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  • News God of War Artist Rubbishes Downgrade Claims

    The Internet's being stupid again

    God of War is comfortably shaping up to be one of the visual treats of 2018, but that hasn’t stopped some forum frequenters to claim that the graphics have been downgraded. The criticism stems from a scene in the latest trailer, which is identical to the area shown at E3 2016. In the trailer, the location is...

  • News God of War PS4 Release Date Finally Confirmed, New Trailer Released

    Sony spills the beans

    We feel like we've been reporting for far too long on supposed release dates for the new God of War, but we at last have confirmation from Sony itself. Santa Monica's Norse-flavoured action adventure will release on 20th April 2018. It seems that cheeky Amazon page outed the real date after all. Writing on the

  • News Amazon Lists God of War PS4 Collector's Edition for April

    When is this game actually releasing?

    It really feels like Sony should announce the release date for God of War sharpish, as rumours are sprouting out of all corners of the internet. Another retail listing, this time on Amazon.com, shows a Collector's Edition for $129.99, but there are currently no further details. With GameStop listing the massive...

  • News God of War Won't Have a Season Pass

    No slicing up of content

    We still don't know when you'll actually be able to play it, but at least we can tell you that you won't have to fork out any extra cash for a Season Pass whenever God of War launches. Responding to a fan on Twitter, lead designer Cory Barlog stated that Kratos' latest adventure won't be accompanied by a whole host of...

  • News God of War's Stone Mason Edition Appears on GameStop

    A godly amount of extras

    God of War is set to receive a special edition release, which should come as no surprise. Popping up recently on GameStop, the Stone Mason Edition comes with all the usual bits and pieces you'd expect, plus a few little oddities. Coming in at $149.99, the Stone Mason Edition contains a 9" statue of Kratos and Atreus fending...

  • News God of War PS4's Combat System Promises to Be Brutal and Brilliant


    Game Informer's God of War coverage continues with a look at the title's almost completely revamped combat system. In the video that we've embedded above, the publication talks to lead gameplay designer Jason McDonald, who explains how Kratos has ended up with a magical axe as his main means of cleaving monsters in half. It's interesting...

  • Rumour God of War Release Date Leak Points to 22nd March Again

    Norse to know

    God of War antihero Kratos must have put a gagging order on the latest game’s release date, because Sony is remaining tight-lipped about the title’s launch. However, hot on the heels of a PlayStation Store leak which pointed to a 22nd March release, a Portuguese retailer has plumped up for the exact same date. Suspicious. Now...

  • Guide Best God of War Games Ranked

    War games

    In the pantheon of popular PlayStation intellectual properties, God of War occupies the throne room alongside other household names like Uncharted and Gran Turismo. But which is the best of Kratos’ bloody escapades to date? Ahead of the release of this year’s reimagining, we’ve returned to Ancient Greece in order to, er, order each...

  • News Future God of War Games Could Take on Egyptian, Mayan Mythologies

    By the Gods

    It seems as though the God of War series could potentially end up tackling whichever mythology Santa Monica Studio fancies. In a new video interview with Game Informer, Cory Barlog and Shannon Studstill (creative director and studio head, respectively) shed some more light on the latest entry, and hint at where the series might wander...

  • News Watch Cory Barlog Answer Some Quick Questions About God of War on PS4

    Dad of war

    Are there quick time events? Is Atreus going to be annoying? How many times has God of War Creative Director Cory Barlog been called Cory Balrog? You'll find out the answers to all of these questions and many more in the above video, which comes courtesy of Game Informer. It's a fun little interview that, while definitely on the silly...

  • News Sony Didn't Really Want Another God of War Game

    Cory Barlog had to convince company

    Sony wanted to give God of War a much longer rest after previous entry Ascension disappointed critically and commercially. The latest issue of Game Informer reveals that the company needed serious convincing in order to give the franchise another shot. “A lot of people throughout the organisation wanted to...

  • News God of War PS4 Details Incoming as Kratos Battles onto Game Informer's Next Cover

    God of more

    God of War doesn't have a confirmed release date yet, but it is supposed to be launching in the first half of 2018. Thankfully, it seems as though development is currently on track, because Game Informer have revealed that the PlayStation 4 exclusive will adorn the cover of their February issue. Naturally, this means that we can look...


