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  • Guide Best 4K TVs for PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro

    Which ultra high-definition display to buy for your PS4

    Choosing a suitable 4K TV to get the most out of your PS4 Pro or regular PlayStation 4 is a bit of a minefield. Of course you'll want an effective HDR presentation, that goes without saying. But differences in colour gamut, backlight dimming, and peak brightness all play their part. In addition...


  • Guide Best Black Friday 2018 4K TV Deals for PS4 Pro

    4K and HDR displays discounted

    What are the best deals on 4K TVs for Black Friday 2018? Below, you'll find a list of all the very best bargains on televisions for all your PS4 and PS4 Pro needs. From OLED screens to curved displays, there's a range of TVs here to suit all budgets. If you're looking for a PS4 or PS4 Pro to complement your purchase...


  • News Sly Cooper Animated Series Starts October 2019

    52 episodes planned

    Sly Cooper’s long-awaited animated series will start in October 2019, with a whopping 52 episodes commissioned. Each instalment will be 11 minutes in length, with the ‘toon targeting both boys and girls aged between 6-years-old and 10-years-old. Of course, that means that the real audience will be long-time fans in their late...


  • News PS4's TV and Video Interface Revamped in the United States

    Deal with it

    Sony’s rolled out the revised TV & Video section for the PlayStation 4 in the United States, bringing it up to speed with the European version. This essentially adds an additional layer to the browsing experience, but allows the platform holder to push sponsored content in your direction – some of which you can tailor by logging...


  • News Sony's Improved the PS4's TV Section and Everyone Hates It

    TV, TV, TV

    The latest in a long line of PlayStation 4 usability “improvements”, Sony has controversially tweaked the TV & Video section of the system, which houses media apps like Netflix and BBC iPlayer. Where previously you could twirl down from a folder to access all of your apps, now you’ll be taken to a standalone page with a heavy...


  • News There's a BBC Drama About Grand Theft Auto

    And it's got Harry Potter in it

    BBC dramas tend to go one of two ways: they're either really good like Sherlock or awful like The Gamechangers appears to be. This forthcoming feature starring Daniel Radcliffe promises to plot the rise of Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar Games, with Harry Potter himself filling the role of London-born chief Sam...


  • News Sony Files a Trademark for a Game and TV Show Named The Player

    What could it be?

    Trademarks always start popping up in May, as companies register product names ahead of the big E3 convention in June. And as is the case every year, Sony's getting in on the act. GameSpot has uncovered an American trademark for something called The Player which has been filed by Sony Pictures Television. The interesting thing...

  • News Powers Recharging for Second Season Exclusively on PlayStation

    You've got the touch, you've got the Powers

    Powers, the E3 conference pace breaking show that debuted exclusively on PlayStation earlier this year, will be getting a second season. After surprisingly positive reviews – we, er, haven't watched it yet – Sony has opted to commission another series based on Brian Michael Bendis' popular comic book...


  • News Sony Switches on PlayStation Vue Beta in New York

    Change the channel

    Sony may not be saying a whole lot about PlayStation Vue right now, but it’s clear that the television service is pivotal to its future plans. The manufacturer mentioned as part of its recent mid-term strategy report that it intends to extract additional cash out of consumers by creating worthwhile services


  • News PlayStation Vue Is Sony's Very Own TV, TV, TV Service

    Fuses live, on-demand, and catch-up television

    It’s been rumoured for what feels like an eternity, but Sony has finally officially unveiled PlayStation Vue today – a cloud-based television service which will allow you to cut the cord on your cable or satellite box, and watch live or on-demand content on your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3. A...


  • News Resident Evil TV Series to Rise Following Final Movie

    Ada know what to say

    Remember those live-action Resident Evil movies? Well, they’re still being made – and now there are plans for a television series to debut following the release of the sixth (and, allegedly, final) cinematic flick. Resident Evil: The Last Chapter is currently being written, and will see all of the franchise's ‘famous’...


  • News Sony Lining Up Internet TV, TV, TV Launch for PlayStation 4

    Watch this space

    Ever since the announcement of the PlayStation 4, few could deny that Sony’s been incredibly smart. The platform holder cunningly sold its next-gen system on the strength of its games, but, like Microsoft, the company still wants to rule your living room with more general entertainment applications as well. It’s no real...


  • News Oh No, There's a Resident Evil Television Show in the Works

    Bet it'll be dead bad

    For many, Resident Evil has already been butchered beyond recognition. Ignore the mixed quality of Capcom’s recent outings, and you’re still left with the weird Milla Jovovich movies and terrible CG flicks. What could possibly be worse than all of the above, though? Well, a television show based upon the survival horror...


  • News Giggidy, It's a New Family Guy Video Game

    Open the Griffin door once more

    Fox's incredibly popular Family Guy series is getting another bite of the gaming apple this year with Activision's Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse. Currently only announced for 'consoles' — which you can bet means PS3 — it's set for release this autumn, though that's about all we know aside from the usual...

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