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  • News Quirky New PlayStation Ad Channels PSone Era Marketing

    Play fearlessly

    There’s a new PlayStation commercial, and if you’ve been around since the PSone days, then this may feel like familiar territory. It’s more of a mood piece, built upon the slogan ‘Play Fearlessly’. To be honest, we’re not sure we fully understand it; we could put on our Media Studies hat and write a more thoughtful...


  • News Sony Extends UEFA Champions League Sponsorship

    Les grandes équipes

    PlayStation hoardings have been a part of the UEFA Champions League since 1997, and they’re not going anywhere for another three years. Sony has announced that it’s extended its sponsorship of the elite European club competition, meaning that we’re probably going to see PlayStation 5 banners before the relationship needs...

  • News This Spider-Man PS4 Billboard in Los Angeles Is Bad Ass


    No expense is being spared marketing Insomniac Games’ new Spider-Man title it seems, and in addition to the absolutely enormous mural that Sony’s erected for E3 2018, it’s also splashed out on this amazing animated billboard which overlooks a junction in Los Angeles. The eye-grabbing full-motion video wraps around a building, and is...


  • News God of War's Final Marketing Meeting Was Ruff

    Release the hounds

    PlayStation UK has been blowing its marketing budget on comedy commercials for a few years now, and it always seems to find a way to turn cringey concepts into laugh out loud clips. This new one, depicting the “final marketing meeting” for God of War, is a hoot, as it emerges that the game’s name has been misheard. The...







  • News Sony to Back PS4 Exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn Hard

    Platform holder betting big

    In case the abundance of merchandise didn't already give things away, Sony's banking on Horizon: Zero Dawn being the next big thing. And just to reinforce that point, PlayStation UK boss Warren Light has stated in an interview with Games that the platform holder's "backing" the brand new intellectual property...





  • News Sony's New PS4 Commercial Is All About Greatness

    It awaits, y'see

    Sony's rolled out a summer commercial for the PlayStation 4 in North America, which is all about greatness. As a partially enthused voiceover witters on about the word, the ad includes footage of No Man's Sky, Gran Turismo Sport, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and The Last Guardian. It got us hyped – how about you?







  • News PS4 Is Reeling in First-Person Shooter Fans, Says Sony

    Switching sides

    While games like Call of Duty always sold well on the PlayStation 3, it was never truly considered the home of the franchise. A combination of the controller and PlayStation Network really prevented Sony from making any meaningful in-roads in the first-person shooter space. The platform holder has made it a mission to change that...

  • News We Wished Our PS4 Life Was This Wonderful

    Here to make you go

    Life in Push Square Towers revolves around sifting through the shite in press releases and proof reading dozens of articles a day, so we're definitely jealous of this particular PlayStation 4 player's daily routine. Sony's new European TV ad is absolutely crammed with brand references, with everything from Street Fighter V to...



  • News The Best Games Are on PS4, Sony Commercial Claims

    Hard to argue, honestly

    Considering how popular the PlayStation 4 has become, it was always going to get some stick. The system's been breaking sales records left and right, and we reckon that's clouded the judgement of some when it comes to the sheer variety of software available on the device. But events like today's pre-TGS press conference go...


  • News Sony Steps Up Its Champions League Sponsorship

    They are the champions

    One of the reasons that PlayStation is such a big presence in Europe is because the brand is a major partner of the Champions League, arguably the biggest club football tournament in the world. And it's been announced that Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is extending its partnership with the competition for three...

  • News Sony Brings Out PS4's Big Guns for Summer Commercial

    Call of Duty! Star Wars! Assassin's Creed! Destiny!

    How's the PlayStation 4 going to sell this Christmas without any noteworthy exclusives? Well, in the words of Galvatron, here's a hint. Sony's released a summer sizzle trailer which spotlights four of 2015's biggest games, and while we can already sense the sceptics tapping away in the comments...

  • News Sonic's New Awful Friend: Shia LaBeouf

    Aaron Webber antics, we presume

    Ever since public relations guy Aaron Webber has returned to SEGA, Sonic the Hedgehog's social media accounts have played host to a selection of memes, self-aimed jokes, and, now, even a video of some of Shia LaBeouf's infamous motivation. Keep in mind that this was posted on the official Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube...







  • News Sony's New PS4 Commercial Focuses on Friendly Competition

    Ready. Fight

    Sony’s latest console may be selling better than any other system on the market right now, but that doesn’t give it an excuse to get lazy this Christmas. With Microsoft lining up more November marketing partnerships than we can count, the platform holder will need to ensure that it has some PlayStation 4 commercials of its own to...






  • Weirdness The Sun's Page 3 Swapped Out for a Sexier Image

    Real hardware

    Looks like British glamour model Rosie Jones has been given the day off, as Sony has taken charge of The Sun’s famous Page 3 column. For those out of the tabloid loop, the UK rag ordinarily publishes pictures of scantily clad ladies on the inside page, but it’s swapped out the images for something a little sexier today – a shot...

