone in the US could clarify, but from my British perspective, I've always felt like the discussion after the Super Bowl focuses more on the commercials than the actual match. Baffling, I know.



ThreadShadow said:

She's dressed in a greek fashion, so I expect it is the new gow game. Boooorrring!!! Heavenly Sword 2 would be a welcome surprise, but I don't think Sony cares about the HS IP.
Hey! Maybe Nintendo could help Sony produce Heavenly Sword 2 in exchange for HS2 appearing exclusively on the Wii U!



NathanUC said:

The Super Bowl serves two purposes: one is for the final football game of the season, the other is for the advertisements. Because it's such a popular sporting event, tons of people watch it. Because so many people watch it, companies shell out HUGE money (millions for mer seconds) for advertising space. This means the super bowl is usually where we see the most well made adverts for the most fancy products. Usually, the ads are only run for the super bowl (sometimes, they are run for a while after, but usually in a shorter format).

tl;dr: millions watching single sporting event, companies make very high quality ads for those millions of people to watch and waste their money



jer18 said:

@JayArr very true.

It's interesting there are no hints in the clip.. but then again I clearly don't know who she is nor if she plays a voice for any character. If the latest Assassin's Creed didn't come out so recent, I would have guessed that.



irken004 said:

I'd guess a GoW advert too, or a screwball guess of a new Killzone Mercenary trailer



charlesnarles said:

Yeah, that'd be one pricey potato. Who even plays those games, people who watch football? What's either of those activities' target market, and where's the Venn diagram overlap? lol



rjejr said:

If you watch the video that is OBVIOUSLY Kratos eye at the end. I didn't even pause it, in real time you can tell it's his eye as his face is very dirty and there's a hint of red and Kratos eye is always shown for some reason for all the GOW games. From that knowledge I'ld say it's Kratos wife - sorry I don't know her name - getting covered in the ash form their town burning.

And yeah - SuperBowl commerical. They cost $4,000,000 US per 30 second spot so don't expect it to last any longer than that



Kayoss said:

In America the Super Bow is one of the most watched sport. Showing ads during this time is the best time to get the most attention. The best ad will get people to talk and garner the most attention.



Hetsumani said:

I think it's going to be the announcement of the God of War Movie. The eye looks like live action too.



BlueProxy said:

New IP would be nice, but probably something in the GOW universe... maybe a side story spin-off.

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