  • PSX 2017 God of War PS4 Takes 25-30 Hours to Beat, Says Dev

    The longest in the series by far

    God of War director Cory Barlog has revealed a juicy detail regarding the upcoming PlayStation 4 release. During the PlayStation Experience 2017 opening presentation, Barlog stated that the game takes around 25 to 30 hours to complete. If accurate, that means it's easily the longest title in the series. We already...

  • Rumour God of War PS4's Release Date May Have Been Leaked

    For god's sake

    We know that God of War is supposedly due out in the first half of 2018, but Sony may have just accidentally leaked the highly anticipated title's release date ahead of an official announcement. Spotted by the eagle-eyed Wario64, the US PlayStation Store added a 22nd March, 2018 launch date to the game's page overnight. However,...


  • News God of War's Kratos Would Rather Punch Loot Boxes in the Face

    Show us how you really feel

    In the wake of the Star Wars Battlefront 2 fiasco, loot boxes are a hot button topic in the industry right now. And veteran God of War director Cory Barlog has revealed in GIF form how he feels about the fallout. So, as a form of catharsis for all of you, here’s Kratos punching a treasure chest in the face: It’s...



  • News Two Norse Dwarfs Will Upgrade Your Arsenal in God of War

    Blacksmith buddies

    God of War’s progression system has been more or less the same across six or seven games: you collect red orbs, feed them to your weapon of choice, and reap the rewards. However, the series’ forthcoming PlayStation 4 soft-reboot will handle things a little differently. According to an article in Official PlayStation Magazine...


  • News God of War Concept Art Reveals Harsh Weather

    Winter is coming

    Sony Santa Monica’s always been home to some of the best artists in the industry, and the team’s flexing its muscles once again with the new God of War. A batch of new concept art from the title shows protagonist Kratos and his son Atreus out and about in the Nordic wilderness – and in one image, on the verge being attacked by...

  • News God of War PS4 Will Be the Most Brutal Entry Yet


    Sony’s upcoming God of War soft-reboot will be the “most brutal” entry yet, PlayStation marketing bigwig Asad Qizilbash said at the GameStop Expo this weekend. That’d be some feat, seeing as God of War III saw you literally rip Helios’ head off – and also stick your thumbs in Poseidon’s eyes. How do you even top that? In addition...




  • News There's a God of War Skin Pack for Drawn to Death


    Drawn to Death's launched today as a PlayStation Plus freebie, but did you know that there's a God of War skin pack that you can purchase for the title? The set of six outfits inspired by Sony's character action game will allow you to outfit any one of the crude third-person shooter's characters with Kratos' famous tribal tattoos. In the UK...

  • Weirdness What If God of War's Kratos Was a Ballerina?

    Bound in chains

    There's something quite graceful about the manner in which God of War protagonist Kratos acrobatically swings the Blades of Chaos, but demoscene developer Plastic has a different kind of interpretive dance in mind for the delirious deity. As part of what is pretty obviously an April Fools' gag, it's swapped out the character model...



  • News Kratos' Son in PS4 Exclusive God of War Is Atreus

    Family affairs

    Did you think today's free God of War song was a bit of an anticlimax after the community worked hard to get the trailer up to 15 million views? Well, it turns out there was a secret hidden in the MP3. The description for the audio file states that the music is an "introduction to Kratos and Atreus". But who's the latter? Director...

  • News Download God of War's Live E3 2016 Overture for Free

    Music for the Gods

    With the news cycle currently dominated by the Nintendo Switch, there are not many PlayStation stories doing the rounds. You'll have to excuse us while we scrape the bottom of the barrel and point you in the direction of God of War's intense Overture orchestral, which is yours to download for free right now. This is the one that...



  • News God of War Will Conceal Its Rage from PSX 2016

    That's not Norse

    God of War will suck up its anger and bottle it up for another day, as director Cory Barlog has insinuated that the reboot will not be at PSX 2016 later this year. Many had hoped that we'd get a brand new glimpse of Kratos and his son at the convention in Anaheim, but it's looking like Sony Santa Monica will be keeping the release...