  • News Gran Turismo 6's Japanese Ad Feels the Need for Speed

    School run

    You may have forgotten amid the hustle and bustle of the PlayStation 4’s launch, but Gran Turismo 6 is due out next week around the globe. With no next generation consoles due out this year in Japan, the simulation racer is getting a big push in developer Polyphony Digital’s home nation – and that includes this quirky commercial...

  • News PS4 Ad Campaign Set to Air on Channel 4 in the Lead Up to UK Launch

    Fusion of fours

    If you happen to spot a clip of Killzone: Shadow Fall while watching Hollyoaks next week know that it’s part of a massive promotional campaign Sony’s running on Channel 4 in the build up to the PlayStation 4’s UK launch. The Drum reports that the platform holder has teamed up with the broadcaster to create a sequence of short...

  • News Are You Skilful Enough to Be First to Greatness on PS4?

    Make gaming history

    One of the PlayStation 4's strongest assets is its emphasis on social connectivity. This means that the gaming community is more united than ever before, and now Sony wants you to work to climb to the top of the PlayStation pack. SCEA has launched a brand new website dedicated to gamers looking to test themselves across 64...

  • News European PS4 TV Commercial Takes You on a Tour

    The best place to play

    Hadouken Cabs weren’t messing around when they promised that their taxi service knocks the competition out. While last week’s teaser trailer for the fictional cab firm hasn’t culminated with a shiny new Street Fighter announcement, Sony’s primary European PlayStation 4 television campaign is still pretty cool...

  • News Don't Worry, Sony Hasn't Forgotten About Tearaway Entirely

    Platform holder unfolds new ad

    Tearaway is a killer-app. The imminent Media Molecule papercraft platformer may have got lost in the shuffle of the next generation excitement, but the PlayStation Vita exclusive is shaping up to be one of the system’s best games. Fortunately, the platform holder does intend to promote the title on television, with...

  • News Pledge Your Position Among the Players with PlayStation 4

    This is for you

    Greatness may be right around the corner in North America, but Sony still has three weeks to fill until the PlayStation 4 deploys in Europe. It’s counting down to the system’s 29th November release date with a new marketing initiative, which encourages you to share what type of player you are on Facebook and

  • News Take the Oath of a Shadow Marshal in Killzone: Shadow Fall

    Difficult decisions

    You may need to pinch yourself, but Sony has released a second PlayStation 4 commercial for the North American market. Much like last month’s ‘Perfect Day’ spot, this is a live-action advertisement, focusing on the upcoming Killzone: Shadow Fall. We reckon that it’s cheesier than a Margherita pizza, but we suppose that...





  • News Count Up Those Gold Trophies, You're Going to Need Them

    Bid for greatness

    Those that dismiss the Trophy metagame often question its worth in the real world. After all, what’s the point in spending several hours scooping up feathers in Assassin’s Creed II when your efforts are rewarded with little more than a tiny PNG image and a sense of satisfaction? Well, Sony hopes to answer that question with...






  • News God of War: Ascension Slays the 2013 Super Bowl

    Blood, sweat, and tears

    As predicted yesterday, Sony has confirmed that it will be unchaining a brand new God of War: Ascension advert during this weekend’s Super Bowl. The latest teaser trailer focuses on protagonist Kratos’ wife and daughter, as an army of soldiers stomp through a nearby field. According to the conclusion of the short, more...

  • News Sony's Latest PlayStation Vita Promotion Pays in Spades

    Flex your marketing muscle

    Sony’s latest PlayStation Vita promotion is prompting a bit of a backlash in certain corners of the web. The initiative – which launched in North America earlier today – encourages you to “convince your friends to buy” one of the consoles in return for $20 PlayStation Network credit and 1,000 Sony Rewards points...

  • News Kevin Butler Actor Agrees Not to Promote Games for Two Years

    It only does settlements

    Remember the hullabaloo surrounding Kevin Butler late last year? It emerged that Sony was suing the character’s actor Jerry Lambert after he appeared in a Bridgestone commercial playing on a Nintendo Wii. At the time, the platform holder claimed that the advertisement caused “confusion in the market and damage to...


  • News This PlayStation All-Stars Commercial Is Really Weird


    If you thought the European advertisement for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale was strange, then wait until you watch this North American alternative. It’s been produced by the Robot Chicken team, and shows some of the game’s characters chilling out in a company break room. Unfortunately, while it tries really hard, it isn't even...

  • News This PlayStation Vita Advert Promises Twice the Pleasure

    Touch from behind

    Remember when Sony’s marketing used to be edgy, controversial and memorable? Well, this brand new PlayStation Vita advertisement slots into all three camps. The French magazine promotion shows, well, a lady with four breasts. There are two on her chest and two on her back. The messaging i


  • News Sports Champions 2 Is Serious Business According to This Ad

    Have you got what it takes?

    The Olympics may be over – but there’s an even more exciting sporting event about to take place in your living room. Sony has released the European television spot for Sports Champions 2, and it takes things pretty seriously. We’re not a big fan of obviously silly advertisements like this, but at least it raises a...

