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  • News Grab Some PlayStation Goodies from the New UK Gear Store

    Merch mania

    Once upon time, Sony cut the ribbon on the PlayStation Gear store in the UK – and then swiftly shut up shop. Now it’s back! Live in Britain – as well as France and Germany – the outlet is home to a cavalcade of branded goods, allowing you to bear the logo of your corporate overlords on your hoodie as well as your heart...










  • News This Move Keychain Torch May Be Cooler Than the Real Thing

    It even lights up blue

    Ever wish you had a small, portable Move controller you could put on your keychain and use to illuminate darkened areas? Your wishes just got answered, as US site DealExtreme is offering tiny LED torches for just $3.10. At less than three inches long and weighing less than 10g it's a truly tiny version of the controller, and...


  • News These Awesome Nikes are Our New Favourite Move Accessory

    Ten on the beau foot scale

    Move's a lovely item to hold in your hands for sure, but if you wanted to show your love for the controller on your feet you've been all out of luck – until now. Sony and Nike have combined to create two limited edition pairs of sneakers to honour the launch of PlayStation Move and the upcoming arrival of Killzone 3. The...