  • News God of War on PS4 Won't Be the End of Kratos, and You Don't Play as the Kid

    Who's the daddy

    Behind closed doors at E3, God of War director Cory Barlog spilled a load of beans with regards to the fantastic looking PlayStation 4 exclusive, and thankfully, Level Up were there to absorb all the juicy information. According to the series veteran, Kratos' upcoming adventure won't be his last, hinting that Sony has further plans...

  • News God of War PS4 Axes Multiplayer

    Single player is the one and only focus

    Remember God of War: Ascension's multiplayer mode? As far as we can remember, it was actually pretty cool, but the competitive component won't be making a return in God of War on PlayStation 4. That's according to director Cory Barlog, who spoke to Level Up at E3 2016. Truth be told, we're fine with the...

  • News God of War PS4's E3 2016 Reveal Has Had a Crazy Positive Reception

    Happy father's day

    Fun observation: God of War's E3 2016 reveal has been watched almost eight million times on YouTube, making it the second most watched video of the show – and the 12th most popular video on the official PlayStation channel of all time. Battlefield 1 has a few more views than Santa Monica's latest, but they're pretty neck and...

  • E3 2016 Kratos Sees Godhood as a Disease in God of War PS4

    And the side-effect is rage

    We're going to see a new side to Kratos in God of War on PlayStation 4. The angry anti-hero has been given a second chance, but he's still struggling to keep his rage under control. According to creative director Cory Barlog – who's returning to the franchise after leading development on God of War II – he sees his...

  • E3 2016 Lost Planet 3 Writers Penning God of War PS4's Story

    Good news

    We commented during Sony's E3 2016 press conference that the writing in God of War's spectacular PlayStation 4 revival seemed really strong, and now we know why: Rich Gaubert and Matt Sophos – the scripting double-act behind the surprisingly tenderly written Lost Planet 3 – are handling most of the story. Good news, then. While Lost...

  • E3 2016 We Came So Close to Getting an Egyptian God of War

    Oh, Mummy

    God of War is back, and it's looking better than we ever could have imagined. Kratos has returned, but this time he's got a new set of Gods to deal with – all from Norse legend. "We are parsing it as the time in which the Vikings spoke of their Gods walking the Earth," creative director Cory Barlog told a panel at E3 2016, as reported...

  • E3 2016 God of War PS4's Set After God of War III

    Not a total reboot, then

    One question we had following God of War's amazing demo during Sony's E3 2016 press conference this week is whether it's a continuation of the events that have taken place in previous games – or if it's just a complete reboot, with Kratos pulled into a different mythology. According to creative director Cory Barlog,...

  • E3 2016 God of War PS4 Is Not What You Expected, Looks Stunning in Gameplay Demo

    The rage of a Spartan never dies

    Wow, what an opener that was. Sony started its E3 2016 press conference on the front foot, dealing out a God of War PlayStation 4 gameplay demo, and it's honestly not what we expected. For a start, the property's trademark combat has seemingly been altered to a large degree, with fights now resembling an action...



  • News God of War Maker Hiring for Massive PS4 Exclusive

    Project is well into production

    God of War maker Sony Santa Monica is hiring in a big way for its in production PlayStation 4 exclusive game. A sponsored post on Gamasutra reveals that it's looking to add 50 people to its already sizeable team, as it moves to complete work on a project that's well into production. It's highly likely that this is...


  • News Here's the Difference Between God of War III on PS3 and PS4

    Comparison video inbound

    Still not sure about cashing in your red orbs for God of War III Remastered? We can't say we blame you - the game was a big hit back in 2010, and so it's very likely that you've already played it. But while we're not going to try and sway anyone to spend their money on a particular title, Digital Foundry does have a nice...

  • 25


    Review God of War III Remastered

    Titan fall

    God of War has, over the course of six entries, got itself into a bit of a rut. Make no mistake, each instalment has been consistently excellent – even the maligned PlayStation 3 prequel God of War: Ascension delivered a deity destroying escapade worth experiencing – but Sony Santa Monica's distinct brand of character action has...