  • News Sony Releases Third Mysterious PlayStation Teaser Trailer

    Crossover chaos

    It’s a brand new day, so that means it’s time for a fresh PlayStation teaser. Following on from last week’s The Reload and The Arrival videos, Sony has quietly uploaded a third trailer to its YouTube channel entitled The Aftermath. Once again, the video is rich with subtle PlayStation references, including Sly Cooper’s cane...

  • News Cryptic PlayStation Video Teases 'The Arrival'

    Detective time

    Sony’s released a follow-up to last week’s mysterious The Reload trailer. The 23-second short – entitled The Arrival – still points to a 23rd October announcement, but it features a few more clues to go on. For starters, the secretary is spotted typing a message in Ratchet & Clank’s Lombax language. Translated, the...

  • News Mysterious PlayStation Video Teases 'The Reload'

    What does it all mean?

    Sony has uploaded a mysterious video to its YouTube channel teasing something called The Reload. The video looks frightfully familiar to the Michael commercial that debuted last year – it even features the same actress – so we’re going to assume that this is another advertisement of some kind. According to the conclusion...

  • News God of War Demo Ascends Alongside Total Recall Blu-ray

    Cross marketing

    Those of you that snap up the Director’s Cut edition of Total Recall on Blu-ray will be invited to play the epic God of War: Ascension single-player demo from E3 earlier this year. The movie itself will feature 20 minutes of bonus footage not shown in theatres, in addition to an alternate ending and over 1.5 hours of special...

  • News Bridgestone Denies Use of Kevin Butler Character in Commercial

    Shades of grey

    The controversial Bridgestone commercial featuring Kevin Butler actor Jerry Lambert was aired three days after the star’s contract with Sony expired, according to a story on the Hollywood Reporter. However, the performer was bound by an “exclusivity clause” that prevented Lambert from providing his services to competing video...

  • News Sony: We've Invested Significant Resources into Kevin Butler

    VP of Legal

    Sony has responded to reports claiming that it is suing Bridgestone and advertising agency Wildcat Creek over a commercial starring Jerry Lambert – the actor famous for portraying Kevin Butler in a slew of different PlayStation commercials. In a comment released to VentureBeat, the publisher’s senior director of corporate...


  • News Ubisoft's Going to Spend £4m Marketing Assassin's Creed III

    Money, money, money

    If Ubisoft didn't spend a penny on advertisements for Assassin’s Creed III, it would still be one of the biggest games of the year. But the publisher has ambitions far beyond that – and so it’s set aside a whopping £4 million (approximately $6.5 million) to market the sequel in the UK alone. Chatting with MCV, senior...


  • News Sony Patents Interactive Commercials for PlayStation

    Uh oh

    The next time you criticise the Xbox 360’s dashboard for being inundated with advertisements, you might want to stop and count your blessings. Sony has patented a new interactive commercial scheme that shows users playing branded mini-games on PlayStation consoles. The patent flags the DualShock 3 controller, PlayStation Move motion...

  • News You'll Probably Want to Play This 16-Bit Version of Borderlands

    Time traveller

    Gearbox has stepped up Borderlands 2’s marketing campaign with this ace 16-bit demake of the original game. The top-down browser-based rendition features everything you’ve come to expect from the series, including sick loot drops and plenty of fire-power. You can play the game through here. Just remember to keep a spreadsheet...

  • News Crazy Religious Cult Kicks Off Grand Theft Auto V Marketing


    Grand Theft Auto’s shady religious group the Epsilon Program has updated its official website and Twitter account, suggesting that the marketing wheels are in motion for Rockstar Games’ upcoming sequel. The Epsilon Program – an obvious satire of real-life cult Scientology – was a large source of gags in PS2 title Grand Theft Auto: San...


  • News Medal of Honor Trailer Attacks Champions League

    Head to head

    EA’s not going to let Activision hog the spotlight on its own. Following on from yesterday’s Call of Duty: Black Ops II announcement, the publisher has revealed that it will debut its own brand new Medal of Honor Warfighter trailer during this weekend’s Champions League final. It’s like all out advertising warfare... in the...


  • News Domino's Pizza Speeds into MotorStorm RC

    Pepperoni please

    We've already established in our MotorStorm RC review that the downloadable racer is a tasty little ride, but it’s about to get a whole lot more scrumptious. Developer Evolution Studios has teamed up with Domino’s Pizza to bring a branded Supermini livery into the game. Domino’s Pizza's Nick Dutch said of the team-up: We...


  • News Uncharted Auditions for the Olympics in New Ad

    Chariots of fire

    Nathan Drake does a lot of running in the Uncharted games, and we suppose that’s what this Golden Abyss commercial is getting at. It shows a trendy youngster running from a boring, bog-standard housing estate into a tropical jungle and happening upon a strange labyrinth. Sounds very Uncharted doesn’t it? We just wished our late...