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Poll: What Do You Think of Destiny: Rise of Iron?

What Do You Think of Destiny: Rise of Iron?

Is it hot stuff?

Ah, trusty old Destiny - a game that's pretty much the perfect fodder for a Friday poll such as this. The shooter's latest expansion, Rise of Iron, launched earlier this week on PlayStation 4, and its brand new six-player Raid is releasing later today. Judging by the amount of buzz that the DLC has generated around the 'net, it's...

Hardware Review: PS4 Slim - Size Matters

PS4 Slim - Size Matters

Does Sony's diminutive device deliver?

It's amazing how much can happen in the space of a month. If you'd have asked us four weeks ago whether there'd even be a PlayStation 4 Slim, we'd have told you categorically no; days later and we've put Sony's shrunken system through its paces and are bracing ourselves to pen you a full review. There are...

Feature: 10 TGS 2016 Trailers You Must Watch

10 TGS 2016 Trailers You Must Watch

From Tokyo with love

Sadly, the Tokyo Game Show is not the attraction that it once was. Sony brought lots to last week's Japanese convention, but the reality is that the Japanese games industry is no longer pumping out big games to the degree that it has in the past. Still, we did get a handful of trailers for major Eastern releases, and we...

Mission Blog: Chapter 5 - Atlas, At Last

Chapter 5 - Atlas, At Last

We are not alone

I didn't really want to leave the Rachel system. There were lots of planets, all of them were great for different reasons, and I was making mega space bucks. I found another planet, not far from Gravitino Rush, that was covered in venom sacs. They were also worth a bundle, and collecting them was just as dangerous as it was with...

Feature: Has Fallout 4's Season Pass Been Worth It?

Has Fallout 4's Season Pass Been Worth It?

We take a look back at all the DLC

It's almost been one whole year since Fallout 4 launched, believe it or not. Thanks to a total of six downloadable content offerings, it's safe to say that Bethesda's done a good job of keeping Fallout 4 relevant over the last 10 or so months. Every new DLC release has been met with widespread media coverage, and...

Poll: Should the PS4 Pro Have a UHD Blu-ray Player?

Should the PS4 Pro Have a UHD Blu-ray Player?

A moment of clarity

Sony took a bath on the PlayStation 3 just to get Blu-ray into as many homes as possible, so it's strange to see the company ignore the fledgling Ultra High-Definition Blu-ray format a decade later. Times have changed since the turbulent days of 2006, of course: streaming is, for many, their primary means of consuming media now...

Video: We Got One of Those PS4 Slim Things

We Got One of Those PS4 Slim Things

And ours isn't off the back of a lorry

Leaks presumably irritate every organisation operating in the games industry, but Sony must have been particularly peeved by the PlayStation 4 Slim's premature reveal. Today we learned an important lesson about the diminutive device: it's not very photogenic. Like, at all. To the degree where we gave up...

Video: Is Hot Shots Tennis a Winner on PS4?

Is Hot Shots Tennis a Winner on PS4?

Everybody's arcade favourite

New Hot Shots Golf is really starting to shape up judging by its Tokyo Game Show trailers – it's just taking an eternity to tee off. (Okay, so maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but Clap-Hanz will have been working on its first PlayStation 4 instalment for almost half a decade when it deploys in Summer 2017...

Mission Blog: Chapter 4 - Financial Times

Chapter 4 - Financial Times

Money, it's a gas

I'd been searching for copper among the asteroids hovering in the nothingness for at least an hour. The hyperdrive upgrade I managed to find in the last system required hundreds of the stuff, and I was accumulating it at a snail's pace. After visiting a handful of yellow star systems and knowing full well that the other colours...

Poll: Will You Be Buying a PS4 Pro?

Will You Be Buying a PS4 Pro?

You knew this was coming

Aaaaand here we are. It's been roughly two days since the PlayStation 4 Pro was announced at Sony's PlayStation Meeting, and it's reasonably safe to say that opinions are divided. For some, the Pro is exactly what they expected, while others are a little disappointed that it isn't something more. Naturally, this means that...