  • News Don't Want to Buy God of War III PS4? Play It in LittleBigPlanet 3


    It's been a little while since we posted about a LittleBigPlanet 3 level, but this God of War III adaptation really is something else. Released to coincide with the PlayStation 4 version of Sony Santa Monica's deity destroying epic, this burlap adaptation features a series of arena battles against Hades, Hercules, and, of course, Zeus...

  • News PlayStation Employees Pick God of War III's Best Moments

    Spoilers, obvs

    God of War III will finally swing onto the PlayStation 4 this week. And while we're busy beavering away on a review for you – we finally got our copy, by the way – we figured that this video should get you in the mood. In it, various PlayStation employees from Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida all the way through to...

  • Round Up God of War III Remastered PS4 Reviews Seek Revenge

    There will only be chaos

    Chaos will finally arrive on the PlayStation 4 this week, as God of War III Remastered swings onto Sony's new-gen machine. A stopgap prior to the inevitable God of War IV, this remaster of Sony Santa Monica's cult classic will run in 1080p at 60 frames-per-second, so you'll be able to observe every snapped sinew in...


  • News This God of War III Remastered PS4 Theme Is Fit for a God

    ATHENA! Good work on the wallpaper

    God of War III Remastered may be looking a little light on the content front compared to Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, but Sony Santa Monica's new-gen re-release is at least promising a niftier theme. Available with pre-orders for the PlayStation 3 port, the animated wallpaper shows angry anti-hero Kratos...



  • News God of War III Remastered Looks Off the Chain on PS4

    There will be chaos

    We booted up God of War III on the PlayStation 3 recently just to see how well it's held up, and we can confirm that that opening boss fight against watery w**ker Poseidon is still as jaw dropping as ever. We're excited, then, to see just how far a peppering of PlayStation 4 polish can push Sony Santa Monica's head ripping...

  • News Next God of War to Set PS4 Apart from the Other Platforms

    With jaw-dropping visuals, of course

    Sony Santa Monica's no stranger to stunning visuals, and it looks like it intends to set a brand new bar with the forthcoming God of War PS4. As part of a job listing – we know, it's a really slow week – dug up by the eagle-eyed DualShockers, the developer i







  • News God of War Still Looks Stunning on the PlayStation Vita

    Why so serious, Kratos?

    Sony Santa Monica’s seminal PlayStation 2 classics don’t appear to have taken a hit in the transition to the small screen, as the God of War Collection is looking sharp on the PlayStation Vita. Fresh from last night’s surprise unveiling, the platform holder has released some unedited footage of the deity slaying...

  • News God of War Collection Causes Chaos on the PS Vita in May

    Slimmed to scale

    It’s currently raining PlayStation Vita games so hard that we’re going to need to prop up an umbrella shortly. Not content with officially unveiling Borderlands 2 at a swish event in Los Angeles earlier today, the platform holder has also confirmed that the God of War Collection will be wrapping its blades around the diminutive...


  • News God of War Collection Causes Chaos on PlayStation Vita

    By the beard of Zeus

    Kratos is hoping to cause carnage on a PlayStation Vita near you. Way back at GamesCom in August, Sony announced that the God of War Collection would be ripping the platform holder’s flagship handheld to pieces – but details have remained scanter than the abovementioned anti-hero’s non-existent patience. Fortunately, the...


  • News Amazon Leaks God of War: Ascension

    Update: Sony responds

    Update: A post on the Official PlayStation Blog confirms the game. The best part? The cheeky "As most of you were recently made aware, God of War: Ascension will be coming exclusively to PlayStation 3" nod to Amazon's leak. Sony tells us we'll get more information on 30th April at 8am Pacific time. That mysterious...


  • Rumour God of War IV Announcement On the Way

    By Zeus's beard!

    Hold onto your chains of Olympus: we could be nearing a God of War IV announcement. A since-deleted tweet from retailer Future Shop (via VG247 — the same store that broke the LittleBigPlanet driving game story — certainly hints at more GoW action on the way. When asked if God of War IV would be announced "as a final...




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