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  • Feature E3 2019 Quiz Results - Did You Predict E3 2019?

    Did you beat E3?

    Here we go again! Just before E3 2019 started, we published our fifth annual Push Square E3 Community Quiz, in which we asked you 20 yes or no questions about the show. Would we get Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay? Would Final Fantasy VII Remake get a 2019 release date? It was your job to try and predict the events of E3 2019. And now that...

  • Feature E3 2019 Predictions Quiz - 20 Questions to Get You Hyped for E3

    Can you beat E3?

    Five years running. Can you believe we've been doing these annual E3 prediction quizzes for five years here on Push Square? Well it's true, and with E3 2019 just days away, it's time for the 5th Annual Push Square Community E3 Quiz (phew), where we ask you lot to predict the events of this year's show. With no Sony at E3 this time...







  • Poll Take the Push Square E3 2015 Community Predictions Quiz

    Can you beat E3?

    With E3 hype now flowing through our veins and kicking our minds into overdrive, we thought that it might be nice to invite you lot, the Push Square community, to join in on the fun. The bottom line is that everyone likes to predict what'll happen at the biggest gaming event of the year, so we've put together twenty yes or no...